the writing test has changed
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The Writing test has changed

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The Writing test has changed - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Writing test has changed. Our Goal is to make a PERFECT 10. Informative Persuasive/argumentative analytical. You will read something, then you will use what you’ve read to guide your writing. Analytical Writing.

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the writing test has changed

The Writing test has changed

Our Goal is to make a


analytical writing

Analytical Writing

We will become experts at reading something, making a claim about it, and then supporting our claim.

Analytical Writing

making a claim

In academic writing, an argument is usually a main idea, often called a “claim.”

It is backed up with evidence (proof/quotes) that supports the claim.

Example Claim- Mildred Taylor uses man versus society conflicts in The Land in order to reveal the corruption in the South.

we will follow these rules
We will follow these rules:
  • We WILL use the JWJ paragraph plan correctly.
  • We WILL use exact quotes from the text.
  • We WILL explain the “college prep” layer; we will NOT summarize, or re-tell the story.
  • We WILL connect our college prep layers
  • We WILL use proper grammar, punctuation, etc.
to analyze means
“To Analyze” Means…

-to break apart into parts; to study the inner relationship between the parts

To analyze text means…

-to break the text into parts (the parts are college prep layers)

-to write about how one part relates to another part


[Main Point-Circle Sentence-The Claim]

Man vs. society conflicts are used to show the discrimination and social taboos of the Post Civil War South in Mildred Taylor\'s book, The Land.


Man vs. Animal was an

important part of The Land.


When Paul stumbles across the land, he rushes to Hollenbeck to try and buy it, but, "JT Hollenbeck was not interested in selling the land no matter what color I was" (p. 116). 


On page 122 it says, “Boy, whatcha think

you’re gonna do with a horse like that?”



This confrontation sparks Paul\'s realization that he doesn\'t fit in in either societies.



Paul is treated bad because

he is black.



Paul knows that he can\'t change society so he needs to change himself.




These views and taboos snake their way into Paul\'s home causing a man vs. man conflict between him and Mitchell.


Through the conflicts, Mildred Taylor

shows how Paul faces this discrimination

with determination as he advances

towards his goal.