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Anne Bogart. By Katie Janner, Alyssa Greenblatt, Braxton Manley. The Book We Read. Co-written by Tina Landau. Background Information. Director of plays and operas Born September 25, 1951

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Anne Bogart

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Anne Bogart

By Katie Janner, Alyssa Greenblatt, Braxton Manley

The Book We Read

Co-written by Tina Landau

Background Information

  • Director of plays and operas

  • Born September 25, 1951

  • Earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from Bard College, followed by a Master of Arts degree from the Tish School of the Arts in 1977

  • Artistic Director of SITI Company in New York, which she founded with Japanese director Tadashi Suzuki in 1992.

  • Currently a professor at Columbia University where she runs the Graduate Directing Program

….what are viewpoints?

Bogart’s Inspiration

Problems with today’s actors

  • The Americanization of the Stanislavsky system

  • Lack of ongoing training

  • “What does the director want?”

9 Physical Viewpoints

  • Tempo

  • Duration

  • Kinesthetic Response

  • Repetition

  • Shape

  • Gesture

  • Architecture

  • Spatial Relationship

  • Topography

“Never talk down to your audience”

Soft Focus

The optimal viewpoint experience:

Warm up

Ensemble warm up


Tempo Exercises

No, we are not French. We are American because you’re in America okay? Greatest country on the Planet.

Just say you love really thin pancakes. That is a fair compromise no?

3.I wish I could bake a cake filled with rainbows and smiles and everyone would eat and be happy.


Duration Exercise

Turn off alarm clock.

Get out of bed.

Look in the mirror.

Brush teeth.






Grab backpack.

Kinesthetic Response

Kinesthetic Response Exercise

1. Use soft focus and walk around space

2. Target a subject, follow them around

3. Find an additional subject,

follow them also


A- Go in for a hug

B- Feel A’s biceps and say “smells like rain” in a goblin voice.

A- Touch B’s nose very slowly

B- Brush past A and walk away


Repetition Exercise

Spatial Relationship

Spatial Relationship Exercise

  • Walk around aimlessly and when we clap our hands, stop!

  • Now walk around, turning only in 90 degree angles.

  • Jump in and out of peoples personal space.


Topography Exercise

  • Pretend there is red paint on your feet and pretend to paint a picture on the ground.

  • Just meander.


Shape Exercise


Gesture Exercise


Architecture Exercise

Putting individual viewpoints together

Vocal Viewpoints

Group Improvisations

Working with Music

Viewpoints in Rehearsal


Something she directed:



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