“It suddenly occurred
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“It suddenly occurred to me …. Les Wexner: “It suddenly occurred to me …. “It suddenly occurred to me … that in the space of two or three hours he never talked about cars .”. “Tom, let me tell you the definition of a good lending officer. ….

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“It suddenly occurred to me …

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It suddenly occurred to me

“It suddenly occurred

to me …

It suddenly occurred to me

Les Wexner: “It suddenly occurred to me …

It suddenly occurred to me

“It suddenly occurred to me …that in the space of two or three hours he nevertalked about cars.”

It suddenly occurred to me

“Tom, let me tell you the definition of a good lending officer. …

It suddenly occurred to me

“Tom, let me tell you the definition of a good lending officer. After church on Sunday, on the way home with his family, he takes a little detour to drive by the factory he just lent money to. Doesn’t go in or any such thing, just drives by and takes a look.”

It suddenly occurred to me

Conrad Hilton, at a gala celebrating his life, was asked, “What was the most important lesson you learned in your long and distinguished career?” His immediate answer …

His immediate answer remember to tuck the shower curtain inside the bathtub

His immediate answer:“remember to tuck the shower curtain inside the bathtub.”

Container store 2x training

Container store: 2x training$$$

Tom peters excellence always leaders in dubai 17 november 2008

Tom Peters’ EXCELLENCE. ALWAYS.Leaders in Dubai/17 November 2008

It suddenly occurred to me

NOTE:To appreciate this presentation [and ensure that it is not a mess], you need Microsoft fonts:“Showcard Gothic,”“Ravie,”“Chiller”and“Verdana”

Slides at tompeters com

Slides at …tompeters.com

Context excellence




Insanely great steve jobs

“Insanely great”Steve Jobs

Radically thrilling bmw

“Radically thrilling”BMW

Astonish me sergei diaghilev

“astonish me”Sergei Diaghilev

It suddenly occurred to me


Context core beliefs bad times good times all times

Context.core beliefs.Bad Times.Good Times.All times.

It suddenly occurred to me


5k 5m


We have a strategic plan it s called doing things herb kelleher

“We have a ‘strategic plan.’ It’s called doing things.”— Herb Kelleher

Fail fail again fail better samuel beckett


Execution is strategy fred malek

“Execution is strategy.”—Fred Malek

It suddenly occurred to me

Socks = 10K

Hands o in touch relationships tries screw up s execution k i s s

Hands oIn touch.relationships.tries.Screw-ups.Execution.K.I.S.S.

Context black swan


The black swan has landed

The Black Swan has landed!

It suddenly occurred to me

The Black Swan 43: Tactical Rules

for Survival

(and success)

in Ugly times

It suddenly occurred to me

Black Swan Tactical Rules

1. K.I.S.S.

2. Hammer on the basics.

3. Focus on us, not the competition.

4. Puzzle-solving: How to turn this

into an opportunity.

5. MBWA/X.

6. MBWA/I.

7. MBWA/Vendors.

8. Waaaaay over-communicate.

It suddenly occurred to me

Black Swan Tactical Rules

9. All work is team work.

10. Transparency.

11. Work the phones.

12. Perception of fairness.

13. Share the pain.

14. Thoughtfulness.

15. Grace!!

16. “Thank you.”

17. Calm. Cool. Collected.

18. Constant attitude checks—you.

It suddenly occurred to me

Black Swan Tactical Rules

19. Dress for success.

20. Avoid burnout/you, the team,

the entire organization.

21. Re-emphasize the company

values-philosophy.(Now, more than


22. Quality!!!!!!(Now, more than ever.)

23. No corner cutting.(Now, more

than ever.)

24. Constant reviews/War room.

25. Celebration of small wins.

It suddenly occurred to me

Black Swan Tactical Rules

34. Increase customer-service


35. In general, minimize training cuts.

36. Be(very)ware R&D cuts; fund

R&D quick pay SWAT teams.

37. Beware such things as sales

travel cuts, ad cuts.

38. “Across the board” = Dumb.

39. Is this a time to over-invest if cash is at hand?

(E.g., distressed innovative start-ups?)

It suddenly occurred to me

Black Swan Tactical Rules

40. Stealth work on the likes of

XF communication.

