Communication and awareness
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(Collaboratory Leadership Class #5). Communication and Awareness. How to Communicate in Leadership. Listening Styles. People-oriented Content-oriented Action-oriented Time-oriented. People-Oriented Listening.

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Communication and awareness

(Collaboratory Leadership Class #5)

Communication and Awareness

How to Communicate in Leadership

Listening styles
Listening Styles

  • People-oriented

  • Content-oriented

  • Action-oriented

  • Time-oriented

People oriented listening
People-Oriented Listening

  • show strong concern for others and their feelings

  • external in focus

  • use stories as a means of understanding

  • use appeal to emotion in their arguments

  • can find problems when they become overly involved with others

    • can impair sense of judgment and ability to discriminate

  • may associate so strongly to others that they don't see limitations and faults

Content oriented listening
Content-Oriented Listening

  • more interested in what is said than who is saying it or what they're feeling

  • focus on facts and probe into detail

  • seek to understand cause-and-effect

  • look for pros and cons and seek solid logical argument

  • can run into trouble when they reject ideas of others because it doesn't have sufficient supporting evidence

Action oriented listening
Action-Oriented Listening

  • focus on what will be done, what actions will happen, and when and who will do them

  • look for plans of action

  • like crisp, clear descriptions and answers that are grounded in concrete reality

  • can be impatient and hurry speakers towards conclusions

  • can appear overly concerned with control and less about the well-being of others

Time oriented listening
Time-Oriented Listening

  • have their eyes constantly on the clock

  • organize day into neat compartments

    • will allocate time for listening but will be concerned if it runs over time

  • talk about time available and seek short answers which are too the point

  • may constrain people who are focused first on people elements