Stress may harm brain but it recovers
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Stress May Harm Brain --- But it Recovers - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Stress May Harm Brain --- But it Recovers. ---from CNN Health Sep 3 rd , 2012 ---by Nuo (Stella) Dong. Differen t:. In midbrain area . . . A year and a half later…. Brain Return to Normal. Ist : General Adaptation Syndrome---Th e Alarm State. 2 nd : . Psychologist:

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Stress May Harm Brain --- But it Recovers

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Stress May Harm Brain --- But it Recovers

---from CNN Health Sep 3rd, 2012

---by Nuo (Stella) Dong


In midbrain area . . .

A year and a half later…

  • Brain Return to Normal

Ist: General Adaptation Syndrome---The Alarm State

2 nd:


Military Psychologist

On the Frontier of Medical Pot to Treat Boys Epilepsy

Los Angeles Times 9/13/12

By Lee Romney

Presenter: Sonia Lopez


In the article Romney discusses the story of Jayden David. Jayden suffers from a rare form of epilepsy. Jayden grew up trying and searching for different types of medication to control the seizures that would go on for more than one hour every single day. Jayden later on discovered the medicinal side of marijuana. He began to take droppers made of C.B.D. Which helped him eat more solid foods, and the intensity of he's seizures have reduced.

Relation to Psychology

Marijuana psychoactive drug

A substance that alters perception, mood, or behavior by changing the bodies biochemistry.

The Hippocampus

Compares sensory information with what the brain has learned to expect about the world. When the Hippocampus is injured, it causes brain malady, that causes epilepsy, which Jayden from the article suffers from.


One psychologist I would consult for more information would be a clinical psychologist.

Diagnoses and treats patients with psychological problems.

New York police officer arrested in plot to kidnap, cook, eat 100 women

By Mireya Chong


  • Gilberto Valle is 28 years old

  • Was a New York City police officer for

  • Planned to kidnap, cook and cannibalize 100 women

  • Tried to sell a kidnap and girl he knew for $5,000

  • Building database of 100 women since last February

  • Stole information from federal National Crime Information Center with no authorization

Article and Psychological Concepts

  • Insanity (70) : Person able to control and conscious about own actions

  • Mental disorder (370-371,399,402): Someone harms, cause suffer to oneself, to others or to the community

A Clinical psychologist could provide more information for the patient with psychological problems. This type of psychology studies patient’s cause of their psychological disorder to treat such with effectiveness.

Ohio Man Accused of Sexually Assaulting Girl He Met on Facebook

By Ryan Lay


  • Michael is 43 years old.

  • Used social networking site like Facebook.

  • Tried to gain her trust.

  • Met her in person.

  • Her disappearance was reported

  • She lay on the ground.

Relationship Between News Story and Psychological Concepts

  • Psychology is a study of mental problem and also focuses on dealing with human activities.

  • In the Development of Personality (41-42)

  • The Many Motives for Sex (483)

Personality Psychologist is the best way to give us more information because it’s most likely concerning the study of individual differences in personality and behavior.

Every Mormon Boy Become a Boy Scout

By Jules Han

Who are Mormons?

  • A religious and cultural group related to Mormonism founded by Joseph Smith.

  • They strongly condemn homosexuality.

Psychological Concept


  • WHY?

  • HOW?


Counseling psychologist


Health psychologist

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