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India Post Products & Services. Classification. Mail services Premium Products Financial services Retail services Philately. Mail Services. Types of Mail articles (Letters & Parcels). First 9 come under Letter category & 10 th under Parcel category. Types of Basic Mail Service.

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India Post Products & Services

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India post products services

India Post Products & Services



  • Mail services

  • Premium Products

  • Financial services

  • Retail services

  • Philately

Mail services

Mail Services

Types of mail articles letters parcels

Types of Mail articles (Letters & Parcels)

First 9 come under Letter category & 10th under Parcel category

Types of basic mail service

Types of Basic Mail Service

Inland mail

Inland Mail

  • There are 10 classes of articles

  • First Class Mail

    • Letters

    • Inland Letter Cards (ILC)

    • Post Cards

  • Second Class Mail

    • Book Packets

    • Sample and Pattern Packets

    • Book Packets containing Printed Books

    • Book Packets containing Periodicals

    • Registered News Paper

    • Blind Literature Packets

    • Parcels

Classes of mail

Classes of Mail

  • First Class Mails

    • Letters, Letter Cards and Post Cards

    • Free Air transmission wherever possible and advantageous

  • Second Class Mails

    • Other remaining articles

    • No free air transmission

    • Sender has to pay Air surcharge in addition to normal postage, if the article is to be sent by Air

    • Air surcharge (if airlift is required)

      • Up to 50 gramsRs.2

      • Additional 50 grams or partRe.1

Modes of payment of postage

Modes of payment of postage

  • By affixing stamps

    • Postage Stamps

    • Service Stamps

  • Postage paid in the form of Franking impression

    • Departmental Franking Machine

    • Private Franking Machine

  • Postage paid in cash

    • CO has to give licence

  • License to post Without Prepayment of Postage (WPP)

    • Only for RNP

    • RO/CO has to give license



  • More secured

  • Accountable

  • Deliverable to Addressee/Authorised Agents only under aquittance

  • Tracking facility available

  • Acknowledgement facility



  • Covers all risk in course of transmission

  • In case of loss department pays compensation subject to certain conditions

  • Accountable

  • More secured

  • Tracking facility

Value payable

Value Payable

  • System helps traders to recover the cost of goods supplied to their customers

  • Money collected sent to the sender through VP Money Order

Evp system

eVP system

  • eVP system is a new service

  • Helps in e-commerce

  • Sender has to register for the service

  • Data of eVP articles flows in electronic format

  • Fast payment of amount to sender for articles delivered

  • Payment on articles delivered made to sender on receipt of data from delivery office, at booking office

  • MIS is available to all concerned

World net express wnx

World Net Express (WNX)

  • Unique International Express Delivery Service

  • Collaboration with Deutsche Post World Net (DPWN)

  • Documents & Parcels can be sent on courier mode

  • Service presently available in selected Post Offices

  • Maximum transit time of 4 days

  • Track & Trace facility &

  • SMS Tracking is also available

Maximum specifications for wnx

Maximum Specifications for WNX

  • Shipment weight upto 250 Kg (Per piece 32 Kg)

  • Gifts – Rs. 25000 & Samples – Rs.50000 permitted

  • Max dimension 118 cm (L), 88 cm (W) & 120 cm (H)

  • WNX Boxes available for parcels (non documents)

    (1 KG, 3 KG, 5 KG, 7 KG, 9 KG & 20 KG)

Flat rate boxes

Flat Rate Boxes

Flat rate boxes salient feature

Flat Rate Boxes -Salient feature

  • Parcels can be sent safely through standardised packing

  • Charges will be based on weight of the packet and not on the distance

  • 1 KG, 2.5 KG & 5 KG boxes are available at Selected POs

  • Postage will be paid at the time of purchase of carton box

  • It also contains customs declaration form

  • Preprinted barcodes available as per UPU standard

Flat rate box tariff

Flat Rate Box Tariff :





