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LEADER BASIC TRAINING. Session 1. Introduction to Venturing - The Venturing Mission. Buzz Groups. What are you looking forward to? What are you concerned about?. Purpose of Venturing.

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Leader basic training



Session 1


Introduction to Venturing - The Venturing Mission

Buzz groups

Buzz Groups

  • What are you looking forward to?

  • What are you concerned about?

Leader basic training

Purpose of Venturing

The purpose of Venturing is the same as that of the Boy Scouts of America: character development, citizenship training and fitness.

We prepare young people to make ethical choices by instilling the values of the Scout Oath and Law.

Leader basic training

The Venturing Oath

As a Venturer,

I promise to help strengthen America,

to be faithful in my religious duties,

to help others, and,

to seek truth, fairness, and adventure

in our world.

Venturing code

Venturing Code

As a Venturer, I believe that America’s strength lies in our trust in God and in the courage, strength, and traditions of our people.

I will, therefore, be faithful in my religious duties and will maintain a sense of honor in my personal life.

I will treasure my American heritage and will do all I can to preserve and enrich it.

I will recognize the dignity and worth of all humanity and will use fair play and goodwill in my daily life.

I will acquire the Venturing attitude that seeks the truth in all things and adventure on the frontiers of our changing world.

Leader basic training

What is Venturing?

Venturing is a youth development program of the

Boy Scouts of America for young men and women who are at least 14 years old (and have completed the eighth grade) through 20 years of age.

Local community organizations establish a Venturing Crew by matching their people and program resources to the interests of young people in the community. The result is a program of exciting and meaningful activities that helps youth pursue their special interests, to grow, to develop leadership skills, and to become good citizens.

Chartered organization

Chartered Organization

Supports their crew in three ways:

  • Program inventory of adults willing to provide help with hobbies, skills, careers, facilities, and ideas

  • Adult leaders who organize the program inventory and serve as advisors to the crew’s elected youth leaders

  • Meeting facilities

Venturing crew

Venturing Crew

  • Youth led organization

  • Based on program inventory

    • Recruits

    • Elects officer

    • Plans programs

  • Adult Advisors provide training and guidance for crew’s elected officers

Leader basic training

BSA Council

The Boy Scouts of America recruits adult volunteers and assigns staff members to provide the following services for Venturing chartered organization’s crews.

Leader basic training


  • Leadership training for Advisors and elected officers

  • Guidance on how to organize a crew or ship and keep the program going successfully

  • Methods for recruiting Venturers, including an interest survey of local high school students.

  • Regular communication with each crew to provide program support

Leader basic training


  • Use of council facilities, such as camps and equipment

  • Planning Venturing activities that enrich the crew’s program

  • Securing liability insurance coverage

Leader basic training

Venturing Methods

  • Voluntary association between youth and adults

  • Ethical decision making

  • Group activity

  • Recognition of achievement

  • Democratic process

  • Venturing is about curiosity, exploration and adventure

Leader basic training

Venturing Experience Areas




Leader basic training

Venturing Experience Areas




Leader basic training

The Advisor

The Advisor’s responsibilities include:

  • Fostering a sense of community within the crew

  • Helping youth lead, plan, make decisions, and carry out a long term program of activities

  • Encourage participation and support for your crew

  • Uphold standards and policies of sponsoring organization and the Boy Scouts of America

Leader basic training

The Advisor

  • Protect young people in your Venturing crew from abuse or neglect and uphold the standards of the BSA Youth Protection emphasis

  • Ensure the activities are conducted within safety guidelines and requirements

  • Cultivate the Venturing spirit within your crew

Leader basic training

Youth Protection

“Youth Protection Guidelines” in the Advisor’s section of the Venturing Leader Manual lists several considerations that the Venturing leader must remember

Leader basic training

Youth Protection Guidelines

  • Two deep leadership on all trips and outings (2 adults)

  • No one-on-one contact with Venturers (other Venturers or Advisors must be present)

  • Respect privacy of the Venturers

  • Separate accommodations for Advisors and Venturers and for males and females on overnight trips

  • Proper preparation for high-adventure activities (anything with an element of risk)

Leader basic training

Youth Protection Guidelines

  • No secret organizations

  • Appropriate attire

  • Constructive discipline

  • Hazing and initiation activities prohibited

  • Junior leader training and supervision

Leader basic training


Session 2

Session 2


of Venturing-age


Leader basic training

  • What is the purpose of Venturing?

