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Where you can find us

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www.mpc-edu.skA person becomes a real teacher mostly by practice and professional development.MPC is a reliable and effective institution that educates educators, teaching and professional staff in the Slovak Republic and supports the sustainable development of education thereby enhancing the whole society.

Where you can find us

Directorate General

Regional offices

Detached workstations


  • the current institution of MPC was established on January 1st, 2008, by unification of the former five directly managed MPCs to one legal entity, currently covering three Regional officesand five Detached workstations,

  • according to the §14, article 2, letter c) of the Law of National Council of the Slovak Republic no. 596/2003 of Statute Book on state administration in education, the MPC is a centrally controlled organization of the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic,

  • the fact that MPC is a directly managed organization under the Ministry of Education, is the guarantee that legislative commitments of the Ministry in the area of continuing education, attestations, but also in the implementation of national projects are and will be achieved,

  • the implements of educational politics of the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic within the area of the development of the professional competencies of pedagogical and professional employees of Regional education.

Who is our target group

• pedagogical pre-school employees, employees of elementary schools, grammar schools, secondary vocational schools, special schools, elementary art schools, educational institutions,

• executive pedagogical and professional employees of schools and educational institutions,

• non-pedagogicalemployees of schools and educational institutions.

Activities of MPC fulfill the needs and requirements of almost 100,000 pedagogical and professional employees in the Slovak Republic. Our institution offers a broad selection of programmes of continuing education by course of law No. 317/2009 of Statute Book on pedagogical and professional employees and on amendments and supplements to certain laws.

In years 2010 to 2014 more than500educational programmes became state approved - accredited.


During 3 years in the project PKR, 69,733participants finished professional development, in the MAT project it was 13,827 participants and in the project MRK 351 participants.

Maintasks of MPC

  • professionaldevelopment

  • ofteachersin schools


  • publishing


researchand analysis




RomaEducation Centre

What types of education we offer

MPC offers the following types of continuing education:

• Updating,

• Innovative,

• Specialized,

• Qualifying,

• Functional (School leadership Courses).

Educational programs and professional developments extend from 20 to 240 lessons and are state approved by Accreditation Commission of the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic.

Experiential methods and modern technologies are utilized during the professional development and education.

MPC Opens the Door to Partnerships

MPC co-operates with institutions in the Slovak Republic and from abroad, for example:

• Centre of further Education, Comenius University in Bratislava,

• International Media Education Centre (IMEC) of Faculty of Mass Media Communication,

St. Cyrillus and Methodius University in Trnava,

• Nation's Memory Institute,

• The Centre For Folk Art Production,

• The State School Inspection,

• Faculty Of Education, Scranton University in Pennsylvania (USA).

Partnership project with The Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic

Project title:

National project – The digitalisation of the education system of regional education.The object of this project is to build and to create a functional electronic education system and to put electronic services into operation. The modernisation of educational processes with an aim to increase the success rate of pupils completing pre-school, primary and secondary education, implementation of e-services and the creation of electronic support for the processes of the educational system of regional education.Project duration: 11/2013 – 9/2015.More can be found at: http://www.digiskola.sk/

Institute for In-Service Teachers’ Education and Training (MPC) currently implements six national projects financed by the European Social Fund via the operational programme Education.National projects of MPC help to increase both the level of education and employment rate in the regions.

1. Professional and career development of pedagogical employees, educators, teaching and professional Staff /PKRThe objective of this project is to create and constantly improve an effective system of continual education for educators and teaching and professional staff in accordance with Law No. 317/2009 on pedagogical employees and professional employees. Project duration: 10/2009 – 10/2015More can be found at: http://www.mpc-edu.sk/projekty/profesijny-a-karierovy-rast-pedagogickych-zamestnancov2. Preschool teachers education and training as a part of lifelong learning/MATThe objective of this project is to implement the reform of education in pre-schools and to improve the effective system of continual education for pre-school educators and caregivers.Project duration: 5/2009 – 9/2014More can be found at: http://www.mat.iedu.sk/DTLN.MPC001.Internet

3.Teachers‘ professional development towards inclusion of marginalized Roma communities/MRKThe objective of this project is to improve the educational standards of marginalized Roma communities through the education and professional development of pedagogical and professional employees. The goal is to help the Roma communities to develop necessary skills for their further education and successful inclusion in the labour market.Project duration: 10/2011 – 8/2015More can be found at:http://web.eduk.sk/4.Inclusive model of education on pre-primary stage of school system/MRK IIThe objective of this project is to improve professional competences of early childhood educators and caregivers participating in education of children from marginalized Roma communities and by this to support their social inclusion at pre-primary stage of school system.Project duration: 2/2013 – 11/2015More can be found at: http://www.npmrk2.sk/

5.Experiential methods in education /AMVThe objective of this project is to enhance competencies of educators, caregivers and teaching and professional staff with the emphasis on ability to professionally use experiential methods with a focus on traffic safety, ethics, media education and healthProject duration: 6/2013 – 11/2015More can be found at: http://www.amvprojekt.sk/6. Project of Inclusive Education/PRINEDThe object of this project is, through the establishment of an inclusive model of education, to create better opportunities for children (pupils) from marginalized Roma communities in order to increase their success rate for completing primary education and for their continuation at other levels of education, to provide them with the competencies needed to be integrated into the labour market.Project duration: 4/2014 – 11/2015More can be found at: http://www.mpc-edu.sk/projekty/prined


Institute for In-Service Teachers’ Education and Training

Ševčenkova 11, P.O. BOX 58

850 05 Bratislava

e-mail: [email protected]

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