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TelcoTV 2009. Richard Griffiths. Telco TV in the home. The PC. 2nd/3rd TV and STB. Broadcast channels. Main TV and PVR. DLNA. DLNA. XBox360. DLNA. DLNA. eircom broadband. Powerline home network. One-way broadcast service Two-way VoD and interactive broadband network.

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Telcotv 2009

TelcoTV 2009

Richard Griffiths

Telco tv in the home
Telco TV in the home

The PC

2nd/3rd TV and STB

Broadcast channels

Main TV and PVR






eircom broadband

Powerline home network

One-way broadcast service

Two-way VoD and interactive broadband network

The telco tv set top box
The Telco TV set top box

User Interface

Performant UI can be common across all applications or tailored to each application

User Interface



Catch-Up TV

VoD Library

Games / Gambling

Commercial Services

Internet Video


The EPG, PVR and VoD library are separate applications to the Telco TV system and together they make the service

Application Runtimes

Applications are executed in standardised runtimes which could be a browser, SVG, Flash or Java

Application Runtimes



These add capability to the set top box over and above the capability of the hardware. Eg. DLNA for media sharing, DRM/CA, Flash Video or Windows Media Video codecs

Operating System


Operating System

Linux or Windows CE

Telco TV Service

A telco TV service that is designed from the outset to support the telco’s core broadband business inherently incorporates broadband to the set top box irrespective of how the broadcast channels are sourced. This enables catch-up TV, VoD, games, gambling, interactive commercial services businesses and Internet Video out of the box


This determines the basic capabilities of the set top box such as HDMI for high-definition, ethernet for VoD and broadband services, DVB-S or DVB-T tuner for satellite or DTT channels and MPEG2 or H.264 for video decoding in the processor

The telco tv platform
The Telco TV platform

Telco TV Service

Applications in the Telco TV Service are driven by a Service Delivery Platform over broadband. One Service Delivery Platform can simultaneously manage and drive an integrated TV and Entertainment service to DTT/hybrid STBs, satellite/hybrid STBs, online portals and mobiles that appears seamless to the customer. Abstracting the customer experience on the devices from the business logic in the Service Delivery Platform enables capabilities such as recommendations, targeted advertising and “follow-me” video where the customer can begin watching a show on the set top box, pause it and resume watching later on their mobile phone at the same point





Content Management System

Service Delivery Platform



Entitlement History

Video Playlists

Targeting Engine

VoD Storefronts

Flexible UI

VoD Triggers

eircom’s broadband network

Advertising Management System

3rd Party Games / Gambling System

Internet Video Service

Meteor’s 3G network

eircom’s video servers

One sdp multiple networks multiple views
One SDP, multiple networks, multiple views

All Irish broadband

Service Delivery Platform

eircom DSL/

Meteor 3G

eircom NGN

All content managed to all devices

eircom NGN



Streamed VoD

Internet Video

Streamed VoD

eircom DSL/

Meteor 3G

TV via DTT or satellite

Progressive VoD

Internet Video

Broadband Services

All Irish broadband

TV via DTT or satellite

Progressive VoD

Internet Video

Broadband Services

Tv 2 0 trends that telco tv platforms should embrace
TV 2.0 trends that Telco TV platforms should embrace

  • Ad-supported VoD

  • Interactive games including play against your friends

  • Personalisation and buddy recommendations

  • Targeted adverts and VoD recommendations based on behavour

  • Online gambling, banking, voting, shopping

  • Consume Internet Content (information, video) delivered over the top


  • They are cheaper and easier to enable than linear channels or VoD over IP

  • They play to our strengths and will deliver exclusive marketing messages

  • They are more difficult for competitors to deliver

  • Telco can deliver exclusively to the TV (rather than the free-for-all that is online)

What we want customers to say
What we want customers to say

  • It’s really easy to use

  • It’s very quick

  • I check the traffic and weather on it every morning

  • I watched this great movie last night that you recommended to me

  • It’s very handy to see the flight arrivals before I leave to the airport

  • I have a quick game of Soduku when I’ve got ten minutes to spare

  • I love looking at photos of my grandchildren on TV

  • I chat with other fans in the Eastenders chatroom while watching the show