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Haiti. Located 750 miles Southeast of Florida. The Land of Haiti is remarkably beautiful with its waterfalls,. its towering mountains,. Its Fantastic Coral Reefs. And its sparkling beaches. In stark contrast to Haiti’s beauty, is its overwhelming poverty.

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Located 750 miles Southeast of Florida

Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. It has a population of 7.5 million and is only about the size of Maryland.

Haiti has been plagued by political violence for most of its history

70% of the population is illiterate

$350 is the average annual income

Life expectancy is 54 years

Don & Karen Davis history

Mt Olive’s Missionaries

Don and Karen Davis history“lost their hearts” to the Haitian people in 1980 and moved to Haiti in 1983.

Cap Haiten, Haiti

Their Ministries have been ever changing Christ to the Haitian people…

They have helped get many Haitian children adopted to the United States.

Rachel- 1991

a Haitian orphan

Rachel today with her family in the united states
Rachel today United States. with her family in the United States

The Davis United States.’ provide food, water and building materials to many of the poor people in the outer areas around Cap Haitien….

Don’s new truck, the Eagle, United States.

is crucial to their ministry.

They work closely with the National Pastors providing them with materials and supplies for church planting.

They work with the schools, teaching typing and computer skills, providing supplies and even paying the teachers salaries.

They work with Missionary Flights International, organizing and delivering mail and supplies that are flown in for the Missionaries.

A big part of their ministry is housing work teams in a dorm that they built adjacent to their home.

Short term work teams come to help with construction, that they built adjacent to their home.

To work in the orphanages, that they built adjacent to their home.

To help in the clinics, that they built adjacent to their home.

Mt. Olive partners with Don and Karen Davis in Haiti, through financial giving and prayer support. May we take time right now to lift them up in prayer.

  • For God’s continued protection and leading for the Davis’

  • For God’s continued provision, as Don and Karen live on less then half the financial support recommended by their Home Base.

  • For their health, as they are both facing some medical issues.

  • For safety and wisdom in the leading of many work teams they will oversee this summer