Leader basic training

You might think that Venturing is specialty information, learning leadership skills, a community service, or a good social experience. Venturing is all of these things and more, but the primary purpose is “forming responsible and caring adults”.

Leader basic training

Adolescent Development Issues

Important development issues facing Venturers

  • Experimentation

  • Movement from dependence to interdependence

  • Social relationships

  • Physiological changes and sexual maturity

  • Reevaluation of values

Leader basic training




Leader basic training

What were the key messages?

Leader basic training

Where in the video did you see the five issues discussed?

  • Experimentation

  • Dependence to independence

  • Social relationships

  • Physiological changes and sexual maturity

  • Reevaluation of values

Leader basic training

  • What do Venturers need from us and the Venturing program?

What venturers need

Participation and experimentation

Make choices

Care about others

Enjoyment of life

New skills

Opportunities for reflection



Role models

Problem-solving skills

To be listened to

What Venturers Need

Leader basic training

How does Venturing support the fulfillment of these needs?

Leader basic training

How Venturing Supports These Needs

  • Opportunities to try leadership roles, responsibilities, and experiences

  • Real and meaningful experiences

  • Fun and enjoyable experiences

  • New personal skills

  • An emphasis on caring about others

Leader basic training

“As teachers, neighbors, youth leaders, bosses or Venturing Advisors we can recognize the moments we have in common with the young, and can be a negative or positive influence. The moments will come. How we choose to use them is up to us.”

Leader basic training


Session 3

Session 3

Organization and Leadership of the Crew

Special interests

Special Interests

  • Outdoors (hiking, camping, rappelling)

  • Youth ministry

  • Sports

  • Hobbies

  • Sea Scouting

  • Any specialty interest

Leader basic training

Crew Organization and Leadership

When an organization agrees to be a sponsor in Venturing, it agrees to recruit adult leaders;

an Advisor,

one or more associate Advisors,

and a crew committee.

These leaders must be adult men and women at least 21 years of age, who will guide the crew.

Leader basic training

Venturing Crew Organization























Sponsoring Organization



Leader basic training


  • Advisor

  • Associate Advisors

  • Crew Committee

  • Consultants



  • 14 (and completed 8th grade)

  • Not yet 21

  • Registered

  • Subscribes to the Oath and Code

Leader basic training

Elected Post Officers

  • President

  • Vice Presidents

  • Secretary

  • Treasurer

  • Activity Chairs (appointed)

Leader basic training

Adult - Venturer Teams

The elected Venturer officers work hand-in-hand with

the adult Advisors and committee members.

Activity chairs work with adult consultants (from

crew committee, parents or other qualified adults)

Cooperation and teamwork between adults and young adults are essential to the success of Venturing

Leader basic training


Each year your crew must recharter in Venturing

Each Venturer and adult leader must pay a $7.00 registration fee, and the sponsoring organization pays a $20 charter fee

Chartering provides the participants the services of the Boy Scouts of America and liability insurance

Leader basic training

Program Planning

Young adults join Venturing for the program of the Venturing crew.

The Venturers using resources from the sponsoring organization and other sources, along with the skills of adult advisors and consultants, develop a program.

Leader basic training

Program Capability Inventory (PCI)

  • Conducted by the crew committee and adult Advisors.

  • Every adult (or Venturer) who can help the crew is surveyed:

    • Profession

    • Hobbies

    • Contacts

    • Equipment access

    • Skills

  • Inventory is the basic resource pool for crew activities

Leader basic training

Activity Interest Survey

  • This questionnaire is taken by the Venturers.

  • Provides information on what activities the Venturers are interested in doing.

