Articles of confederation
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Articles of Confederation PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Articles of Confederation. Miss Springborn Team 6- Social Studies. Major Problem: Who should have more power?. State Government or National Government?. verses. Why Would Americans Fear having a strong national government????. King George and the way he trampled their rights…. 1777:.

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Articles of Confederation

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Articles of Confederation

Miss Springborn

Team 6- Social Studies

Major Problem: Who should have more power?

  • State Government or National Government?


Why Would Americans Fear having a strong national government????

  • King George and the way he trampled their rights…


  • Articles of Confederation are drafted

  • Fully ratified (approved) in 1781

  • Confederation-loose grouping of states joined together under one government

Think about this…

  • Why must a government be able to collect taxes???

pay debt



It said…

  • States free and independent from each other

  • 9 of 13 states needed to agree to make decisions

  • Needed all states to make amendments to constitution

  • Created a weak central government

More issues to deal with…

  • Most power went to states

  • States had power over money, treaties, army, and declaring war

  • Congress could not tax or control trade

  • There was no Supreme Court and no President

Why could it be bad if the government has no president or no national court??

What problems would the United States face as it started out as a new country???Think about that…


  • Set up a process to settle the new territories and create new states

  • When the population in an area reached 60,000 then the territory could apply for admissionto the union as a state

  • New states would be equal in power to the 13 original states.

More Problems with the Articles…

  • Debt (owing money to others)

    • America was heavily in debt from the war costs

    • It had no power to tax the people

    • Therefore…no power to collect money

    • States ignored request for money or taxes…didn’t want to help

Problem 2- Economy (way you make, trade, and buy goods)

  • There was a depression after the war with inflation (increase in prices of goods and services combined with reduced value of money)

  • Early attempts at the moneysystem were a disaster

Can you think of any ways to solve the problems of the Articles???

Problem 3- States fighting…

  • Some states disagree about taxes and trade

Problem 4- Foreign Problems

  • The British still held forts in the Northwest Territory

  • The British and French supported the Natives to stop the US from expanding into the Northwest

Shay’s Rebellion: January 1787

  • The Government rejected debtor relief and seized property (farms) for non-payment of taxes

  • Angry, backcountry farmers under the leadership of Daniel Shay tried to seize the arsenal in Springfield, Massachusetts

What Shay’s Rebellion proves…

  • Despite the rebellion’s defeat, national political leaders were very concerned

    “I am mortified beyond expression” said by George Washington

    about the rebellion

What problems did Shay’s rebellion show our country to have???

A call for a National Government

  • A group of national leaders emerge, advocating a stronger central government.

  • Congress reluctantly called for a second convention…

“For the Sole purpose of revising the Articles of Confederation…”

Not exactly what happened though…stay tuned

What could leaders at the constitutional convention do to make the government stronger??

Coming Attractions…

Constitutional Convention

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