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Merlin. Dan Beard, “Merlin” (1889). Aubrey Beardsley, “Merlin” (1893). Aubrey Beardsley, “Merlin Taketh the Child Arthur into His Keeping”. Eleanor Fortescue-Brickdale, illustration to Tennyson’s Idylls of the King. Arthur Dixon, “King Arthur Asks Counsel of Merlin” (1921).

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Dan beard merlin 1889

Dan Beard, “Merlin” (1889)

Aubrey beardsley merlin 1893

Aubrey Beardsley, “Merlin” (1893)

Aubrey beardsley merlin taketh the child arthur into his keeping

Aubrey Beardsley, “Merlin Taketh the Child Arthur into His Keeping”

Eleanor fortescue brickdale illustration to tennyson s idylls of the king

Eleanor Fortescue-Brickdale, illustration to Tennyson’s Idylls of the King

Arthur dixon king arthur asks counsel of merlin 1921

Arthur Dixon, “King Arthur Asks Counsel of Merlin” (1921)

Gustave dor merlin paints the young knight s shield 188

Gustave Doré, “Merlin Paints the Young Knight's Shield” (188?)

Margaret campbell hoopes then merlin said i ll charm the boy tom thumb 1923

Margaret Campbell Hoopes, “Then Merlin said: "I'll charm the boy”” (Tom Thumb, 1923)

Merlin s cave richmond castle 1735

Merlin’s Cave, Richmond Castle (1735)

Modern arthuriana

Modern Arthuriana

Rick Wakeman, King Arthur (1975)

Rick Wakeman, Merlin

Merlin (1998)

Merlin (2008)

The old french prose vulgate cycle 13 th century

The Old French Prose Vulgate Cycle (13th century)

1 Estoire del Saint Graal

2 Prose Merlin, with sequel

3 Lancelot

4 Queste del Saint Graal

5 Mort Artu (death of Arthur)

Merlin and vivien viviane niviane niniane nimue nineve

Merlin and [Vivien, Viviane, Niviane, Niniane, Nimue, Nineve]

Jemima blackburn how merlin was outwitted by the lady viviana from tom thumb

Jemima Blackburn, “How Merlin Was Outwitted by the Lady Viviana” (from Tom Thumb)

Aubrey beardsley merlin and nimue 1893

Aubrey Beardsley, “Merlin and Nimue” (1893)


Arthur Rackham, “Merlin and Nimue: How by her subtle working she made Merlin to go under the stone” (1917)

George wooliscroft louis rhead merlin and vivien 1898

George Wooliscroft & Louis Rhead, “Merlin and Vivien” (1898)

George wooliscroft louis rhead vivien

George Wooliscroft & Louis Rhead, “Vivien”

George wooliscroft louis rhead vivien smiles saucily

George Wooliscroft & Louis Rhead, “Vivien Smiles Saucily”

George wooliscroft louis rhead vivien accuses those at camelot

George Wooliscroft & Louis Rhead, “Vivien Accuses Those At Camelot”

George wooliscroft louis rhead vivien s spell

George Wooliscroft & Louis Rhead, “Vivien’s Spell”

George wooliscroft louis rhead vivien s triumph

George Wooliscroft & Louis Rhead, “Vivien’s Triumph”

John moyr smith vivien tile 1875

John Moyr Smith, “Vivien” Tile, 1875

Eleanor fortescue brickdale enid guinevere and vivien 1893

Eleanor Fortescue-Brickdale, “Enid, Guinevere, and Vivien” (1893)

Eleanor fortescue brickdale merlin and vivien

Eleanor Fortescue-Brickdale, “Merlin and Vivien”

Eleanor fortescue brickdale vivien

Eleanor Fortescue-Brickdale, “Vivien”

Julia margaret cameron merlin and vivien 1875

Julia Margaret Cameron, “Merlin and Vivien” (1875)

Arthur dixon vivien enclosed him living within a magic circle 1921

Arthur Dixon, “Vivien Enclosed Him, Living, Within a Magic Circle” 1921)

Howard pyle the enchantress vivien 1925

Howard Pyle, “The Enchantress Vivien” (1925)

Alfred lord tennyson merlin and vivien from idylls of the king 1856 1885

Alfred, Lord Tennyson, “Merlin and Vivien” from Idylls of the King (1856-1885)

As those that watch a kitten; thus he grew

Tolerant of what he half disdained, and she,

Perceiving that she was but half disdained,

Began to break her sports with graver fits,

Turn red or pale, would often when they met

Sigh fully, or all-silent gaze upon him

With such a fixt devotion, that the old man,

Though doubtful, felt the flattery, and at times

Would flatter his own wish in age for love,

And half believe her true: for thus at times

He wavered; but that other clung to him,

Fixt in her will, and so the seasons went.

And after that, she set herself to gain

Him, the most famous man of all those times,

Merlin, who knew the range of all their arts,

Had built the King his havens, ships, and halls,

Was also Bard, and knew the starry heavens;

The people called him Wizard; whom at first

She played about with slight and sprightly talk,

And vivid smiles, and faintly-venomed points

Of slander, glancing here and grazing there;

And yielding to his kindlier moods, the Seer

Would watch her at her petulance, and play,

Even when they seemed unloveable, and laugh

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