  • Should contain possible activities over all of the program emphasis areas.

  • Provides the officers information on the Venturers’ interests.

Leader basic training


  • After surveying the Venturers on their interests you should brainstorm additional activity topics.

  • This brainstorming should include the entire crew membership.

  • (See “How to Brainstorm” in the Venturing Leaders’ Manual.)

Leader basic training

Match Activity Interests With Resources

  • Match the activity interests with the resources on your PCI.

  • Where a match exist you have a potential program.

  • The crew committee will need to recruit or acquire other resources for the remainder of the Venturer activity interests.

Leader basic training

Fill in the Gaps

The crew officers might feel that other activities should be included to better balance the crew program. These might include other Venturing activities, other activities for your sponsoring organization, standing crew activities, training sessions, annual recruiting firstnighter,etc.

Leader basic training

Schedule the Activities

  • List each activity selected on your crew calendar.

  • Schedule two crew meetings, an

  • officers’ meeting, and one other activity each month.

  • Backdate major activities such as your big superactivity for the year.

  • Watch out for date conflicts.

  • Program scheduling is done at the Officers’ Seminar.

Leader basic training

Select Venturer Activity Chairs and Adult Consultants

  • An interested and capable Venturer is appointed to serve as chair for each activity

    • Assisted by an adult consultant from the PCI who has knowledge about the particular activity.

  • Team manages the planning, development and execution of the activity.

Leader basic training

Program Planning Process

Follow-up is vital! Assume nothing.

At your monthly officer and crew committee meetings check on the status of the program development.

Leader basic training

Program Planning Summary

  • Program Capability Inventory

  • Venturer Activity Interest Survey

  • Brainstorm activities

  • Match activity interests with resources

  • Fill in the gaps

  • Schedule the activities

  • Select activity chairs and consultants

  • Follow-up

Leader basic training

Forms - Forms - Forms

Your program activities will require the use of several forms.

  • Adult and youth registration forms

  • Parents permission slip (overnight activities)

  • BSA Money Earning Application

  • BSA Local and National Tour Permits

  • Flying Permit Application

(Other permits as activity situation dictates)

Planning exercise

Planning Exercise

  • Three months program

  • Your PCI, your activity interests

  • Brainstorm

  • Two meetings, one activity ea month

  • One officers’ meeting

Leader basic training


Session 4

Session 4





  • Firstnighter

  • Election and training of new officers

  • Planning and adjustment of crew program

  • Implementation of crew program

  • Venturing advancement

  • Support materials

Leader basic training


  • Annual recruiting open-house, called a Firstnighter

  • Shows your crew to prospective members and gets them to join

  • Prospects are invited by letter or personal invitation

  • Council does interest surveys of high schools

  • Firstnighter should be held early in the fall

  • The Venturing Leader Manual has a detailed agenda for the Firstnighter.

Election of officers

Election of Officers

  • Annual (fall, January)

  • Advisor reviews job description

  • Nominating committee

    • Usually one person per office

  • Nominations from the floor

  • “Campaigning”

