Roadway development tempo lean at kestrel
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Roadway Development “TEMPO” Lean at Kestrel PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Roadway Development “TEMPO” Lean at Kestrel. Rod Pike Superintendent Development Gateroads Rod Graves Development Coordinator. To improve is to change, to be perfect is to change often. Sir Winston Churchill. Kestrel Mine. 20 year old mine.

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Roadway Development “TEMPO” Lean at Kestrel

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Roadway Development “TEMPO” Lean at Kestrel

Rod Pike Superintendent Development Gateroads

Rod Graves Development Coordinator

To improve is to change, to be perfect is to change often

Sir Winston Churchill

  • Kestrel Mine

  • 20 year old mine.

  • Highest profit returning business for Rio Tinto Coal Australia.

  • We have a young, energetic and mature workforce.

  • Tony Lennox had a focus on “good reputation” as a measure of success and good reputation is built on principles and actions.

  • Lean Thinking is based on good principles and actions.

  • Farthing West has been assisting us to implement Lean at Kestrel.

  • Three areas of influence:

    • People Behaviour - involvement in problem solving (ideas and actions)

    • ProcessUsers - Standardise and improve processes (end users)

    • EquipmentProcesses and maintenance.

  • Its all about the people Developing Worker Problem Solvers.


Kestrel – a mine to be proud of


Longwall(Kestrel Longwall)

Kestrel - One of the top producing mines in Australia

And we do it with old equipment

Kestrel Top Three Slide

Coming from Robyn Ryan

Safety Comparisons

Kestrel – the best safety record in Australia.

And we are working hard to make it safer

  • Source: Queensland Mines and Quarries

  • Safety Performance and Health Report 2008-09

Combined Overview

Kestrel – Pillar cycle times improving.

In spite of more support, greater cross grades (now 1:11),

Typically weaker roof (less than 10 mpa) and high water intakes


Our Improvement to date

Worker Problem Solvers

  • 3 Key Documents

  • There are 3 documents that make up the suite of tools for the panel advance :

    • The Overview

    • Detail Cards

    • Check Lists

  • Note it is the intent to incorporate the trigger for issuing all documents onto the panel sequence plan on the Lean Story Board.

  • Detailed Card

  • Overview

  • Check List

Panel Advance Tools

Overview Card

Activity number for reporting

Reading the Overview

Teams / parallel tasking

Summary of activity


Tools / materials required

Reference for details

Time in blocks of 30 mins


Standard work Cards

Teams Colour

The team breaks up to do individual tasks

Front of Standard Work Cards

Front of Detail Card

Activity number for reporting

Reference Name

Manning, vehicle and expected time

Time activity began – written in by team leader

Written in by Team Leader

Expected elapsed time at end of this task

Read the card and Do a Take 5

When management (ERZ controller/supervisor, coordinator, superintendent etc) checks on progress the focus is on learning and improving. If progress is lagging what are the root cause issues?

Detail on each activity

Rear of Detail Card

Rear of Standard work Cards

Tools / Material needed

Version and Date of last revision

Sketch / picture

Colour legend

Team leader should provide feed back on the detail - times – sequence – errors in instructions - omissions in instructions – safety improvements – suggested new techniques – engineering mods etc

Kamishibai Card auditing


Road cleaning

Face Road – wet and wheel rutted

Place Dry Coal or stowage

to start cleaning

Technique to roll the muck

Roll the muck heap and tip

Note if conditions are wetter tip the muck from the bucket further forward over the heap

Clean from drivers side to off side

Start on Driver’s

side and work across


Face Road – wet and wheel rutted

Tip load

Standard Cutting Height

Horizon Control Tools


Standardised Supply Locations


Lean Information Centre

Combined Overview

Kestrel – Pillar cycle times improving.

In spite of more support, greater cross grades (now 1:11),

weaker roof (less than 10 mpa) and high water intakes


KME is targeting more improvement.

A 10 day pillar cycles.

Modelling longer pillars and faster wheeling

KME – longer pillars and faster wheeling.

5% potential improvement from longer pillars

  • 308

  • 307

  • 309

  • Comments

  • Time to First Coal is averaging in excess of 4 hours per shift after allowing for Panel Advances, mobilisation and Maintenance days.

  • Typical best times are about 1 hour 20 mins

  • 308

  • 307

  • 309

Time to First Coal

  • Comments

  • In the order of 2.2 days per 28 days are lost for meetings pass and training - the morning meeting accounting for a significant portion of this time

  • 308

  • 307

  • 309

Meetings / Pass / Training

  • Comments

  • 1.3 to 2.1 days per 28 days are lost with road cleaning. This time probably understates the problem.

  • 308

  • 307

  • 309

Road works

Cutting time


Only 6 days cutting every 28 days

  • Multiple small steps

  • Getting the crew away on time

  • Having the transports from pit bottom to the panels pre started

  • Controlling meeting times

  • Using between shifts and cribs to clean roads etc

  • Concentrating on horizon control to reduce the need to clean roads

  • Having tradesmen stay at the face to prove that the machine is producing correctly

  • Train outbye workers to assist in manning the miner during one of the two crib breaks

  • Staying at the face to cut till the end of the shift

  • Commence planning for overlapping shifts to improve maintenance window utilisation

Cutting time 34 hour per week to 50 hours

Pillar Cycle Modelling more hours

Focusing of roster issues – 30% improvement

Our Improvement to date and our target

People / process / performance

6 Mths



  • Success with Pride

The Goal is Zero

The Goal is Zero

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