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Leveraging Diversity Through Inclusiveness PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Leveraging Diversity Through Inclusiveness. Presenter 1 Presenter 2. Have you ever wanted to be on a team or work on a project but were not asked to join or help?. Think for a minute about . . . The people in your unit at home The people you work with.

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Leveraging Diversity Through Inclusiveness

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Leveraging Diversity Through Inclusiveness

Presenter 1

Presenter 2

Have you ever wanted to be on a team or work on a project but were not asked to join or help?

Think for a minute about . . .

The people in your unit at home

The people you work with

Are there people you count on all the time? …same familiar people — Your “first-string players” …


First-String Players

Do they have the same work ethic as you do?

Are you alike in many ways?

Do you know them better than others?

What about the other players?

How are they different?

Leveraging Diversity Through Inclusiveness


  • Understand the basic definition of diversity

  • Recognize the importance of inclusiveness to achieve diversity

  • Understand simple inclusive behaviors

What is Diversity?

Any dimension that can be used to differentiate groups and people from one another.

What is Diversity?

Human Diversity

Our “raw material”

  • Gender

  • Race

  • Age

  • Physical appearance

  • Health

Human Diversity

The accumulation of our life experiences

  • Education

  • Marital Status

  • Parental Status

  • Occupation

  • Geographic Location

Cultural Diversity

Arises from differences in

  • Language

  • Lifestyle

  • Heritage

  • Belief systems

  • Religious beliefs

  • Traditions

Organizational Diversity

Characterized by differences in Values, Vision, Mission

  • Teamwork

  • Roles

  • Relationships

  • Leadership

  • Empowerment

  • Education

  • Affiliations

Leveraging Diversity

How does it make us stronger?

  • Uniqueness of each of us

  • Full utilization of all people involved

  • Stronger together than separated

  • Opens new ways of thinking

  • Inspiration, fresh ideas and solutions

  • E pluribus Unum

Leveraging Diversity

How can we use it?

  • Recruit a diverse membership

  • Challenge unacceptable behavior

  • Encourage all members to contribute

  • Be a visible role model

Leveraging Diversity

What are the barriers?

  • Comfort in sameness, learning in difference

  • Resist change, even when positive

  • Lack of understanding drives difficulties

  • We will make mistakes - learn and improve

Leveraging Diversity

How do we respond?

As leaders and role models help our youth

  • Seek out the best

  • Appreciate everyone

  • Abide by the Scout Law

  • Serve as an example

Achieving Diversity

Accepting Diversity Drives Inclusiveness

  • Successful patrols function as a team

  • Successful patrols put differences to work

What Happens…

…when a patrol makes diversity work?

  • Achieve success

  • Experience richer for ALL

What Happens…

…if diversity isn’t made to work as a strength?

  • Experience negative treatment

  • Emotions build and become a barrier

What can I do?

When you lead…

  • Offer challenging opportunities

  • Demonstrate leadership behavior

  • Show you care

  • Recognize achievements

  • Learn something

Food for Thought

  • What is success for your patrol?

  • Do you sense how team members are doing?

  • Are you teaching one another skills?

  • Is there a supportive environment?

  • Is the team ensuring everyone is performing?

  • Does the group celebrate?

  • Does everyone feel like they are contributing?

Powerful concepts, simple behaviors

  • Leverage the power of our diversity

  • Make these concepts work!

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