Mu ltimodal ro ro t r an sport on the d anube river project mutand
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MU ltimodal Ro-Ro T r AN sport on the D anube River - Project MUTAND - - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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MU ltimodal Ro-Ro T r AN sport on the D anube River - Project MUTAND -. Prof. Dr. Dejan Radojčić University of Belgrade (Dept. of Naval Architecture, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering ) Second Meeting of the SECI Working Group on Danube Transport . European Development Centre

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MU ltimodal Ro-Ro T r AN sport on the D anube River - Project MUTAND -

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MUltimodal Ro-Ro TrANsport on the Danube River- Project MUTAND -

Prof. Dr. Dejan Radojčić

University of Belgrade

(Dept. of Naval Architecture,

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering)

Second Meeting of the SECI Working Group on Danube Transport

European Development Centre

for Inland and Coastal Navigation


Project Partners

Danube Transport

Development Agency


Danube Project Centre


The Problem # 1


- Have undeveloped transport infrastructure (railway and roadway)

- Have inadequate number of trucks and railway carriages which comply to EU stand.


without huge investments


with political and economical integration of the SEEC into EU

The Problem # 2


(I, CH and A today, H and SLO tomorrow)


In the road and railway network in the context of transport volume

expressed through:

Limited trucks quotas

Bans on weekend driving

Additional taxes200.000 TRUCKS

. . . per year from Bulgaria and

Reasons for embargoes: surrounding countries to EU

Safety (five years ago)

Environmental considerations

. . . Obsolete data!

The SolutionShifting Cargo to Inland Waterways

The facts:

River transportation is by far the most economical (per t·km)

It is safe, reliable and economically clean

Has enormous possibilities concerning multimodal tr. chains

Has huge free capacities

. . .

Several obstacles:

The density of waterway network

Time requirement

Transshipment charges

Characteristics of transported goods

. . .

State of the art of the Multimodal Ro-Ro Transport on the Danube

  • Favorable long distances

  • Low developed road and railway infrastr.

  • Numerous border crossings



    A well conceived Ro-Ro concept becomes very attractive

The Objective of the MUTAND Project

  • Establishment of regular Ro-Ro shipping line between SEEC and D, A, H

  • Ports of call (Ro-Ro Terminals) to be in Yugoslavia (amongst others)

The Proposal

The financial support for the execution of the Phases I and II




The Budget

  • Phase I (0.120 mil EUR)

  • Phase II (0.325 mil EUR)

  • Phase III (cca 1 mil EUR)

  • Phase IV (cca 100 mil EUR)

Foundation of the DPC

  • DPC should be the national coordinator for the Danube and transport technology related projects

  • DPC should lobby in the Danube waterway

  • DPC should support the inland waterway transport

  • DPC should develop and implement the new technologies

    . . .

Initiation of the COMPRIS & YURIS Projects

Intelligent transport infrastructure

  • Dramatically enhance the safety and efficiency of the Danube navigation

  • Improve fairway information (electronic charts, traffic signs, water levels info, standardize communication etc.)

  • Guarantee seamless cross border transportation on the Danube

    . . .

Letter of Intent between the DPC and VSL (Association of Transport and Logistics of the Northern Rhine Area)

Intention to set up logistic transport chain from the ARA ports to the Black Sea aiming to build up a united continental transport and logistic network in Europe.

Impact on investment projects such as:

Reconstruction of Bgd/Pa Ports

Building of Danube Combi Ships

Reconstruction of shipyards

The Pontoon Bridge in Novi Sad

  • Opening once per week (new equipment will increase the frequency in the near future)

  • Positive expectations the new bridge will be finished in two years time

The term MODAL SHIFT - from roadway to waterway - means a perfect symbiosis between two transport modalitiesShip & Truck

The Facts (2000)Origin and Number of tracks (with goods)

Transporting Charges

Belgrade - Frankfurt 1200 EUR

Frankfurt - Belgrade 1650 EUR (±100 EUR)

TOTAL (both ways) cca 2850 EUR (per truck)

Taxes for passing through Yugoslavia:

Roads 0.0039 $/t km, Formalities 25 EUR, Parking 50 EUR, Toll fee 130 EUR,Visas 25 EUR

TOTAL taxes cca 320 EUR (per truck)

More than 600.000 trucks crossed the YU border; out of this, 260.000 entered and 230.000 left YU with goods, (difference make empty trucks)

Transit (one way, with goods) 90.000

No. of trucks entering YU from

The Facts(2000)

Road Permissions(FOR YU TRUCKS)

Main transport route from YU to Germany and viceversa.

Number of permissions for passing through:

Austria - 6.000, Germany - 25.000,

Hungary - 22.000, Croatia - 2.500.