41. This could last a long time—

LT prep is necessary now.

42. Prepare/Be prepared for more

Black Swans.

43. Excellence. (Now,

more than ever.)

It suddenly occurred to me

“I do not accept the explanation of a recession negatively effecting the [new] business. There are still people traveling. We just have to get them to stay in our hotel.”—Horst Schulze, former president of Ritz Carlton, on the launch of his new luxury hotel chain, Capella, from Prestige (06.08)

Context organizations exist to serve

Context.Organizations exist to serve.

It suddenly occurred to me

Organizations exist to serve. Period.

Leaders live to

serve. Period.

It suddenly occurred to me

Why in the

World did you

go to Siberia?

It suddenly occurred to me

Enterprise* ** (*at its best):An emotional, vital, innovative, joyful, creative, entrepreneurial endeavor that elicits maximum

concerted human

potential in the wholeheartedservice of others.****Employees, Customers, Suppliers, Communities, Owners, Temporary partners

It suddenly occurred to me

Organizations exist to serve. Period.

Leaders live to serve. Period.

Passionate servant leaders, determined to create a legacy of earthshaking transformation in their domaincreate/must necessarily create organizations which are …no less than “Cathedrals”

in which the full and awesome power of the Imagination

and Spirit and native Entrepreneurial flairof diverse individualsis unleashed … In passionate pursuit of jointly perceived soaring purposeand personal and community and client service Excellence.

It suddenly occurred to me

"We all start out in life loving our fathers and mothers above everything else in the world, but that does not close the doors of love. That prepares us to love our wives and husbands and children and friends and to cooperate with and show respect to all worthy individuals with whom we come in contact or have an opportunity to reach in other ways. We must apply that to nations and to other businesses.

"We in IBM must not confine our thoughts just to IBM. We must extend our cooperation to all other businesses whether we do business with them or not. We are one cog in the industrial wheel.

"Then as citizens we must extend our respect to all worthy people in all nations. We are moving along in troublesome times, but the love of these various things of which I have spoken and of the people in whom we are interested is going to be the great force which will make us all appreciate the spiritual values which constitute the only solid foundation on which we can build."

Thomas J. Watson, Sr. address to IBM Sales and Service

Class 525 and Customer Engineers Class 528,

IBM Country Club, Endicott, NY, October 30, 1941

It suddenly occurred to me

Organizations exist to serve. Period.

Leaders live to

serve. Period.

People power the talent 30

people power:The talent 30

1 people people people people

1.people! People! people!People!

It suddenly occurred to me

“The most important decisions businesspeople make are not ‘what’ decisions but ‘who’ decisions.” —Jim Collins, Good to Great

Tp how to flush 500 000 down the toilet in one easy lesson

TP: “How to flush $500,000 down the toilet in one easy lesson!!”

Capex people

< CAPEX> People!



2 the customer is job 1

2. The “Customer” is “Job #1”!

And that principal customer is

And that principal customer is …

It suddenly occurred to me

“You have to treat your employees like customers.”—Herb Kelleher, complete answer, upon being asked his “secrets to success”

Source: Joe Nocera, NYT, “Parting Words of an Airline Pioneer,” on the occasion of Herb Kelleher’s retirement after 37 years at Southwest Airlines (SWA’s pilots union took out a full-page ad in USA Today thanking HK for all he had done; across the way in Dallas American Airlines’ pilots were picketing the Annual Meeting)

It suddenly occurred to me

The Customer Comes Second

—Hal Rosenbluth

3 soft is hard

3. “Soft” Is “Hard.”

It suddenly occurred to me

Excellence1982: The Bedrock “Eight Basics”

1. A Bias for Action

2. Close to the Customer

3. Autonomy and Entrepreneurship

4. Productivity Through People

5. Hands On, Value-Driven

6. Stick to the Knitting

7. Simple Form, Lean Staff

8. Simultaneous Loose-Tight


It suddenly occurred to me

“Breakthrough” 82*





*In Search of Excellence

Hard is soft soft is hard

Hard Is SoftSoft Is Hard

Hard is soft plans s soft is hard people customers values relationships

“Hard” Is Soft (Plans, #s)“Soft” Is Hard (people, customers, values, relationships)

