Microsoft dynamics crm 2013
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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013. Sanaullah Khan. Application – New Features. Reimagined User Interface Site Flattening Navigation Bar and Command Bar Form Controls Composite Controls Auto Save People Pictures Access Teams Business Process Flow. Concepts Introduced.

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013

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Microsoft dynamics crm 2013

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013

Sanaullah Khan

Application new features

Application – New Features

  • Reimagined User Interface

  • Site Flattening

  • Navigation Bar and Command Bar

  • Form Controls

  • Composite Controls

  • Auto Save

  • People Pictures

  • Access Teams

  • Business Process Flow

Concepts introduced

Concepts Introduced

  • December 2012 Service Update

    • Reimagined User Interface

      • In-page Experience

      • Navigation Model

    • Bing Maps

    • Auto Save

    • Business Process Flows

Reimagined user interface

Reimagined User Interface

Reimagined user interface1

Reimagined User Interface

  • December 2012 Service Update – 3 form modes

    • Classic

    • Read Optimized (inline controls to enable editing)

    • Process Flow based UI for

      • Contact

      • Opportunity

      • Lead

      • Account

      • Case

Reimagined user interface2

Reimagined User Interface

  • December 2012 Service Update

    • Form Events/Client SDK was not supported in

      • Read Optimized form

      • Process Flow UI form

    • Fallback to Classic mode

  • Dynamics CRM 2013

    • No Extensibility Gaps

    • No fallback to Classic mode

Microsoft dynamics crm 2013


Ribbonized entities

New UX



CRM 2011

  • COLAC = Contact, Opportunity, Lead, Account and Case

  • RO - Read Optimized

Dec 12

Service Update

New UX/ classic



  • COLAC = Contact, Opportunity, Lead, Account and Case

  • RO - Read Optimized


New UX


CRM 2013

Reimagined user interface3

Reimagined User Interface

  • New Form Experience

    • Most of the end user facing system entities (30 entities)

    • All Custom entities

  • Classic Forms

    • Classic forms are restricted to System Settings area

Refreshed entities

Refreshed Entities

Sales Process: Leads

User Provided Est. Revenue


Sales Process: Opportunities

Products & Pricing

Quotes & Proposals

Orders & Invoices


Sales Literature

Goals & territories

Performance Mgt.


Campaign Mgt

Simple Campaign Blasts

List Mgt.



Not refreshed

Goals, Performance Mgt.


Multichannel Support

Queue Mgt.

Knowledge Mgt.

Service Contracts

Service Scheduling / Mgt.

Phone Support

Phone, Task, Email, Notes

Social Collaboration / Activity Feeds

Common / CRM Essentials

Notes & Activities

Document Mgt.


Data Import

Search / Advanced Find

Email & Mail Merge Templates

Customers (Accounts, Contacts)


Business Rules, Command Bar

Config / Customize

Organization Settings

Organization & User Mgt. (Business Units, Teams, Users)

Security Roles & Profiles

Data Mgt. ( Cleansing, Auditing)

Dialog/ Workflow

Customization & Extensibility

MUI & Multi-Currency

Billing & Subscription Mgt.

Process config

Dupe detection

Site flattening

Site Flattening

  • An attempt to eliminate

    • Continuous window contextual switches

    • Excessive window opening which is

      • Difficult to manage and

      • Impacts performance

  • Site Flattening has been implemented to

    • Reduce the number of clicks

    • Optimize the use of pop-up windows

Site flattening1

Site Flattening

  • In-Page Experience

    • New Navigation Model

    • In-page experience rather than pop-up window

Navigation model

Navigation Model

  • Optimized Information display

  • Quick Access to CRM data

Navigation model1

Navigation Model

Navigation model2

Navigation Model

  • Navigation Levels

    • Module or Area Selector

    • Entity Name or Sub Area

    • Title of the entity record

Navigation bar

Navigation Bar

  • Modules or Areas

Navigation bar1

Navigation Bar

  • Entity Names or Sub Areas

Navigation bar2

Navigation Bar

  • Entity Records

Navigation bar3

Navigation Bar

  • Related Records

Command bar

Command Bar

  • Problem with CRM 2011 Ribbon Model

    • Provides a lot of information in a very dense format.

Command bar1

Command Bar

  • Why Command Bar ?

