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Dadaism. English 126 Michael Reveron Professor Evelyn Lugo Morales. What is Dadaism?.

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English 126

Michael Reveron

Professor Evelyn Lugo Morales

What is dadaism


  • Dada orDadaism is a cultural movement that began in Zurich, Switzerland, during World War I and peaked from 1916 to 1922. The movement primarily involved visual arts, literature—poetry, art manifestoes, art theory—theatre, and graphic design, and concentrated its anti-war politics through a rejection of the prevailing standards in art through anti-art cultural works.

  • Its purpose was to ridicule what its participants considered to be the meaninglessness of the modern world. In addition to being anti-war, dada was also anti-bourgeois and anarchist in nature.

What is dadaism1

What is Dadaism?

  • Dada activities included public gatherings, demonstrations, and publication of art/literary journals; passionate coverage of art, politics, and culture were topics often discussed in a variety of media. The movement influenced later styles like the avant-garde and downtown music movements, and groups including surrealism, Nouveau réalisme, pop art, Fluxus and punk rock.

Influential people in dada

Influential People in Dada

  • Alfred Stieglitz (American photographer)

  • Hugo Ball (German writer/poet)

  • Clément Pansaers (Belgian poet)

  • Francis Picabia (French artist)

  • Marcel Duchamp (French artist)

  • Paul van Ostaijen (Flemish writer)

  • Max Ernst (German artist)

  • Theo van Doesburg (Dutch artist)

Dadaism in visual arts

Dadaism in Visual Arts

Marcel Duchamp

Kurt Tucholsky

Dadaism in arts

Dadaism in Arts

Dadaism in arts1

Dadaism in Arts

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