lesson 11 one good turn deserves another a proverb saying
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Lesson 11 One good turn deserves another ( A proverb/saying )

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Lesson 11 One good turn deserves another ( A proverb/saying ) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Lesson 11 One good turn deserves another ( A proverb/saying ). By Lisa_ding August 3rd,2009. Language points:. 1.turn---behaviour 2.another e.g. another turn , another book 3.pay for e.g. I paid ten yuan for the magazine. =I spent ten yuan on the magazine.

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language points
Language points:



e.g. another turn , another book

3.pay for

e.g. I paid ten yuan for the magazine.

=I spent ten yuan on the magazine.

=The magazine cost me ten yuan.

4.have dinner/breakfast/lunch/supper

5. at a restaurant

6. when


When my father came back, I was doing my homework.

7.work in a lawyer’s office


e. g. Ten years ago, I worked on a farm.


e.g. I have been to America before.

9.work at a bank

sit on a bank

10. get a good salary


11. borrow money from

lend sth. to sb.

12. pay back

13. sit at the same table

14. never---always

15. lend me twenty pounds

=lend twenty pounds to me

16. to my surprisen.

e.g. To mysurprise, Lili got the first prize.

be surprised at a.

e.g. I was surprised at he news.

be surprised to do a.

e.g. I was surprised to hear the news

to one’s joy

17. immediately==at once ==right now

ii keys to the questions
II. Keys to the questions

1.At a restaurant.

2.I saw Tony after a while.

3.He always borrows money from his friends.

4.Tony sat at my table.

5.Twenty pounds.

6.He gave me the money at once.

7.He wanted me to pay for his dinner.

keys to the exercises p53
Keys to the Exercises:P53


  • gets …..got
  • haven’t had

3. was writing….talked/were talking

4. am typing

5. passed/were passing


was……became…..died….. Was built…..

were called……was begun……

was completed….. cost……

has been visited


1. b 2. b 3. b 4.a 5. b

6. c 7. c 8. a 9. c 10. c

11. b 12. d

lesson 12 goodbye and good luck
Lesson 12 Goodbye and good luck

Language points:

1. good luck

a lucky girl

2. Captain Alison

Uncle Peter

3. our neighbour

live in a new neighbourhood

4. sail from

5. meet him

6. at the harbour

7. will be in his small boat

8. famous----well-known

be famous for


Shanghai is famous for the Oriental Pearl TV Tower.

Beijing is famous for the Great Wall.

9. across

e.g. across the river/street/road


E.g. through the forest/door/window/air

10. the Atlantic

the Pacific

11. many times (How many times)

12. set out==set off

13. plenty of time

=huge amounts of time

=much time

14. say goodbye to sb.

15. be away from


He has been away from here for ten years.

16. be proud of

17. take part in==join in


Last week I took part in an English Party.



My brother joined the army last year.



I will attend a meeting this afternoon.

18. an important race

10. across the Atlantic

II. The answers to the questions;

1. We shall meet our neighbour Captain Charles Alison.

2. He will be in his small boat, Topsail.

3. He will leave at eight..

4. We shall say goodbye to him

5.He will take part in an important race across the Atlantic.

The key to the exercises:P57

will say……will meet….…

will be……

will set out……will have……

shall see……shall say….. will be……

will take part

The key to the exercise P58

1.c 2. c 3. a 4. d 5. d

6. a 7. d 8. a 9. c 10. d

11. a 12. a


I.Choose the correct word to complete each sentence:

1. We often____ (borrow/lend) books from the public library.

2. Sally seldom_____ (borrows/lends) her bicycle to anyone else.

3. Sometimes it is not convenient to _____(borrow/lend) money from others.

4. He decided not to_____ (borrow/lend) his neighbour anything.

5. Please ____(borrow/lend) me twenty dollars so that I can buy that calculator.

6. Don’t ___(borrow/lend) your things to people with bad memories.


1. He didn’t earn enough to___ his tution.

A. pay b. pay for c. pay back d. pay out

2. How much do I need to ____ you?

A. pay b. pay for c. pay back d. pay off

3. When can you ____the money you borrowed from James?

A. pay b. pay for c. pay back d. pay in

4. In the restaurant, they sat___ the table near the window.

A. on b. at c. in d. by

5. We’ll have plenty of time. =We will have___ time.

A. some b. any c. a lot of d. great

6. I paid my teacher a visit the other day.=I___ my teacher the other day.

A. paid b. visited c. met d. saw

7. Watch out!=Be____.

A. careful b. sick c. happy d. angry

8. It is my business to take care of the god.=It is my___ to look after the dog.

A. job b. heart c. trade d. profession

III.Fill each blank with the correct form of one of the verbs in the box:
  • 1. The Smiths have promised to ____ you at the airport.
  • 2. The boys were ____ a game of a football on TV when their father came in.
  • 3. He was about to leave, when he____ a man running to the well.
  • 4. Sally ____ hard at the photo, but didn’t recognize anyong in it.
say tell talk speak
Say tell talk speak

1. His mother ___”Don’t be nervous”.

2. The man was ____ to my teacher.

3. Can you_______ English?

4. Don’t ____ anybody about this cave.