  • Secret ballot

Leader basic training

New Crew

Fast Start

Officer s briefing

Officer’s Briefing

  • Quick, sets stage for Officer’s Seminar

  • Advisor and old officers brief new on current program

  • Explain PCI and Activity Interest Survey

  • Schedule PCI, AIS, and Seminar

Officers meetings

Officers’ Meetings

  • Minutes

  • Business - membership, finance, etc

  • Activity chair reports

  • Plans for next month

  • Plans for next three months

  • Advisor comments

Officers seminar

Officers’ Seminar

  • Officers’ duties

  • Program planning process

    • PCI and AIS completed

    • Select activities

  • Schedule activities

  • Explain role in meetings

  • Review / initiate bylaws

Leader basic training


  • Program year highlight

  • Major project or trip requiring extensive planning and preparation

  • Will generate publicity and interest in your crew

  • Venturing Leader Manual has a how-to guide for planning a Superactivity

Leader basic training


  • Ethics forums and controversies

  • Venturing activities

  • Other Venture crews

  • Venturer Bronze, Gold, Silver and Ranger Awards

  • Venturing Literature

Venturing Leader Manual

Venturing Reference Guide

Guide to Safe Scouting

Venturing advancement

Venturing Advancement



  • Sea Scout Quartermaster1924-Now

  • Senior Titles1935-46

  • Explorer Ranger1946-50

  • Explorer Silver Award1950-66

  • Explorer Achievement Award 1984-95

  • Explorer G.O.L.D. Award1995-98

Venturing advancement1

Venturing Advancement

  • Bronze

  • Gold

  • Silver

  • Ranger

  • Quartermaster

Advancement map

Advancement Map

Silver Quarter-

Award master



Award Award

Outdoor Youth Sports Arts and Sea

Bronze Ministries Bronze Hobbies Scout

Bronze Bronze Bronze


Boy Scout or

Varsity Scout



Eagle scout

Eagle Scout

  • Eligibility remains the same

    • First Class Scout

    • Earned as a Boy Scout or Varsity Scout

  • Requirements remain the same

    • Leadership position in the crew

Bronze awards

Bronze Awards

  • Sports

  • Youth Ministries

  • Arts and Hobbies

  • Outdoor

  • Sea Scout

Youth ministries requirements

Youth Ministries Requirements

Do nine of the eleven projects:

  • Earn religious award

  • Learn about cultural diversity

  • Plan and lead a service project

  • Volunteer in church for three months

  • Go on a religious retreat

  • Be in a religious play

  • Serve as an officer of your Sunday School

  • Complete a Standard First Aid class

  • Do five Ethical Controversies activities

  • Sunday School teacher

  • Meet with church leader

Gold award

Gold Award

  • 12 months tenure

  • Leadership role

  • Participate in a district (or higher) event

  • Personal growth in six experience areas

  • Lead two crew activity projects

  • Recite Venturing Oath

  • Three letters of recommendation

  • Crew review

Silver award

Silver Award

  • One Bronze Award

  • Gold Award

  • Emergency Preparedness (First Aid,

  • CPR, Safe Swim Defense)

  • Demonstrate leadership

    • Including Venturing Leadership Skills Course

  • Participate in Ethics in Action

  • Crew review

Quartermaster award

Quartermaster Award

  • For Sea Scouts

  • See the Sea Explorer Handbook

Ranger award

Ranger Award

  • Eight core requirements

  • Four of 18 elective requirements

  • Demonstrate high degree of

  • outdoor proficiency

  • Resource for Venturers and Scouts

  • Venturers can work up to the

  • requirements

Leader basic training

JanReligious Award Study (1) Ethics in Action(9)FebCooking* BDAC RendezvousMarCultural Diversity (2) Ethics in ActionAprFirst Aid* (8)MayService Project (3)Ethics in ActionJunReligious Play (6)Leadership Skills JulBackpacking Swimming & SSDAugWilderness Survival* Ethics in ActionSepReligious Retreat (5)OctReligious Leader Meeting (11)Ethics in ActionYOUTH MINISTRY BRONZENovEmergency Preparedness* Leadership Skills DecWinter Sports Ethics in ActionOUTDOOR BRONZEGOLD AWARD

Youth Ministries Program

Leader basic training

JanFirst Aid*Ethics in ActionFebCooking* BDAC RendezvousMarLand Navigation*AprBackpackingEthics in ActionMayLeave No Trace*Leaderships SkillsJunWilderness Survival*JulMountaineeringSwimming & SSDOUTDOOR BRONZEAugEmergency Preparedness*SepCommunications*Ethics in ActionOctProject COPENovConservation*Leadership SkillsDecWinter SportsEthics in ActionRANGER AWARDGOLD AWARD