  • Exercise 1.7.1

Premium products

Premium Products

Types of premium products

Types of Premium Products

  • Speed Post

  • Business Post

  • Express Parcel Post

  • Media Post

  • Greetings Post

  • Logistics Post

Speed post features

Speed Post features

  • Fast, Time bound, assured delivery

  • Letters and documents up to 35 kg

  • Track & trace system


  • BNPL

  • free pick up

Business post

Business post

  • One stop solution

  • Bulk customers, Banks, corporate offices

  • pre mailing activity

    • Collection of mails from the premises

    • Inserting/Enveloping

    • Gumming

    • Labeling

    • Addressing

    • Franking

Charges for premailing activities

Charges for premailing activities

Express parcel post

Express parcel post

  • Corporate Customers on Contract

  • Maximum weight 35 Kgs

  • Time bound delivery at door step

  • Refund of charges if undelivered with in norms

  • Booking in speed post centres

  • Surface transport

Epp tariff

EPP Tariff

Express parcel retail

Express Parcel retail

  • Not a contractual service-all customer

  • Maximum weight limit 35 Kgs

  • No credit facility

  • Door to door delivery irrespective of weight

  • surface transport

  • Booking in speed post centres

Epp retail tariff

EPP Retail tariff

Media post

Media Post

  • Advertisements on Postal stationery

    -Post cards, Pass books, Inland Letter cards, Letters, Aerogramme

    • Letter boxes

    • Mail vans ( Revised vide letter dt. 22.12.05 )

    • outside and inside the Post offices (decentralized vide letter dt. 8.12.05

Media post rates

Media Post rates

Greeting post

Greeting Post

  • Range of delightful cards

  • Prepaid Postage envelopes

  • Envelope contains multi coloured embossed stamps (miniature replica of the card)

  • 56 designs are available

  • Small size Rs. 14

  • Large size Rs.17

Logistics post

Logistics Post

  • Large volume of parcels

  • Minimum chargeable weight 50 kg

  • Insurance is optional

  • Warehousing facility

  • Minimum charge for(delivery & pick up) consignment is Rs. 50.00 plus docket charge Rs 100

Logistics post cont d

Logistics Post cont’d

  • Loading & unloading charge

    • free upto 500 kg

    • Above 500 kg Rs 1000 per ton

  • Tariff based on

    • Weight & volume

    • Volume 10 cubic feet or part = 50 kg

    • Additional cubit feet or part = 5 kg

    • Octroi/Toll tax,storage,demurrage fee are extra

Retail services

Retail Services

  • Bill mail

  • Direct Post

  • Retail Post

  • e-Payment

Bill mail service

Bill Mail Service

  • Financial statement, bills

  • Once in 90 days

  • Minimum 5000

  • Delivery within district

    • Advertisement allowed not exclusive publicity

    • Up to 50 gm-3.00

    • Additional 50 gm 2.00

National bill mail service

National Bill mail service

  • Financial statement, bills

  • Minimum 10000

  • Up to 50 gm- 5.00

  • Additional 50 gm 2.00

  • No credit

  • Fully sorted pin code, delivery PO wise bundle

  • Airlifted

  • Sent through speed post , EPP and parcel(on request at extra cost as for SP/EPP)

Direct post

Direct Post

  • Unaddressed articles

  • Size should be of A3 size paper

  • Minimum 1000

  • Accepted in DPCs

  • Delivered in the area specified by the sender

  • Tariff: 20 gm local 1.50 intercity Rs 2.00

  • Additional 20 gmRs 1.00 for both

  • Discount 5% over 50000

Retail post

Retail Post

  • Pension payment

  • Sale of Gold Coins

  • Sale of application forms- university forms etc.,

  • bills collection-TRC, Electricity, water bills

  • Railway Passenger reservation system

E payment


  • Many to one service-

  • Electronically consolidate the bill payment

  • PO collects bill payment for BSNL ,Airteletc

  • Issue receipt and account

  • Update the data in to central server

  • Consolidate the account electronically and pay to biller at his convenient point

  • MIS accessible to the biller through e web interface

  • Biller downloads the collection details

  • Biller can also upload the bills to the customer for payment at post office

E payment1

e Payment

  • Helps collection of utility bills for a biller

  • Billers can be at various levels – divisional, regional, circle, all India

  • Transfers data electronically from booking Post Offices to office of payment

  • Collection of bills through Point of Sale and payment to biller is through treasury module

  • Data of bills collected passed on to central server subject to certain conditions

  • MIS of all transactions available for monitoring; billers can also be given access to MIS site for extracting biller specific MIS

  • A secure network is in place to ensure safe transmission of data and to immediately arrest attempts to manipulate

  • RMFS and NPS transactions also handled

E post


  • Useful even for those who do not have internet facility

  • e Messages can be sent and received

  • Text & Scanned Messages

  • One to one / One to Many

  • Two types

    • RetailFor A4Rs.10

    • CorporateRs.6

    • Credit facility for corporate customer

    • Prepaid cards available

  • e Massages will be deliverable either at address of the addressee or on his/her e Mail



  • Exercise 1.7.2

Financial services

Financial Services

Types of financial services

Types of Financial Services

  • Post Office Savings Schemes

  • Postal Life Insurance/Rural Postal life Insurance

  • Money Remittance Service

    • Money Orders (MO)

    • Instant Money Order (iMO)

    • International Money Transfer (IMT)

      • Money Gram – Money Transfer

      • Wester Union money transfer

      • MO Videsh

      • IFS MO

  • Electronic Clearance Service

  • Indian Postal Order

  • Mutual Funds

  • Post office savings schemes

    Post office Savings schemes

    • Accounts

      • SB, RD, TD, MIS, SCS, PPF

    • Certificates

      • NSC 5 yr VIII issue and 10 year IX issue

    Savings account

    Savings Account

    • Opened through Cash Only

    • Minimum Initial Deposit Rs.20 Minimum balance: Rs. 50/- Max : No limit

    • Chequefacility

    • Interest @ 4% P.A.

