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Focus:. Please pick up the Vocabulary sheet in the front of the room: Complete only the column “Context Clues” using only the example sentence. Courage. The ability to do that which you fear Bravery, Valor, audacity.

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Please pick up the Vocabulary sheet in the front of the room: Complete only the column “Context Clues” using only the example sentence.


  • The ability to do that which you fear

  • Bravery, Valor, audacity

Courage – With great courage Columbus accidentally discovered the new world


  • Lack of Knowledge

  • Unaware, inexperienced

Ignorance – It was because of ignorance, not stupidity, that Columbus’s men subjugated the native Arawak people.


  • Bring under domination or control through conquest

  • Conquer, Subdue

Subjugate – Once subjugated the Awarwak people were forced to search and produce gold for Columbus.


Genocide – Due to Columbus’ ignorance, he committed mass genocide against the Arawak tribe nearly eliminating the tribe from existence

  • The deliberate killing of a group of people based only on their nation, race, gender, or religion

  • Massacre, Mass Murder


  • The subjugation and assumption of control of a place or people through military force

  • Overthrow, Subjugation, Mastery…

Conquest- The Spanish conquest of the New world was a direct result of Columbus’ mistake.


  • The prejudice for or against one thing, person, or group, compared with another, usually in a way considered unfair

  • Prejudice, partiality, favoritism

Bias – Historians display bias by making anecdotes of major events in history


Anecdote – In Morrison’s book “Christopher Columbus, Mariner” Morrison tells an Anecdote of the Arawak genocide, revealing his bias.

  • A short or amusing story about a real incident or person

  • Urban Myth, Legend, incident, narrative…etc.


  • A person not identified by name

  • Incognito, nameless

Anonymous – Because the author remained anonymous, we could not discover biases in their writing.


  • Well meaning and kindly

  • Kind, compassionate

Benevolent – Columbus was far from being a benevolent dictator in Haiti


Collaborate – Co-workers who are benevolent are much more likely to collaborate on projects than those who are apprehensive.

  • Working together to produce or create something

  • Alliance, Team Work


  • The acquisition of facts, skills, and information through experience or education

  • Capability, expertise

Knowledge – You must seek knowledge like you will live forever.


Understand – While I may know what the question is asking I may not understand how to answer the question

  • To grasp the meaning of something

  • Comprehend, grasp


Apply – While I may have incredible knowledge without the ability to apply that knowledge I lack wisdom

  • Putting something into use or action

  • Implement, utilization


Analyze – mechanics have to analyze the engine in a car in order to figure out the solution to the car’s troubles.

  • To break apart for better understanding

  • Dissect, characterize


Evaluate – You must evaluate where you are in life constantly in order to reassess if you need to change your course.

  • To make a judgment about something

  • Assess, appraise


  • What was the original American dream?

  • Was the motivation for exploration?

Indirect Causes of

European Explorations

Motives for European Exploration

Crusades = by-pass intermediaries to get to Asia.

Renaissance = curiosity about other lands and peoples.

Reformation = refugees & missionaries.

Monarchs seeking new sources of revenue.

Technological advances.

Fame and fortune.

William Shakespeare

Leonardo da Vinci

A time of rebirth in Western Civilization “intellectual enlightenment”

Martin Luther

Henry VIII

Johann Gutenberg

Galileo Galilei

Christopher Columbus

New Maritime Technologies

Better Maps [Portulan]

Hartman Astrolabe(1532)

Mariner’s Compass


New Weapons Technology

Direct Causes = 3 G’s

  • Political: Become a world power through gaining wealth and land. (GLORY)

  • Economic: Search for new trade routes with direct access to Asian/African luxury goods would enrich individuals and their nations (GOLD)

  • Religious: spread Christianity and weaken Middle Eastern Muslims. (GOD)

    The 3 motives reinforce each other



European explore


1400 TO 1600


  • Europeans reach and settle Americas

  • Expanded knowledge of world geography

  • Growth of trade, mercantilism and capitalism

  • Indian conflicts over land and impact of disease on Indian populations

  • Introduction of the institution of slavery

  • Columbian Exchange

Columbian Exchangeor the transfer of goods involved 3 continents, Americas, Europe and Africa

* Squash * Avocado * Peppers * Sweet Potatoes* Turkey * Pumpkin * Tobacco * Quinine* Cocoa * Pineapple * Cassava * POTATO* Peanut * Tomato * Vanilla * MAIZE * Syphillis

* Olive * Coffee Beans * Banana * Rice* Onion * Turnip * Honeybee * Barley* Grape * Peach * Sugar Cane * Oats* Citrus Fruits * Pear * Wheat * HORSE* Cattle * Sheep * Pig * Smallpox* Flu * Typhus * Measles * Malaria* Diptheria * Whooping Cough

European Colonization

European Colonization

  • When the New World is discovered, the Big 4 four European countries start to compete for control of North America and the world:





Quick Write and Reflect

  • On a separate sheet of paper please answer the following:

  • What is your American Dream?How is your dream similar to that of the early explorers who came to the new world?

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