4 the find em obsession biz strategic priority 1

4. The “Find ’em” obsession: Biz “Strategic” Priority #1 ?!.

It suddenly occurred to me

“Development can help great people be even better—but if I had a dollar to spend, I’d spend 70 cents getting the right person in the door.”—Paul Russell, Director, Leadership & Development, Google

C ta o chief talent acquisition officer

CtaO**Chief talent acquisitionOfficer

1 strategic priority period


5 focus on the 1 determinant of employee satisfaction or the lack thereof

5.Focus on the #1determinant of employee satisfaction (or the lack thereof)

It suddenly occurred to me

Employee retention & satisfaction:Overwhelmingly, based on the first-line manager!Source: Marcus Buckingham & Curt Coffman, First, Break All the Rules: What the World’s Greatest Managers Do Differently

6 legacy 10

6. “Legacy” = 10!

2 year legacy

2/year = legacy.

Big three recruit hire 1 st line supervisors promotion decisions and

“Big Three”Recruit-Hire.1st line supervisors.Promotion decisions.And?????

7 talent excellence stretches far beyond our borders

7. Talent “Excellence” Stretches Far Beyond Our Borders.

It suddenly occurred to me

We are the company

we keep

It suddenly occurred to me

Measure “Strangeness”/Portfolio QualityStaffConsultantsVendorsOut-sourcing Partners (#, Quality)Innovation Alliance PartnersCustomersCompetitors (who we “benchmark” against)Strategic Initiatives Product Portfolio (LineEx v. Leap)IS/IT ProjectsHQ LocationLunch MatesLanguageBoard

It suddenly occurred to me

The “We are what we eat” axiom:At its core, every (!!!) relationship-partnership decision (employee, vendor, customer, etc) is a strategic decision about:“Innovate, ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ ”

It suddenly occurred to me

“[CEO A.G.] Lafley has shifted P&G’sfocus on inventing all its own products to developing others’ inventions at least half the time. One successful example Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, based on a product found in an Osaka market.”—Fortune

8 expand the definition of our talent pool master crowd sourcing wikiworld

8. Expand the definition of “our” talent pool: Master “Crowd-sourcing,” “Wikiworld”!

It suddenly occurred to me

Rob McEwen/CEO/Goldcorp Inc./Red Lake goldSource: Wikinomics: How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything, Don Tapscott & Anthony Williams

It suddenly occurred to me

“The Billion-man Research Team: Companies offering work to online communities are reaping the benefits of ‘crowdsourcing.’”—Headline, FT, 0110.07

It suddenly occurred to me

“Technology massively multiplies soft power—particularly video technology, and particularly in the hands of non-state actors. … The power and distinction of a government’s voice is lost in the competing chatter, and in some ways it becomes the least compelling simply because it’s the least novel. It’s not just words competing against words. Images are now competing against images. People are visual creatures, and they tend to respond to videos and pictures on a much less rational and much more visceral level. …YouTube (and whatever follows it)will soon have greater global influence over narratives about international events(if it doesn’t already)than anygovernment information source could hope to have.”

—Foreign Policy, Nov-Dec 2008

It suddenly occurred to me

obama vs McCain

It suddenly occurred to me

We ARE NAKED. The entire distributed community is part of our “corporate culture.”

The entire distributed community is part of our “Brand.” We are accountable

to the entire distributed community. Our power can multiply overnight. Our power can dissipate in a click.

9 diversity of every sort

9. Diversity of every sort!

It suddenly occurred to me

“Diverse groups of problem solvers—groups of people with diverse tools—consistently outperformed groups of the best and the brightest. If I formed two groups, one random (and therefore diverse) and one consisting of the best individual performers, the first group almost always did better. …Diversitytrumped ability.” —Scott Page, The Difference: How the Power of Diversity Creates Better Groups, Firms, Schools, and Societies Diversity

It suddenly occurred to me

Carnegie Mellon Prof Richard Florida on “Creative Capital”:“You cannot get a technologically innovative place … unless it’s open to weirdness, eccentricity and difference.”Source: New York Times

10 women dominate economics

10.Women Dominate Economics!

It suddenly occurred to me

“Forget China, India and the Internet: Economic Growth Is Driven by Women.”

