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Dadaism. What is Dada? Dada is not art it is the Anti-Art Dadaism tried to Defeat art with art. The Birth.

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  • What is Dada?

  • Dada is not art it is the Anti-Art

  • Dadaism tried to Defeat art with art

The Birth

  • “ the term Dadaism came from a paper knife that was found inserted into a dictionary pointing to the term "dada."  This infant language for "hobbyhorse" was found appropriate for the group's anti-aesthetic creations and protest activities.”

  • Hugo Ball the Father of Dadaism founded a café that was a sanctuary for those who wanted artistic freedom

  • this began in Zurich Germany

  • the club was used by writers artist and musicians

The Father Hugo Ball

February 22,1886 –

September 14, 1927

Hugo ball was born in Germany,

Got an education in sociology and Philosophy at the universities of Munich and Heidelberg (1906–1907)

He despised past philosophies and society- “he claimed to hold the truth”

He would make political statements against society andhe was awriter

He along with his followers felt that a society that could bring about WWI was a society that was evil and needed to be destroyed

  • In Balls life he wrote a world renowned poem called “Karawane” this was a poem written in German full of nonsense words

  • Karawane means Caravan

  • In the senselessness is where Dadaism is made.

  • Finding great meaning in the senseless.

  • He wrote many other works like this and this is how Dadaism began.

Becoming a international Phenomenon

  • it spread from that little club in Zurich Germany to Berlin

  • In 1915 it went on to New York. Dadaism in New York was the similar to Zurich, it became a sanctuary for those to escape the life of WWI

  • From New York it spread to Paris, then on to the Netherlands.


‘Aquis Submersus’ Max Ernst 1919

'Feathers‘ Francis Picabia 1921

The End

“While broad, the movement was unstable. By 1924, Dada was melding into surrealism, and artists had gone on to other ideas and movements, including surrealism, socialist realism and other forms of modernism.”

Dadaism just made way for free thinking.

Dadaism led way into new movements with firmer bases

The club that had started it all had fallen and was then picked up by Neo-Dadaists in 2002… they were soon evicted and then it was dedicated to be a museum of Dadaism.


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