    • Individual/Joint

    • Nomination Facility

    Recurring deposit account

    Recurring Deposit Account

    • Period 5 years

    • Fixed Monthly Deposits (Denomination)

    • Min : Rs.10 Max : No Limit

    • Nomination Facility

    • Withdrawal Facility (only one)

    • Can be continued after 5 years

    • Rebate for advance deposits

    • Rate of Interest 8.40%

      • Rs.10 Denomination M.V. Rs.744.53

    Time deposit account

    Time Deposit Account

    • Minimum Rs.200

    • Only one Deposit in multiples of Rs.200

    • Maximum – No Limit

    • Interest calculated quarterly - Paid Annually

    • 1 year8.20%

    • 2 years8.20%

    • 3 years8.30%

    • 5 years8.40%

    Monthly income scheme

    Monthly Income Scheme

    • Min – Rs.1500 or in multiples of Rs.1500

    • Max –

      • Single - 4.5 Lakhs

      • Joint – 9 Lakhs

    • Nomination Facility

    • Monthly Interest Payable

    • Maturity – 5 Years

    • Interest – 8.40% P.A.

    • Post dated cheque/Automatic Transfer to SB A/c

    15 year public provident fund a c

    15 Year Public Provident Fund A/c

    • Min Rs.500Max : Rs.100000/F.Y.

    • Deposits can be made in lump sum or in 12 Installments

    • Interest – 8.70% P.A.

    • Income Tax benefits

    • Loan Facility

    • Withdrawal Facility

    • Can be continued for a block of 5 years

    Senior citizen savings scheme

    Senior Citizen Savings Scheme

    • Period – 5 years

    • Min Deposit – Rs.1000Max: Rs.15 Lakhs

    • Age – 60 Yrs & above (55 yrs with conditions)

    • Interest @ 9.20 % p.a. payable quarterly

    • Nomination facility

    • Can be continued for 3 more years

    • Joint only with Spouse

    5 year nsc viii issue

    5 year NSC VIII Issue

    • Denominations

      • Rs.100, Rs.500, Rs.1000, Rs.5000 & Rs.10000

    • Maturity Period – 5 Years

    • Nomination Facility

    • No Limit for purchase

    • Income tax benefits

    • Can be pledged as security

    • Maturity Value – For Rs.100 Dn – Rs.151.62

    • Premature Encashment – Condition Apply

    10 year nsc ix issue

    10 year NSC IX Issue

    • New series of certificates introduced from 1.12.2011

    • Denominations

      • Rs.100, Rs.500, Rs.1000, Rs.5000 & Rs.10000

    • Maturity Period – 10 Years

    • Nomination Facility

    • No Limit for purchase

    • Income tax benefits

    • Can be pledged as security

    • Maturity Value – For Rs.100 Dn – Rs.236.60

    • Premature Encashment – Condition Apply

    Postal life insurance

    Postal Life Insurance

    • Insurance scheme by the Central Government

    • Low Premium High Bonus

    • Eligibility

      • Central Government

      • Defence Services

      • Para Military forces

      • State Government

      • Local Bodies

      • Government-aided Educational Institutions

      • Reserve Bank of India

      • Public Sector Undertakings

      • Financial Institutions

      • Nationalized Banks

      • Autonomous Bodies

      • Extra Departmental Agents in Department of Posts

    Postal life insurance1

    Postal Life Insurance

    The following are also now eligible to take policy under PLI

    • employees engaged/appointed on contract basis by Central/State Governments,

    • employees of joint ventures in which Central/State Governments/public sector undertakings/Nationalised banks have minimum holding of 10%

    • members/employees of Credit Cooperative societies and other cooperative societies registered with Government under the cooperative acts and partly funded from Central/State governments/RBI/SBI/Nationalised Banks/NABARD

    • Employees of deemed universities and educational institutes accredited by recognised bodies such as NAAC, AICTE, MCI etc., and/or affliated to Universities/boards, etc

    • Employees of all scheduled commercial banks

    • other such institutions notified by the Government

    Plans available

    Plans available

    • Endowment Assurance (Santhosh)

