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Native American

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Native American - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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By B rennan and Cadance. Native American. The kwakiutl. Regain. The Kwakiutl lived in the north west Coast of North America for a long time. This area includes .Alaska and Canada.

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the kwakiutl
The kwakiutl
  • Regain. The Kwakiutl lived in the north west Coast of North America for a long time. This area includes .Alaska and Canada.
  • Home. They make large plank houses. They used cedar, maple, and spruce trees to build there house. They also made chickees. The roof is made from leafs.
  • Clothing. They wore colorful cotton clothing . Woman wore long sleeved blouses and skirts that touched the floor.
  • They planted corn beans and squash.(The three sisters).They caught alligators. Thy hunted deer bear, raccoon , squirrel, and more.
  • Reagin. The Seminal people were once part of the tribe.
  • They wore ceder bark capes or blankets. At potlatiatches, they wore masks, potlatch hats dancing dresses and robes.
  • They fished for seal and otter. They gathered clams and mussels. They hunted deer, goat, elk and bear.
nez perce
Nez perce

The Nez Perce have lived in the plateau region of north America.

They lived in tipis made from buffalo skins. They also live in long houses. They wher over 100 feet (30 meters).

The Nez perce wore buckskin clothing. Buckin is anather word for deer skin.

  • Thy wore shirt made from bird skins. They wore thick parkas.
  • They hunted seal walrus whale fish polar bear and caribou.
  • Thy lived in igluviaks (igloos).
  • Their reagin is the polar reagin