Desperately needed approximately 15.000 passes through Austria !

The ways how to overcome the problem:

Bar-Bari, HR-SLO-I, H-SK-CZ and

Road-Rail combined transport Szeged-Wels - next slide

Road-Rail Combined Transport(ROLA Trains Szeged-Wels)

- ROLA trains carry the entire truck and its driver. Driver has the opportunity to relax during the travel.

- The train travels in accordance with the timetable, the border passing is short (no customs at the border).

- Accompanied or unaccompanied traffic.

Road-Rail Combined Transport(ROLA Trains Szeged-Wels)

  • The users of ROLA trains can travel without road permission, and can load and unload within 70 km zone from ROLA terminals.

  • 3000 YU trucks use this commodity per year.

  • Transporting charges - return ticket, cca 900 EUR

    (250 EUR subvention).

  • Present: two entrance permissions to A (on wheels).


    An absurd - the train’s name is

    Danube-Elbe Express


MUTAND work breakdown(pre-feasibility phase)

WP 100

Secretarial activities

WP 200


WP 300

Traffic flows

WP 400

Danube MM-services

Technical aspects

WP 500

Economic viability

WP 210

Danube river

WP 310

O/D matrix

WP 410

Types of services & operation

WP 510

Crucial issues: PRO & CONTRA

WP 220

Former and existing services

WP 320

ISO boxes and swap-bodies

WP 420

Service optimisation

WP 520

Preliminary cost analysis

WP 330

Long-haul trucking

WP 430

Ships and terminals

WP 530

Conclusions and decision

WP 340

Development forecast


MUTAND work breakdown(pre-feasibility phase)

  • WP 100Secretarial activities

    • Project management and co-ordination

    • Interface to the project financing instances

    • Provision of an effective technical leadership

    • Public relation activities, meetings, roundtables, conferences, seminars

    • Reporting


MUTAND work breakdown(pre-feasibility phase)

  • WP 200State-of-the-art

  • SWP 210Danube river

    • Outline review of nautical conditions

    • Ports of concern for multimodal Danube hubs

    • Interface to the project financing instances

  • SWP 220Former and existing services

    • Intermodal

    • Multimodal with ISO containers (LoLo transhipment)

    • Multimodal with trucks (RoRo transhipment)

    • Comparative analysis of the Danube multimodal services


MUTAND work breakdown(pre-feasibility phase)

  • WP 300Traffic flows

  • SWP 310O/D matrix

    • Specification of main origin-destination pairs within the region and through the Danube Corridor

  • SWP 320ISO boxes and swap-bodies

    • Transport and trade statistics for movements of containerised goods along the Danube Corridor

  • SWP 330Long-haul trucking

    • Transport statistics for movements of trucks along the Danube Corridor

  • SWP 340Development forecast

    • Short-, medium- and long-term forecast of cargo transport developments through the TEN N°7 Corridor (Danube), for palletised goods, ISO boxes, swap-bodies and road traffic (trucking)

    • “Low”, “medium” and “high” scenario


MUTAND work breakdown(pre-feasibility phase)

  • WP 400Danube MM services: Technical aspects

  • SWP 410Types of services and operation

    • Particularities of different service types (unaccompanied or accompanied RoRo, various mixed and/or combined services, “point-to-point” or “bus-stop” etc.)

  • SWP 420Service optimisation

    • Setting up the optimal service parameters to match the market requirements in regional conditions, (iterative process, links to SWP 340, SWP 510, SWP 520 and SWP 430)

  • SWP 430Ships and terminals

    • Basic consideration and preliminary concept for optimal ship size, layout and performances

    • Concept for terminal locations, layouts and ship-to-shore facilities


MUTAND work breakdown(pre-feasibility phase)

  • WP 500Economic viability

  • SWP 510Crucial issues: PROs and CONTRAs

    • Comprehensive and impartial analysis of ‘pros’ and ‘contras’ for particular Danube multimodal service types and their impacts on the future developments on the regional economies

  • SWP 520Preliminary cost analysis

    • Rough cost calculation for various transportation scenarios: O/D pairs, truck on the road, truck on ship (Ro-Ro), truck on rail (RoLa), multimodal transport of ISO container (by truck, by train + truck, by ship + truck)

  • SWP 530Conclusions and decision

    • Conclusions based on the study findings and results

    • Decision making criteria to proceed to the next step (MUTAND Phase II) Guidelines and recommendations for the comprehensive and detailed feasibility study (MUTAND Phase II)

An excellent idea,

but let us talk now about


the MUTAND project

Multimodal Ro-Ro Transportation on the Danube in 2005

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