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ONYX FirstVision. Interactive Firefighter’s Display John Brady National Account Manager, Fire Services. Agenda. Technology Defined Evolution Benefits Event Command Challenges Applications Codes and Approvals Sample Screens. Technology Defined.

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ONYX FirstVision

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Onyx firstvision

ONYX FirstVision

Interactive Firefighter’s Display

John Brady

National Account Manager, Fire Services



  • Technology Defined

  • Evolution

  • Benefits

  • Event Command Challenges

  • Applications

  • Codes and Approvals

  • Sample Screens

Technology defined

Technology Defined

  • Revolutionary navigation tool for firefighters and emergency responders

  • Interactive interface for firefighters

    • Tool for assessment

  • A touch screen PC that displays critical information

Evolution development

Evolution – Development

  • Began Development in 2003

    • Need addressed: more information available on fire ground for a fast and accurate response to help reduce loss of property and life

  • Firefighter’s View of the World

    • Extensive focus groups by Honeywell Labs

    • Match fire commander’s model

    • Visual, No text

Evolution development1

Evolution - Development

  • Time Sequencing & Animation

    • Enhance perception of speed, direction, pattern of smoke

  • Intuitive Visual Codes and Symbols

    • Mimic physical appearance & action

  • Minimal Interaction

    • Maximum info, single screen

    • Touch screen PC, big buttons

  • 100% Intuitive - Initial assessment, 30-60 seconds

    • No training required for firefighters

Evolution development2

Evolution - Development

Finding and Fighting Fire More Effectively

  • Wayfinding Technology

    • Where you are

    • Best route to destination

    • Recognizing the destination

    • Finding your way out

Evolution present

Evolution - Present

  • Enhancements just released (January 2007):

  • Increased Flexibility

    • Additional initiating device types

    • Alarm, Trouble, Supervisory, etc.

    • Building Information and Contact List

    • Custom icons

  • Additional Icon

    • You Are Here

    • Area of Refuge

  • Printer Icon

Evolution future

Evolution - Future

  • Campus View

  • Wireless Fire Fighter Tracking

  • FirstVision 3D

Event command challenges

Event Command Challenges

  • Many unknowns

  • Top priority is to locate and rescue any occupants

    • Occupants evacuating a building during a fire emergency are often confused and may even be injured.

    • They need to find or be led to the safest path out, trying to avoid intense areas of fire and smoke.

Event command challenges1

Event Command Challenges

  • Locating the seat of the fire and potential spread

  • Identify and locate unique building hazards

    • Structural hazards

    • Chemical

    • Process

    • Floor plan with the locations of hazardous materials

Firstvision benefits

FirstVision Benefits

Identifies crucial information

  • Where in the structure did the fire start?

    • What smoke/heat devices are active?

  • When did the fire start?

    • How long have the devices been in alarm?

  • How is the fire progressing?

    • Sequence of detector activation

  • What hazards exist?

    • Chemical storage

    • Physical hazards

      (airshafts, elevators, etc.)

Firstvision benefits1

FirstVision Benefits

Improves firefighter and emergency responder safety

  • Responder immediately sees where the emergency is located and where he/she is in reference to the fire

  • Response team can be mobilized immediately to the proper area via the safest route

  • Indicates location of hazardous materials and structural hazards (e.g. bar joists and tension cables)

Firstvision benefits2

FirstVision Benefits

Improves building occupant safety

  • Responders plan the safest escape route for occupants to minimize occupant exposure to fire or smoke

  • Lists occupancy levels during the day versus evening so firefighters can quickly estimate the number of occupants

Firstvision benefits3

FirstVision Benefits

Reduces the risk of property loss

  • Helps preserve property by allowing the firefighter to locate and extinguish the fire sooner

  • Identifies exactly where in the building the emergency originated

  • Firefighters have the information to make accurate decisions about where to first send a response team

  • Displays time sequenced activated detectors to show the fire progression

Firstvision benefits4

FirstVision Benefits

Minimize business interruption

  • Locate the fire faster and easier

Firstvision benefits5

FirstVision Benefits

Minimize business interruption

  • Immediately accessible on scene

  • Wall-mounted in building entrances, security offices and fire command Centers

  • Cabinet door unlocks automatically upon alarm - no key is required from a Knox Box or similar secure enclosure



High Life Safety Issues

  • Occupied by a large number of people need fire response personnel immediately directed to the fire event location

  • Examples:

    • Hospitals

    • Schools

    • Dormitories

    • Assisted Living Facilities

    • High-Rise Residential/Commercial



Buildings with Complicated Layouts

  • Graphic site plan and floor plans to expedite fire service identifying the fire location and best way to reach the fire

  • Examples:

    • Shopping malls

    • Convention centers

    • Large distribution centers

    • Manufacturing plants



High-Value Facilities

  • Facilities with hazardous materials can clearly see the location of these materials on the floor plan

  • Examples:

    • Laboratory facilities in hospitals and universities

    • Telecommunications

    • Manufacturing

    • Research

    • Financial

Evolution of technology and codes

Evolution of Technology and Codes

  • Historically, everything associated with Fire Alarm system is code driven

  • Technology will grow incrementally faster than the code’s ability to keep up with it

  • Proactive instituting and using new technology that can improve the safety of firefighters and building occupants alike

  • New technology of FirstVision will enhance the fire service response, not change the fundamental approach.

Firstvision codes and standards to date

FirstVision Codes and Standards to Date

  • UL/ ULC Listed

  • NEMA SB30 Fire Service Annunciator and Interface standard adopted

  • NIST- Submitted proposal to NEMA for en-route display, colors and icon standards

  • NFPA 72 2007 Annex will include NEMA SB30 standards

Nema standard announcement

NEMA Standard - Announcement

NEMA Introduces New Fire Service Standard 

Dec 2005

  • (ROSSLYN, VA) - NEMA’s Signaling Protection and Communications Product Section, representing elements of the fire alarm industry, recently released SB 30-2005, Fire Service Annunciator and Interface.

  • SB 30 was developed jointly by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, Building and Fire Research Laboratory, NEMA, and the U.S. fire alarm industry.

Onyx firstvision screen low rise

ONYX FirstVision Screen – Low Rise

Onyx firstvision screen high rise

ONYX FirstVision Screen – High Rise

Onyx firstvision screen event list

ONYX FirstVision Screen – Event List

Onyx firstvision screen building info

ONYX FirstVision Screen – Building Info.

Onyx firstvision screen contact list

ONYX FirstVision Screen – Contact List

Onyx firstvision screen site plan

ONYX FirstVision Screen – Site Plan

Onyx firstvision screen hazmat detail

ONYX FirstVision Screen – HazMat Detail

Thank you

Thank You

John Brady

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