Second International Seville Seminar on Future-Oriented Technology Analysis (FTA): Impacts on policy...
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Second International Seville Seminar on Future-Oriented Technology Analysis (FTA): Impacts on policy and decision making 28th- 29th September 2006. Achieving Outcomes through Combining Approaches. G. Clar, S. Hafner; H. Acheson. Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum; Forfás. Clar: Combining Approaches.

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Achieving Outcomes through Combining Approaches

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Second International Seville Seminar on Future-Oriented Technology Analysis (FTA): Impacts on policy and decision making28th- 29th September 2006

Achieving Outcomes through Combining Approaches

G. Clar, S. Hafner; H. Acheson

Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum; Forfás

Clar: Combining Approaches

European Challenges

  • “Europe and its citizens should realise that their way of life is under threat.”

  • GDP per capita

  • Input/output relation, efficiency

  • Competitiveness and Quality of Life in the EU (discrepancies!)

  • Innovativeness in EU

  • Investment in Research, Technology Development and Innovation (RTDI) - human and financial resources

  • Mobility & adaptability, co-operation & structured communication

  • Transition to knowledge-based society (beyond RTDI)

Clar: Combining Approaches

Staying Competitive

  • Support changes in Innovation Systems (IS):

    • stimulate knowledge generation, diffusion, absorption

    • new understanding of IS (actors, outreach, …)

    • more multifaceted ‘innovation’ policy (trans-policy-fields, -sectoral, -governance levels, -national, …)

  • Adapt Framework Conditions (soft and hard):

  • competencies and values, entrepreneurship culture, technical standards, legal and work regulations, institutional & social capital, ….

  • Use more Strategic Policy Intelligence (SPI) more intelligently:

  • Strategic analyses of (trans-)national / regional / sectoral innovation systems and processes, benchmarking, policy monitoring & evaluation, Technology Foresight & Assessment, inclusive policy design

Clar: Combining Approaches

Strategic Policy Intelligence (SPI)

  • Formal Definition:

    • the set of activities to search, process, diffuse & protect information in order to make it available to the right persons at the right time, so that they can take better decisions.

  • Simplified:

    • FTA + (Evaluation, Benchmarking, Innov-Audit etc)

Clar: Combining Approaches

From Vision to Action to new Futures

Clar: Combining Approaches

Science &



Taking action





& Budget







SPI and Real Life




Clar: Combining Approaches

SPI-Impact in Real Life: Baden-Wuerttemberg

  • Starting point in the early 90s:

  • Very successful scientifically and economically, but risk averse RTDI governance

  • Strong S&T base for Biotech, but politically no-go area

  • Task given to SPI team

  • Develop implementable options for biotech-based jobs: politically feasible, financially viable, potential in world markets, thoroughly based on regional knowledge stock, integrated in regional institutional spectrum

  • Based on Evaluation and Benchmarking results, implementation of a combined S&T Foresight, Technology and Concern Assessment approach

  • Recommendations: complement institutional spectrum, refocus/complement R&I support programs, education at all levels, structured communication/awareness

  • Situation today

Clar: Combining Approaches

Strategic Policy Intelligence Tools

For Better S&T Investment Strategies

in Europe’s Regions

Clar: Combining Approaches

RegStrat – a European Consortium

Clar: Combining Approaches

RegStrat, Focusing on Regional Decision Makers

  • At the intersection of policy research, FTA application and regional development

  • Bringing together regional stakeholder networks, FTA practitioners, policy researchers

  • Rationale: with improved decision base, and more innovative & less risky choices, regional actors more confident in investment decisions.

    • Allocate own public funds for RTDI-related or –relevant activities (S&T, HE, other policy fields)

    • Leverage RTDI investments from and in private sector

    • Attract resources from national and EU (Regional Development, Agriculture, Infrastructure etc) as well as from foreign direct investment budgets.

Clar: Combining Approaches

RegStrat, building on European Knowledge Base

Measures directly related to boosting RTDI in public and private sectors

  • Methodologies aiming to strengthen the strategic capabilities of all actors in economy and society

    • ASTPP (Advanced S&T Policy Planning); EUROPOLIST

    • TAMI (Technology Assessment between method & Impact); EUROPTA

    • FOREN; Country Guides for Reg. Foresight; Blueprints for Foresight in Regions


    • EFMN (European Foresight Monitoring Network); FORLEARN Online Guide; …

Clar: Combining Approaches













RegStrat - building on ‘Regional’ Knowledge-Base

Ireland’s 1998 S&T Foresight, and 2005 evaluations

2006: NanoIreland

Clar: Combining Approaches

RegStrat - contributing to Policy Fields of High EU Relevance

Some examples:

Regional actors’ contribution to Lisbon and Barcelona Goals

Regional dimension of FP7

Strategic dimension of CIP

Strategic dimension and RTDI investments of Structural Funds

Clar: Combining Approaches

RegStrat, contributing to Policy Fields of High Regional Relevance

In the participants’ remits:



Lower Silesia:



Other examples?

Clar: Combining FTA-Approaches

RegStrat – ongoing policy learning in practice

If you are interested in active participation contact the team, [email protected] you for your attention!

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