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Welcome to hpw
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Welcome to HPW. Psssst…..What in the world is HPW?. Name: Beau Williams Born: June 5, 1983 in Colorado Springs Live: Grand Jct. Married: Kara. Family: Dad and Mom in GJ, 2 Brothers. One brother is married with two children. But first…. Yours Truly: Mr. Williams. Music: Christian

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Welcome to HPW

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Welcome to hpw

Welcome to HPW

Psssst…..What in the world is HPW?

Welcome to hpw

Name: Beau Williams

Born: June 5, 1983 in Colorado Springs

Live: Grand Jct.

Married: Kara

Family: Dad and Mom in GJ, 2 Brothers. One brother is married with two children.

But first…

Yours Truly: Mr. Williams

A little more about mr williams

Music: Christian

Favorite Food: fruit, pizza

Coaching: Track

Love: Being active, hanging out with family and friends, and teaching. I almost forgot, I also love chocolate!

…a little more about Mr. Williams

Welcome to hpw

Something you need to know…

  • Video Clip

    • http://video.yahoo.com/watch/849116

So what is hpw

So what is HPW?

Hpw human performance and wellness

HPW = Human Performance and Wellness

  • What is the main goal of a PE, or in this a case, a HPW class?

  • Get exercise, but is the exercise you get in this class going to keep you healthy the rest of your life?

I want to give you tools

I want to give you tools!

  • Our goal in HPW is to acquire tools to be active for life.

    • Understand the different areas of fitness.

    • Understand healthy habits.

    • Understand other areas of health:

      • Substance abuse, emotional, intellectual, etc.

        • It’s really about making good choices!!!

What will we be doing in hpw

What will we be doing in HPW?

  • Activities/Sports

  • Fitness/Fitness Components

  • Journaling: wide range of topics

  • Having Fun!

Welcome to hpw

Activities We Will Be Doing

  • Frisbee/Ultimate Frisbee

  • Juggling

  • Volleyball

  • Softball/Whiffleball

  • Pickleball

  • Football/Speedball

  • Hacky-sack

  • Lacross

  • Volleyball

  • Team Games (db, capture the flag)



Cardiovascular Endurance

Muscular Strength/Endurace




  • Preparation Requirements

  • Expectations

  • Consequences

  • Ways to earn your grade!

  • Absent

Preparation requirements

Preparation Requirements

  • 1. Students must dress out each day in the SMS PE shorts and shirt (see order form).

    • You will have to wear regular shorts/t-shirt until they are delivered.

  • Sweatpants and sweatshirts can be worn on cold days.

  • Proper shoes must also be worn.

  • Students without clothes will need to sit out of the days activities.

    • They will need to complete a exercise make-upform on their own outside of school.

  • Preparation requirements1

    Preparation Requirements

    • 2. Students will be issued a lock that they are responsible for all semester.

      • If the lock is lost during the semester a fee will be charged to replace it.

      • We are not responsible for lost items.

      • Make sure to lock your lock at all times.

        • There has been known to be a…

    Welcome to hpw

    ...that searches the locker rooms.

    6 th grade note on locks

    6th grade note on locks

    • Dress out if you want, but new locks will not come in for a week or two.

    Preparation requirements con t

    Preparation Requirements Con’t

    • 3. Bring a spiral notebook and a few pencils to put in your PE locker.

      • You will give at least one pencil to me that I will keep for later use.

    Welcome to hpw

    Name Game



    • 1.  Let the teacher teach and the students learn.

    • 2.  There will be writing assignments, and possibly library /computer work during the semester.

    • 3. Behave in the locker rooms, change quickly, and be ready to participate.

    Expectations continued

    Expectations continued

    • 4. Take care of the equipment.

      • Use of the equipment is a privilege, it can be taken away.

    • 5. Focus on positive and encouraging comments towards others.

      • My goal is for all to have a great physical education experience.

    Welcome to hpw

    Equipment Care

    • Walk equipment in when turning it in!

    • Do not kick basketballs or volleyballs!

    • Simply put, treat equipment with respect, it’s expensive!

    If you cannot follow these expectations then you will have consequences

    If you cannot follow these expectations, then you will have consequences!



    Just kidding gosh

    Just Kidding!Gosh!!



    • 1. Students may be given a warning, however, expectations should be clear and safety is key.

      • Students that do not follow expectations will receive discipline action.

      • The schools RTI (Response To Intervention) policy will be used in the classroom.

    Ways to earn your grade

    Ways to earn your grade!!!

    • Participation/Behavior

    • Unit Packets

    • Writing Assignments

    • Activity Worksheets

    • Test and Quizzes



    • Notebooks will need to be turned in at mid-terms and the end of each quarter.

    • You might say…



    • If absent, you must fill out a make-up form and have a parent/guardian sign it.

      • Even with excused note or sick note, the time needs to be made up some time.

      • Those papers can be picked up from me or printed off from the school web site linked to the HPW class.*form*

    Fire drill

    Fire Drill

    Lock down

    Lock Down

    • Level 1

      • Something outside

    • Level 2

      • Something inside

        • We need to lock doors

    How will you have the best semester possible


    How will you have the best semester possible?


    On task




    Equipment room

    Equipment Room

    • You should only be in the equipment room when I ask you to get or put away equipment.

    Put away something you have just played with

    Something that

    really bothers me...

    Put away something you have just played with.

    Welcome to hpw


    • One Whistle means and listen.

    • Two whistles means come in a wait for further instructions.

      • Panther lines

    Restroom use is a privilege

    Restroom use is a Privilege

    • You are free to use the restroom when needed.

      • Please see me first.

        • I need to know where you are.

    Welcome to hpw

    Odds and Ends

    Pe store

    PE Store

    • After School

    • At the end of your class

    • .50

    Welcome to hpw

    Art Work

    • If you have any art that you would like to add to my office art collage, I will take it.

    When i am gone

    When I am gone

    • Behave just as I am here.

    • I need student leaders to help guide class.

      • If you are interested in this please come talk to me.

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