    • Quick and easy access to small set of actions

    • Less commands with overflow menu

    • Supports Ribbon migration to new Command bar

Command bar2

Command Bar

Command bar types

Command Bar Types

  • Dashboard Command Bar

  • Form Command Bar

  • Grid Command Bar

  • Associated Grid Command Bar

Command bar3

Command Bar

  • Customise using Ribbon XML

  • Same schema as CRM 2011 Ribbon XML

  • Architecture has been optimized to boost performance of

    • Command Bar rendering experience

Form controls

Form Controls

  • Inline Lookup Control

    • Introduced in December 2012 Service Update

    • Supports in-page experience

Form controls1

Form Controls

  • Three Modes

    • Read Mode

    • Edit Hint Mode

    • Edit Mode

Form controls2

Form Controls

  • Edit Hint Mode

Form controls3

Form Controls

  • Edit Mode

Form controls4

Form Controls

  • Inline Sub-grid Control

    • Introduced in December 2012 Service Update

    • Supports in-page experience

Sub grid types

Sub-grid Types

  • Form Sub-grids

    • Unlike CRM 2011, sub-grids do not update form’s contextual command bar/ribbon.

  • Associated Grids

    • Based on relationships

    • Customizable Command Bar

  • Dashboard Grids

  • Homepage Grid

    • Landing page of an entity

    • Customizable Command Bar

Inline editable sub grids

Inline editable Sub-grids

  • Not available for all entities

  • Products Sub-grid on

    • Opportunity

    • Quote

    • Order

    • Invoice

  • “Role” column of Stakeholder Sub-grid on

    • Opportunity

Inline editable sub grids1

Inline editable Sub-grids

Composite controls

Composite Controls

  • Name and Address fields in CRM 2013

  • Bing Map Control

Bing map control

Bing Map Control

  • Address composite control updates a Bing Map

  • Multiple Bing Map on a single form are NOT supported

Auto save

Auto Save

  • Triggers every 30 seconds

  • Plug-ins on savewill run


People pictures

People Pictures

  • CRM 2013 supports “Image” data type

  • Only one image per entity is supported

  • Display an image in the form header on any entity

  • Some out of the box entities will be image enabled by default

    • Contact

    • Account

    • Lead

    • User

Image upload

Image Upload

Image upload1

Image Upload

Image upload2

Image Upload

Access teams

Access Teams

  • Collaboration Teams

  • No Security Role

  • Any entity can now be Access Team enabled

  • Only one Access Team per record (CRM Online)

  • More than one Access Teams can be associated per record (On-Premise)

Access teams1

Access Teams

  • Auto-Created Access Teams

  • User Created Access Teams

  • Grants Access to

    • Record

    • Related child records

Access teams2

Access Teams

  • - Account Team

  • Full team that works together on an account. May also include an executive sponsor, dedicated support representative and a project manager.

  • Opportunity Team

  • Sales people that normally work together on sales opportunities. A typical opportunity team might include the account manager, the sales representative and a pre-sales consultant.

Access rights

Access Rights

Access teams3

Access Teams

Business process flow

Business Process Flow

  • Streamlined user experience to lead people through the processes

  • Step-by-Step guide to enter data

  • Guided stage progression

  • Available for all entities

  • Process centric approach

Business process flow1

Business Process Flow



  • Configuration

    • Multiple processes per entity

    • Multi-entity processes

    • Stage-gating

    • Role based processes

  • End User Business Process Flow UI

    • Process centric experience

  • Extensibility

    • Define process for any entity

    • Solution Awareness



  • Configure Business Process Flow

    • Define Stages

    • Define Steps

  • Each stage contains a group of steps

  • Each step represents a field

  • Stage-gating

    • Step can be marked as “Required”

Add new stage

Add New Stage

Add new step

Add New Step

Business rules

Business Rules

  • Build client-side Business Logic without writing JavaScript

  • Not a complete replacement of

    • Client-side scripting

    • Plug-ins

  • UI for Business Rules designer

Business rules1

Business Rules

  • Capability

    • Validate and show errors

    • Set Values

    • Set Required/recommended fields

    • Enable/Disable fields

    • Hide/Show fields

Business rules2

Business Rules

  • Generates JavaScript

  • Reuses

    WF Object Model …



  • Source of Information

    • Microsoft’s

      • Website

      • MSDN Blogs

      • Documentation

    • Product experience

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