Mount tamalpias mobile transect
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Mount Tamalpias Mobile Transect - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Mount Tamalpias Mobile Transect. Chris Stumpf Brittani Ryan Denise Balukas. Mill Valley and Mount Tam. Mill Valley elevation is 10 meters ( 32 feet ) East Peak elevation is 781 meters ( 2570 feet ). The mobile transect route. GPS. Mapview.

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Mount Tamalpias Mobile Transect

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Mount tamalpias mobile transect

Mount Tamalpias Mobile Transect

Chris Stumpf

Brittani Ryan

Denise Balukas

Mill valley and mount tam

Mill Valley and Mount Tam

Mill Valley elevation is 10 meters ( 32 feet )

East Peak elevation is 781 meters ( 2570 feet )

The mobile transect route

The mobile transect route



Mount tamalpias mobile transect

Advantages of using a mobile transect to collect data:

Ability to take direct measurements.

Ability to collect data from many points along the route of transect in order to measure the temperature profile of the mountain valley system.

Disadvantages of mobile profiling:

Solar heating may influence measurements due to the time it takes to complete the transect.

No direct route up the mountain, data collected from eastern and western sides of the mountain.

Mobile transect vehicle

Mobile Transect vehicle

Simple design of the roof rack and PVC pipe to attach instruments to the vehicle.

Anyone can make this at home!!!

The plan

The Plan

  • Four transects

  • 7am, 10:30am, 3:30pm, 7pm

  • Collected data from datalogger at the top and bottom of the mountain after every trip

  • Checkpoints along transect

Checkpoints use gps time and height as a reference to data collected by the instruments

Checkpoints use GPS time and height as a reference to data collected by the instruments.



-CR1000 Datalogger

-Thermistor/Hygristor (HMP45C)


-Barometric Pressure Sensor(CS106)

-Trimble GPS

Mount tamalpias mobile transect

Fan attached to to the back of the PVC pipe

Mount tamalpias mobile transect

Datalogger insulated and placed in the trunk of the vehicle

Temperature profile

Temperature Profile


Geopotential height (m) vs. Temperature (C)

Red: 7:00AM, Pink: 7:00PM, Blue: 10:30AM, Green: 3:30PM

Temperature inversion

Temperature Inversion

Temperature variation with height up the mountain

Temperature variation with height(Up the mountain)


Geopotential height (m) vs. Temperature (C)


Potential temperature with height down the mountain

Potential Temperature with height(Down the mountain)


Geopotential height (m) vs. Potential temperature (K)


Potential temperature with pressure

Potential Temperature with Pressure


Pressure (mb) vs. Potential temperature (K)


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