—Headline, Economist, April 15, 2006, Leader, page 14

It suddenly occurred to me

“One thing is certain: Women’s rise to power, which is linked to the increase in wealth per capita, is happening in all domains and at all levels of society. Women are no longer content to provide efficient labor or to be consumers with rising budgets and more autonomy to spend. … This is just the beginning. The phenomenon will only grow as girls prove to be more successful than boys in the school system.For a number of observers, we have already entered the age of ‘womenomics,’ the economy as thought out and practiced by a woman.”—Aude Zieseniss de Thuin, Financial Times

11 talent masters focus on talent s intangibles

11. Talent Masters Focus on Talent’s Intangibles.

Emphasize the soft skills


12 hire enthusiasm

12. Hire enthusiasm!

Nothing is so contagious as enthusiasm samuel taylor coleridge

“Nothing is so contagious as enthusiasm.”—Samuel Taylor Coleridge

13 hire for

13. Hire for _____!

It suddenly occurred to me

14 embrace the action faction

14. Embrace the “action Faction”!

It suddenly occurred to me

“We made mistakes, of course. Most of them were omissions we didn’t think of when we initially wrote the software. We fixed them by doing it over and over, again and again. We do the same today. While our competitors are still sucking their thumbs trying to make the design perfect, we’re already on prototype version#5.By the time our rivals are

ready with wires and screws, we are on version

#10.It gets back to planning versus acting: We act from day one; others plan how toplan—for months.”—Bloomberg by Bloomberg

15 cheer and promote for the worthy failures

15.Cheer [and promote for!] the worthy failures!

It suddenly occurred to me

“In business, you reward people for taking risks. When it doesn’tworkout you promotethem-because they were willing to try new things. If people tell me they skied all day and never fell down, I tell them to try a different mountain.”—Mike Bloomberg

16 exalt the dull doers

16. Exalt the “dull” Doers!!

It suddenly occurred to me

“eighty percent of success is showing up.”

—Woody Allen

17 hire and promote for relationship excellence

17. Hire and Promote for “relationship excellence.”

Highest r o i r wins

Highest R.O.I.R.Wins!

It suddenly occurred to me

Return on investment in relationships

18 hr sits at the head table

18. HR Sits at The Head Table.

It suddenly occurred to me

A review of Jack and Suzy Welch’sWinning claims there are but two key differentiators that set GE “culture” apart from the herd:

***Separating financial forecasting and performance measurement.Performance measurement based, as it usually is, on budgeting leads to an epidemic of gaming the system. GE’s performance measurement is divorced from budgeting—and instead reflects how you do relative to your past performance and relative to competitors’ performance; i.e., it’s about how you actually do in the context of what happened in the real world, not as compared to a gamed-abstract plan developed last year.

***Putting HR on a par with finance and marketing.

19 goal amazing quests life success dreams come true for everyone

19. Goal: Amazing quests! Life Success! Dreams Come true![for everyone]

It suddenly occurred to me

“The role of the Director is to create a space where the actors and actresses canbecome more than they’ve ever been before, more than they’ve dreamed of being.”—Robert Altman, Oscar acceptance speech

We are a life success company dave liniger founder re max

“We are a ‘Life Success’ Company.”Dave Liniger, founder, RE/MAX

It suddenly occurred to me

We All Have Dreams!Collective Dream Fulfillment = Business Performance EXCELLENCE“What is an employee’s purpose? Most would say, ‘to help the company achieve its purpose’—but they would be wrong. That is certainly part of the employee’s role, but an employee’s primary purpose is to become the-best-version-of-himself or –herself.”—Matthew Kelly, The Dream Manager

20 re name hr

20. Re-name “HR.”

Talent department

Talent Department

Dream realization department

Dream Realization Department

21 training i train train train

21. Training I: Train! Train! Train!

26 3hpy


It s a numbers game mostly

It’s a numbers game! (mostly)

22 training ii mba s relevant to gtd getting things done

22. Training II: MBAS relevant to GTD![Getting things Done]

The gtd mba getting things done

The GTD* MBA*Getting Things Done

It suddenly occurred to me


*Managing people I, II, III, IV

*Creating and managing systems

with high impact

*Leadership I, II

*Servant leadership

*Execution I, II, III

*Creating a “Try it now”-“Fail Forward

Fast”-“Ready. Fire. Aim.” “culture”

