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Lesson 1 Competition in North America. Lesson 2 Cooperation. Lesson 3 Conflict. Lesson 4 Taking Indian Land. Lesson 5 & 6 Indian Conflicts & Leaders. 100. 100. 100. 100. 100. 200. 200. 200. 200. 200. 300. 300. 300. 300. 300. 400. 400. 400. 400. 400. 500. 500.

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Lesson 1

Competition in

North America

Lesson 2


Lesson 3


Lesson 4

Taking Indian Land

Lesson 5 & 6

Indian Conflicts

& Leaders


























Why did European settlers build forts?

To protect their land and resources

What did the English and Dutch fight about?

The English took over New Netherland and its ports

What kind of land did Europeans compete for?

They wanted land on rivers or along the East coast.

What resources did each country want the most?SpainFranceEngland

Spain – Gold & SilverFrance – Beaver fursEngland – Tobacco

Put the following settlements in order from oldest to newestQuebecJamestownSt. AugustineNew Amsterdam

St. AugustineJamestownQuebecNew Amsterdam

Who gained more from cooperation, European settlers or Native Americans?

Settlers gained skills to survive from IndiansIndians got new animals, tools and weapons

What did native Americans get in return for the furs they traded with the French and Dutch?

American Indians got metal items.

What did Squanto do to help out English Settlers

Squanto helped settlers grow crops, hunt and fish.

Native Americans taught colonists which of the following?Raise horsesUse plants for medicineGrow cropsKeep food from spoiling

Native Americans taught colonists to: Use plants for medicineGrow cropsKeep food from spoiling

How did Indian life change after Europeans arrived?

Europeans introduced American Indians to new tools, animals and decorations.

Where did the Powhattan Wars happen?

The Powhattan Wars happened in Virginia

What caused the Powhattan Wars?

The Powhattan realized that the English wanted their land.

Who fought in King Phillip’s War and where did it happen?

Several Indian groups and English colonists in New England

Put the following wars in order:King Phillip’s WarFrench and Indian WarPequot War

Pequot WarKing Phillip’s WarFrench & Indian War

Who committed the massacre in a Pequot village?

English colonists and their American Indian allies.

What was the goal of many treaties with American Indians?

Kick Indians off their land

What does it mean to assimilate?

To become like the people around you.

Why didn’t some Indians want to sign treaties?

They did not want to give up their homes and land.

What is one way treaties with Indians weren’t fair?

There were language differencesThey didn’t know what they were signingLeaders were paid to sign

Put these events in order:Wounded Knee MassacreTrail of TearsSand Creek MassacreTreaty of Doak’s Stand

Treaty of Doak’s StandTrail of TearsSand Creek MassacreWounded Knee Massacre

What did Sequoyah do?

Sequoyah developed an alphabet

Who took the best course of action against the U.S. government, Chief Tecumseh or Chief John Ross?

Tecumseh was killed fightingChief John Ross did not use violence

How did trading for European horses and weapons help the Lakota?

They became skilled buffalo hunters and warriors

What was the rivalry between the Lakota and Ojibwa about?

Both wanted land in the Great Lakes region.

Put theses event in orderTrail of TearsBattle of TippecanoeIndian Removal ActDefeat of Chief Logan

Defeat of Chief LoganBattle of TippecanoeIndian Removal ActTrail of Tears

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