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Terminology jeopardy
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Terminology Jeopardy. 200. 100. 200. 200. 200. 100. 500. 100. 300. 400. 300. 300. 100. 300. 500. 400. 300. 400. 100. 200. 500. 500. 400. 400. 500. Gay. Trans. Phobias. Potpourri. Lesbian. Lesbian- 100.

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Terminology Jeopardy

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Terminology jeopardy

Terminology Jeopardy

Terminology jeopardy































Lesbian 100

Lesbian- 100

A derogatory slang term for lesbian (adjective or noun). Shortened from the word "lesbian," which is derived from the name of the island of Lesbos (Lésvos).


Lesbian 200

Lesbian- 200

A derogatory term commonly used to describe lesbians (typically those with more masculine physical characteristics/mannerisms)

Originally meant to be a slur, it has been "reclaimed" by many Lesbians who might use it to identify themselves of other Lesbians. It is considered rude to use this word unless you self-identify as one.


Lesbian 300

Lesbian- 300

Common negative slang term used to describe Lesbians.

Insinuates that their sexual preference stems from hating males.

“Man Hater”

Daily double

Daily Double

How much to wager?

A slang term used to describe Lesbians that exhibit very traditional feminine characteristics/mannerisms. Can also be referred to as “femme”.

“Lipstick Lesbian”

Lesbian 500

Lesbian- 500

A slang term used to describe Lesbians that

exhibit what many people commonly think of as

traditional “male” characteristics (short hair, larger

physical frame/muscles, aggressiveness, etc.).

May also be referred to as being “butch”.

“Diesel Dyke”

Gay 100

Gay- 100

A person whose sexual preference is members of the same sex. A ____ male is usually referred to as Gay, and females as Lesbians.


Gay 200

Gay- 200

A slang term that means: (adj;) “to be in (or is in) a state of being overtly gay and homosexual in nature and appearance”.


Gay 300

Gay- 300

A slang term used to describe a male that is not necessarily gay (but could be); he may act in a flamboyant, bouncy, or feminine way

“Fruit / Fruity”

Gay 400

Gay- 400

1. A bundle of sticks. 2. British term for a cigarette. 3. An insulting term for a gay male. Still, used among gay men, this word is sometimes a term of affection/badge of pride, but it is still considered rude to use if you do not self-identify as gay.


Gay 500

Gay- 500

  • A whiff of smoke that stays at the scene after a magician disappears.

  • A Cushioned footrest

  • Aussie or British term meaning gay.

“Poof / Poofter”

Trans 100

Trans- 100

Someone who wears either items of clothing or complete outfits traditionally associated with the opposite sex.

“Cross Dresser”

Trans 200

Trans- 200

A person whose gender identity does not correspond to their biological sex


Trans 300

Trans- 300

A person (man or woman) that feels he/she was

born as the wrong biological sex, and indentifies more with the opposite sex. May take legal, medical or surgical action to become recognized as a member of the opposite sex.


Trans 400

Trans- 400

A person (man or woman) who wears clothing of the opposite sex. Unlike the terms drag, queen or drag queen where the person is inferred to be homosexual, this person can be gay or straight.


Trans 500

Trans- 500

The condition of being neither male nor female, but something “in between”. Often refers to an infant born with "ambiguous" genitalia.


Also called “Hermaphrodites”.

Estimated to be between 1% and 0.01% of the population.

Phobias 100

Phobias- 100

The fear of Lesbians and Gay men.

Sometimes used as a reference to convey

dislike or disagreement with Homosexuality.


Phobias 200

Phobias- 200

The Fear of Bisexual

Men & Women


Phobias 300

Phobias- 300

The attitude that heterosexuality is the only valid, superior or acceptable sexual orientation


Terminology jeopardy

Daily Double

How much to wager?

“Therapy” aimed at changing the sexual orientation of an individual

(from homosexual to heterosexual).

Can be religious in nature.

“Conversion Therapy”

Phobias 500

Phobias- 500

A term used by some homophobic individuals to incorrectly describe the social/political wishes of the GLTBQ community. Often religiously based.

“Homosexual Agenda”

Potpourri 100

Potpourri- 100

Often used to describe something stupid or unfortunate. Originating from homophobia. “That’s so….”


Original Meaning: Happy, Joyful, Gleeful.

Potpourri 200

Potpourri- 200

How one defines themselves with clothes, pronouns (he/she), how they carry themselves, etc.

Does not necessarily reflect someone’s biological sex

(Examples: Masculine, Feminine, Androgynous, etc.)


Potpourri 300

Potpourri- 300

A type of legal definition given to non-married couples, particularly same-sex partners, so they can have access to the benefits enjoyed by married couples. Not legally recognized in most states.

“Civil Union /

Domestic Partnership”

Potpourri 400

Potpourri- 400

Originally meant to describe something as unusual or strange. Became a derogatory word to describe homosexuals.

More recently, it has been reclaimed by non-heterosexuals as a word used to describe themselves. This word can now be used to describe homosexuals, bisexuals, and transgendered people. Can be considered offensive if used as a negative label.


Potpourri 500

Potpourri- 500

The state of being sexually attracted to all types of people, whether they are males, females, transsexuals, transgenders, intersexes, transvestites, androgynies, etc...

“Pansexual / Omnisexual”

Terminology jeopardy

Final Round

As a team, determine how much you would like to wager



Terminology jeopardy

Final Round



Each team provides answer

Each team reveals wager

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