Native american project
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Native American Project PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Native American Project. Tribes. Tlingit (Northwest) Hopi (Southwest) Comanche (Great Plains) Haudenosaunee (Northeast). Tribes. The class will be divided into four tribes, 4 – 6 members in each tribe. “Signups” will be by names drawn. The topics will be decided among your tribe.

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Native American Project

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Native american project

Native American Project



  • Tlingit (Northwest)

  • Hopi (Southwest)

  • Comanche (Great Plains)

  • Haudenosaunee (Northeast)



  • The class will be divided into four tribes, 4 – 6 members in each tribe.

  • “Signups” will be by names drawn.

  • The topics will be decided among your tribe.

  • Some members may need to do more than one topic.

Project description

Project Description

  • Each tribe group will be developing a class presentation utilizing individual topic “mini – reports”.

  • Each member will contribute to the tribe poster used during the presentation. The poster will be provided and assembled during class time. Most of the research, and the typing will be done in class.

  • A list of Topic focus questions follow this slide.

  • An example of a topic mini-report is included.

  • Each member will also need to do either a :

    Power Point slide presentation on their topic (s).

    iMovie presentation about the tribe topics (one or two members

    may work together on one Project.

Project deadlines

Project Deadlines

  • Topic mini-reports (tribe poster) – due October 11 (Friday)

  • Posters (class work) – due October 15 (Monday)

  • Power Point or iMovie – completed by October 15(Monday)

  • Presentations – Week of October 15 - 18

Mini report rubric

Mini - report Rubric

  • Mini – report (50 points)

  • On time - 10 points

  • Size (7 inches x 8 inches) – 5 points

  • Neatness – 5 points

  • Picture/illustration – 5 points

  • Grammar/spelling – 5 points

  • Topic content – 20 points

Topic foods and medicines

TopicFoodsand Medicines

  • How did they get food?(hunt/gather)

  • What did they eat? (diet)

  • How was food prepared? (dried, smoked)

  • How did they store foods? (baskets, pots)

  • How did they treat illnesses? (plants, ceremonies)

Topic shelter

Topic Shelter

  • What materials were used to build their shelters? (wood, hides, clay)

  • How many people could live in them?

  • What did they look like?

Topic clothing and regalia

TopicClothing and Regalia

  • What did they wear? Special clothing?

  • What were the clothes made of?

  • Did they use face paint? Hair styles?

Topic weapons and tools

Topic Weapons and Tools

  • What weapons and tools did they use?

  • What were they made of ?

  • What did they look like?

  • Were there any special tools?

Topic religion and art

TopicReligion and Art

  • What were their beliefs?

  • Did they believe in one god (spirit) or many?

  • What ceremonies did they have?

  • What was their art like?

Topic legends and stories

Topic Legends and Stories

  • What was one of their legends?

  • What characters and elements did they use?

  • Why did they tell these legends and stories?

Topic environment

Topic Environment

  • Where did they live?

  • What was the climate like?

  • What natural resources did they utilize?

Topic uniqueness

Topic Uniqueness

  • What makes the tribe unique from other tribes?

    (foods, ceremonies, games, stories, artwork)

Mini report example

Mini -Report Example

Nez Perce

Foods and Medicines

The Nez Perce hunted, fished and collected their foods. During the summer, the men hunted game in the mountains like deer, elk, bear, mountain sheep and goats. There was also small game such as beaver and game birds. Since they had horses, they would travel to the plains of Montana to hunt bison (buffalo) and antelope. They fished for salmon in the rivers which they dried or smoked to preserve for the entire year.

Women collected many plants, in particular the camas root which was boiled or baked. Berries, pine nuts and other plants rounded out their diet. There were plants that they used as medicine, however, the sweat lodge was used the most to cure illnesses and for spiritual and body cleansing purposes.

Tribe poster

Tribe Poster

  • Each tribe group will be given a blank poster in class to assemble for their presentation.

  • Each member will have a portion of the poster ( 7 inch x 8 inch rectangle) to attach picture(s) and a “mini-report”. The picture may be hand-drawn, or printed out. The mini-report needs to be typed.

  • The tribe name will need be on the top of the poster.

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