how to ensure secured data destruction
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How to Ensure Secured Data Destruction

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How to Ensure Secured Data Destruction - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Computer or hardware destruction should not just be done anyway; it must be done properly to meet up with operational standards and best practices. This site:

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Computer or hardware destruction should not just be done anyway; it must be done properly to meet up with operational standards and best practices. There are imperative considerations to keep in mind when engaging in the hardware and data destruction. One of the such important things is the issue of secured data destruction.


The hard drive you are destroying will inevitably contain some very valuable information relating to your company and your personal life. It is natural to want to keep such information from public notice. This is exactly why you should engage in proper hard drive destruction that will ensure the data on the hard disk are destroyed. The best way to do this is to patronize a reliable recycling company.


The hard drive destruction must be done in your presence if possible to ensure outright destruction of the data in it. You should be the determiner of the procedure to be followed in destroying the hard drive and the data on it to ensure ultimately secured data destruction.


Some electronics recycling companies allow you to determine the modalities followed in destroying the electronics including the hard drive. They ensure things are done to attain to the satisfaction of the client. When looking for the right recycling company to work with, find the one that is willing to customize their activities in line with your expectations.


Some of the companies involved in hard drive destruction also engages individual asset tracking processes. As a result, they are able to safeguard against any kind of loss to asset or data. Look for such recycling company to hand over your recycling needs to them. When looking for the right recycling company to employ, find one that is security conscious and can comply with proper standards of getting things done to ensure ultimately secured data destruction.


There are lots of governing bodies that oversee how data destructions are carried out. The recycling company you are planning on dealing with must comply with their regulations. The regulations are actually not so difficult to observe. In fact, there are some measures of similarities in their regulations.


Some of the Acts or rules guiding the organizations or bodies involved in recycling electronics wastes towards secured data destruction are Sarbanes-Oxley Act, Graham-Leah-Billey Act and so on. The intent of these Acts is to ensure compliance with best practices in the handling of the hard drive destruction in particular and electronics recycling, in general. Find out if the recycling company you seek to work with is in compliance with such rules to ensure you get the best from what they have to offer.


It is equally expected that every recycling company complies with the data destruction recommendations as laid out by National Institute of Standard and Technology (NIST) for the removal process to be done correctly. This ensures minimal or zero threats of data loss. There is also the NIST Recommended Computer Security Procedure that recycling companies need to comply with to ensure best practice and ultimately secured data destruction. Take the time to investigate the organization before employing their services.


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