*Maximizing ROIR [Return On Investment

in Relationships]

*Sales I, II, III, IV

*Service basics I, II

*Creating incredible customer


It suddenly occurred to me


*The art and science of influence I, II

*Crucial conversations-Crucial


*Accounting* I, II [*acctg., not “finance”]

*Accountability I, II

*Calendar mastery/Mastering “to don’t”


*Nurturing and harvesting curiosity

in one and all

*Giving great presentations I, II

*Active listening I, II

*Excellence as aspiration,

Excellence everywhere,

Excellence all the time

It suddenly occurred to me


*Recruiting top talent for 100% of

enterprise jobs

*Recruiting for smiles, enthusiasm,


*Nurturing top talent

*Helping people (employees,

customers, vendors,

communities) grow and realize

their dreams

*The promotion decision

*Women as pre-eminent leaders

*The power of decentralization—and

the barriers thereto

It suddenly occurred to me


*The art of finding and loving


*Creating an environment of respect

and decency

*The pre-eminent role of emotion in


*Saying “thank you” I, II

*Aggressive apologizing

*Giving good phone, working the


*Creating and nurturing lasting win-win


*The real “stuff”-basics of cross-

functional excellence

It suddenly occurred to me


*The Art of the Nudge

*Rapid prototyping of everything,

and the Art of Serious Play

*Rewarding failures

*Increasing a business’s metabolic rate

*Diversity power everywhere

*The power of universal transparency

23 training iii the real bedrock of the talent thing

23. Training III: The REAL Bedrock of the “Talent Thing.”

It suddenly occurred to me

“My wife and I went to a [kindergarten] parent-teacher conference and were informed that our budding refrigerator artist, Christopher, would be receiving a grade of Unsatisfactory in art. We were shocked. How could any child—let alone our child—receive a poor grade in art at such a young age?His teacher informed us that he had refused to color within the lines, which was a state requirement for demonstrating ‘grade-level motor skills.’ ”—Jordan Ayan, AHA!

24 re spect


It suddenly occurred to me

“It was much later that I realized Dad’s secret. He gained respect by giving it. He talked and listened to the fourth-grade kids in Spring Valley who shined shoes the same way he talked and listened to a bishop or a college president.He was seriously interested in who you were and what you had to say.”

Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot, Respect

25 encourage dis respect

25. Encourage Dis-respect!

It suddenly occurred to me

All You Need to Know About “Sources of Innovation”:

Angry people![angry with the status quo]

26 talent excellence leaders who ask leaders who listen

26.Talent Excellence! Leaders who ask! Leaders who listen!

It suddenly occurred to me

“The four most important words in any organization

are …‘What do you think?’ ”

Source: courtesy Dave Wheeler,

posted at tompeters.com, source of

original unknown (0609.08)

It suddenly occurred to me


27 thank you

27.Thank You!

The deepest human need is the need to be appreciated william james

“The deepest human need is the need to be appreciated.”William James

28 we are all unique

28. We Are All Unique.

It suddenly occurred to me

“The key difference between checkers and chess is that in checkers the pieces all move the same way, whereas in chess all the pieces move differently. … Discover what is unique about each person and capitalize on it.”—Marcus Buckingham,The One Thing You Need to Know

It suddenly occurred to me

“The mediocre manager believes that most things are learnable and therefore that the essence of management is to identify each person’s weaker areas and eradicate them. The great manager believes the opposite. He believes that the most influential qualities of a person are innate and therefore that the essence of management is to deploy these innate qualities as effectively as possible and so drive performance.” —Marcus Buckingham, The One Thing You Need to Know

29 talent brand

29. Talent = Brand.

It suddenly occurred to me

Our MissionTo develop and manage talent;to apply that talent,throughout the world, for the benefit of clients;to do so in partnership; to do so with profit.WPP

Brand talent

Brand = Talent.

30 excellence

30. excellence.

It suddenly occurred to me

The greatest dangerfor most of usis not that our aim istoo highand we miss it,but that it istoo lowand we reach it.Michelangelo

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