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MoCA YOUR Solution for Home Entertainment Networking TelcoTV November 12, 2009 mocalliance connectmystuff - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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MoCA… YOUR Solution for Home Entertainment Networking TelcoTV November 12, 2009 Home Entertainment Networking... The Challenges for the Provider. Blend of connected Media Voice, Data, Video/Entertainment . Simple to install. Provide HD content/

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MoCA…YOUR Solution for Home Entertainment NetworkingTelcoTVNovember 12,

Home entertainment networking the challenges for the provider l.jpg
Home Entertainment Networking...The Challenges for the Provider

Blend of connected

Media Voice, Data,


Simple to install

Provide HD content/

Whole Home DVR

High performance



Offer video content

on any Device

Reliable, secure,


No interference

No glitches or freezes

Future proof

The answer for customers l.jpg
The Answer for Customers

Blend of connected

Media Voice, Data,


Ultimate unifying protocol is IP

MoCA technology is IP over coax

HD Content delivered anywhere,

Anytime throughout the home

Seemless IP-based connection to

virtually any video device in the home

Delivers no compromise video, audio,

data using untapped coax bandwidth

Complements wireless, extends

wireless backbone in the home

Provide HD content/

Whole Home DVR

Offer video content

on any Device

No interference

No glitches or freezes

The technology answer l.jpg
The Technology Answer

Uses existing coax…no new wires

Works first time after set-up

NET throughput of up to 175Mbps today

Supports multiple HD streams simultaneously, 24/7 with low error rates; performance leader

No interference or crosstalk with other technologies, or CE equipment

Coax in 90% of homes in U.S. with multiple coax outlets

Can support upto 1Gbps home network; consistent w/DLNA, CableHome, UPnP Technology and 1394

Simple to install

High performance

Reliable, secure,


Future proof

Moca technology available today l.jpg
MoCA Technology Available Today

  • MoCA 1.0 ratified in 2005

    • 250 homes validated maximum net throughput in 98% of outlets; 100% with simple remediation

    • Field tests published and available

  • MoCA 1.1 ratified in 2007

    • 100% backward compatible with MoCA 1.0

    • Increased net throughout to 175Mbps.

    • 16 mode support

    • PQoS for managed content delivery

Moca 2 0 in development l.jpg
MoCA 2.0 in Development

  • Two performance modes:

    • 400 and 800 Mbps actual throughputs

    • 700 and 1.4 Gpbs theoretical rates

  • Two low power modes:

    • Sleep and standby

    • Address power consumption in entire network

  • Backward compatible with previous versions without degradation in performance.

    • Protects investment in current equipment. No hooks, firmware or swap out necessary.

  • MoCA 1.0/1.1 meet needs of operators now. MoCA 2.0 meets needs of operators tomorrow.

Chips l.jpg

Broadcom's BCM7019 and BCM7025 system-on-a-chip (SoC) solutions featuring integrated MoCA technology

Entropic's EN2510

3rd generation MoCA silicon

Ethernet to coax bridges l.jpg
...Ethernet to Coax Bridges,

Actiontec ECB2200

MoCA Network Adapter

NetGear MCAB1001

Ethernet to Coax Bridge

D-Link DXN-221

Coax Ethernet Adapter Kit

Home routers and gateways l.jpg
...Home Routers and Gateways,

Westell UltraLine Series3 MoCA Gateway

Actiontec MI424WR Broadband Home Router

Set top boxes l.jpg
...Set Top Boxes,

Motorola DCX-3400M

Set Top Box


Set Top Box

Motorola DCX-3200M

Set Top Box

More set top boxes l.jpg
…more Set Top Boxes,

Motorola QIP6416

Set Top Box

Cisco Explorer 8652HDC DVR with M-Card Interface

And hd dvr nas l.jpg
...and HD DVR NAS.

Pace DC900XHD DVR Network Attached Storage Device

Video the core product for telcos l.jpg
Video…The Core Product for Telcos

From Advanced Television, September 21, 2009:   

Verizon CEO Ivan Seidenberg says video, not voice, will be the core product over his expanding fibre network. He said he no longer worried about looking for the "inflection point" in the loss of access lines."I don't care about that any more, I am going to focus on driving FiOS penetration and taking costs out," he said, adding that he felt "liberated". He said capital spending would fall in the next two years, and the company was shedding "non-strategic" rural units. He expected the FiOS network would stretch to 70 per cent of Verizon’s fixed-line customer base.He said that with TV, the PC and the Internet converging, the carrier’s future would be in selling video services, such as interactive TV, bundled with wireless voice."So what I need to do is get ourselves focused around the following idea, that video is going to be the core product in the fixed line business. We are going to bundle it with wireless, we are going to integrate software over all the screens.“

Your standard for home entertainment networking l.jpg
YOUR Standard for Home Entertainment Networking

A true proven technology standard for the Telco market

Over 30M+ MoCA nodes in the Telco space

Over 60 certified MoCA products

Low cost of entry for Home Entertainment Networking

MoCA designed from ground up to address networking of digital content over Coax

If there is Coax...MoCA works!