Outdoor/Ranger Program

Advancement map1

Advancement Map

Silver Quarter-

Award master



Award Award

Outdoor Youth Sports Arts and Sea

Bronze Ministries Bronze Hobbies Scout

Bronze Bronze Bronze


Boy Scout or

Varsity Scout



Venturing advancement2

Venturing Advancement

  • Historically based - 85 years

  • experience

  • Relevant today

  • Program supplement

  • Flexible

Leader basic training



Presented by Councils/Regions and National Council

to Venturers and adults who have made exceptional contributions to Venturing


Recognizes Advisor for outstanding ability to work with youth. Nominated by crew president and committee chairman

Leader basic training


  • Venturing Leader Basic

  • Officers’ Seminar

  • Venturer Leadership Skills Development Course

  • Venturing Leader Outdoor Skills Training

  • Yearly Venturing Program Planning Conference

  • Quarterly Advisors’ Meetings

Adult training awards

Adult Training Awards

  • Scouter’s Key (Advisor)

    • Fast Start and Basic training

    • Three years tenure, seminars, VLSC

    • Quality Unit, parents night

    • Roundtable attendance

  • Training Award (Venturing)

    • Basic training

    • Two years tenure

    • Seven of 11 projects

Leader basic training


  • Ethics forums and controversies

  • Venturing activities

  • Other Venturing crews

  • Venturing literature

Venturing Leader Manual

Silver Award Guidebook

Ranger Handbook

Venturing Reference Guide

Guide to Safe Scouting

Venturing Advisor Fast Start

Leader basic training


April 1999 GHC

Leader basic training


Each year your crew members should elect officers to manage the crew for the coming year (usually early fall or in January.) The process should be:

  • Announce election procedures

  • Advisor reviews offices jobs

  • Nominating committee prepares slate of nominees

  • Each candidate presents his or her qualifications

  • Election is by secret ballot

Leader basic training


As soon as possible after their election conduct an Officers’ Briefing. This is the first step in getting a trained, competent group of officers. (A sample agenda may be found in the Venturing Leader Manual)

The briefing is the time to establish the climate and values that you think are important, like the emphasis on being in a partnership with the officers, enthusiasm and fun, trust and responsibility

Leader basic training


Shortly after the Officers’ Briefing the Advisors and outgoing officers conduct an Officers’ Seminar for the newly elected officers. This is usually done on a Saturday or over a whole weekend. This seminar includes:

Leadership skills training

Crew operations training

Crew program scheduling for the upcoming year

An outline for the seminar may be found in the Venturing Leader Manual.

Leader basic training


The officers usually meet once a month. The meeting is conducted by the crew president and includes

  • Review of plans for next three months

  • Business related to finance, membership or crew operations

  • Minutes and reports

  • Membership review - contacting those who are not attending

  • Supplemental training

  • Advisors’ comments

Leader basic training


Hands-on running of the crew by Venturers is essential to having a successful post. This includes:

  • Election of Officers

  • Officers’ Briefing

  • Officers’ Seminar

  • Officers’ Meetings

Leader basic training

Venturing Awards

  • Bronze Awards

  • Gold Award

  • Silver Award

  • Ranger Award

  • Quartermaster Award

Leader basic training


  • Sports

  • Youth Ministries

  • Arts and Hobbies

  • Outdoor (half of RangerAward)

  • Sea Scouting (Ordinary)

Leader basic training


  • Tenure

  • Leadership

  • Participate in council/district event

  • Personal growth

  • Lead crew activities

  • Recite Venturing Oath

  • Letters of recommendation

  • Written presentation and interview

Leader basic training


  • Earn one BronzeAward

  • Earn GoldAward

  • Emergency preparedness

  • Leadership Skills Course and officer service

  • Ethics in Action

  • Certifications

Leader basic training


  • Eight core requirements

    • First Aid

    • Emergency Preparedness

    • Leave No Trace

    • Navigation

    • Wilderness Survival

    • Communications

    • Cooking

    • Conservation

Leader basic training


Plus four of eighteen electives

BackpackingCave Exploring

COPECycling/Mountain Biking

EcologyFirst Aid



MountaineeringOutdoor Living History

Physical FitnessPlants and Wildlife

ScubaShooting Sports

WatercraftWinter Sports

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