    • Whole life Assurance (Suraksha)

    • Convertible Whole Life Assurance (Suvidha)

    • Anticipated Endowment Assurance (Sumangal)

    • Joint Life Assurance (YugalSuraksha )

    • Children Policy

    Rural postal life insurance

    Rural Postal Life Insurance

    • Scheme provides insurance cover to the rural public in general and benefit weaker sections and women workers of rural areas

    Plans available in rpli

    Plans Available in RPLI

    • Whole life Assurance (Gram Suraksha)

    • Endowment Assurance (Gram Santhosh)

    • Convertible Whole Life Assurance (Gram Suvidha)

    • Anticipated Endowment Assurance (Gram Sumangal)

    • Gram Priya (10 Year RPLI)

    • Children Policy

    Money remittance services

    Money remittance services

    • Money Order

    • Electronic Money Order

    • Instant Money Order

    • International Money Transfer Service

      • MO Videsh

      • Money gram International Money Transfer

      • Western Union money transfer

      • IFS

    • Electronic Clearance Services (ECS)

    India post products services


    • Transmission of money through electronic media

    • Connectivity through WAN wide area network or broadband internet

    • Unique PNR number for tracking

    • Intimation of payment to remitter from booking office

    India post products services


    • Essentially a mode of transmission – electronic through WAN for expeditious payment

    • Secure channel

    • Booking is done in Point of sale and payment through Postman module

    • eMO application used to authorise and print eMOs and perform allied transactions

    • eMO communication module (eMO client) exchanges data with central server

    • Facilities like one-to-many and many-to-one are added features

    • MIS reports of various categories for effective monitoring and tracking facility

    Instant money order

    Instant money order

    • Speedy ,mobility, safety reliability

    • Instant web based

    • Minimum Rs1000

    • Maximum Rs 50,000

    • To remit payment-(TRP-1) to send money

    • 16 digit code

    • To make payment (TMP-1) for payment

    • Personal identity proof

    • Cash up to Rs 50,000

    Imo tariff

    iMO tariff

    International remittances

    International remittances

    • Service utilising the UPU/Eurogiro or Western Union financial services or moneygram

    • Both outward and inward remittances for personal needs under various services

    • Quick remittance process

    • Payment is made in Indian rupee

    • Service is targeted to NRI dependents and foreign tourists visiting India

    Mo videsh

    MO Videsh

    • Outward remittance to foreign countries using the eurogiro platform

    • Remittances subject to RBI regulations

    • Minimum of 100 USD and max 5000 USD per transaction

    • Only personal remittances for specific purposes

    • This service is not available in POs on Saturdays & Sundays

    • Maximum of 30 remittances permitted in a year

    Ifs mo

    IFS MO

    • Secure international financial system(IFS of UPU) used for money transfer

    • Currently only inward remittances from France and UAE are available

    • Two types of remittances – Urgent and normal

    • All eMO offices authorised to transact

    • Urgent IFS MOs can be paid at any office; Ordinary only through concerned delivery PO

    • Payment up to Rs. 20000 at residence through eMO

    • Above 20000 upto 50000 at PO in cash

    • Above 50000 at PO through cheque

    Wumt moneygram services

    WUMT/Moneygram services

    • Western union money transfer

      • IndiaPost works as agent to offer this service

      • Only inward personal remittances

      • max per remittance USD 2500

    • Moneygram international remittance

      • Offered in partnership with Moneygram international inc USA through select POs

      • Only inward remittances for family maintenance and favouring foreign tourists

    Forex services

    Forex services

    • Provided by India Post in partnership with HDFC bank

    • Facility available in select Post Offices

    • Services offered

    New financial services

    New financial services

    • MNREGA

    • NPS



    • Account can be opened with zero balance (now categorised as Basic savings account)

    • Non-transferable and non conversion

    • No chequefacility

    • Deposits other than wage credits also allowed

    • Separate block numbers

    • Single account for a family

    • Joint A only-Husband/wife

    • Nomination facility available

    Mnrega cont d

    MNREGA cont’d

    • Job card number, date of issue be noted on SB-3

    • Will not be treated as silent

    • Normal procedure in case of claims

    • If the name is deleted in the job card account to be closed with in 30 days

    • Interest payment-normal procedure

    National pension system nps

    National Pension System(NPS)

    • Any citizen of India age between 18-60 can join

    • Should comply with KYC norms

    • Two types of accounts

      • Tier I

        • A Non- withdrawal account

        • the Subscriber shall contribute savings for building a retirement corpus. This is mandatory.

      • Tier II

        • A voluntary savings facility

        • provides liquidity to subscribers,

        • Withdrawal is allowed



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