boe update for spring 2009
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BOE Update for Spring 2009

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BOE Update for Spring 2009 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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BOE Update for Spring 2009 . National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education. Agenda. Greetings Update Your questions and concerns. BOE Update. Spring 2009 Visits Deferral option 45 visits currently scheduled; 10 deferred with chairs and teams already notified January 31 deadline

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boe update for spring 2009

BOE Update forSpring 2009

National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education

  • Greetings
  • Update
  • Your questions and concerns
boe update
BOE Update
  • Spring 2009 Visits
    • Deferral option
    • 45 visits currently scheduled; 10 deferred with chairs and teams already notified
    • January 31 deadline
    • 60 chairs and 500 BOE members, so everyone did not receive an assignment
boe update1
BOE Update
  • BOE Travel
    • All air travel must be booked through Experient
    • Travel code is in email that confirms acceptance of assignment
    • When you can’t accept flights offered through Experient, the agency seeks staff approval. Please provide your rationale to speed approval process.
boe update2
BOE Update
  • Using AIMS
    • Most accreditation work is now done in AIMS
    • BOE members can now initiate profile changes
    • Be sure to work with the correct institutional materials
      • Especially toward the end of the semester when the semester default changes
      • Especially after you have accepted an assignment for the next semester
boe update3
BOE Update
  • Fall 2008 UAB Meeting
    • Codified practice of citing AFIs when there are negative patterns across National Recognition Reports
    • Adopted list of Substantive Changes to be addressed by institutions in the Annual Report, Part C
    • 92% of the institutions received accreditation, approximately 8% received conditions/provisions, accreditation was revoked at one level for one institution
boe update4
BOE Update
  • Fall 2008 Executive Board Meeting
    • Deferral Option
    • Motion to “transform and redesign” NCATE accreditation
    • President Jim Cibulka will take recommendations to the Board in May
boe update5
BOE Update
  • McKinley Survey (on web)
    • Strengths
      • NCATE is widely recognized as a leader
      • NCATE is committed to improving accreditation
      • NCATE staff and resources provide value
    • Opportunities
      • Institutions perceive value as less than costs
      • Institutions want better change management and more support
      • Inconsistent experiences with BOE teams
        • 23% were dissatisfied with teams
        • Differing political and philosophical agendas
        • Satisfied with performance of their teams, but worried because one day they “may not be so lucky”
      • Dissatisfaction with Program Review process
      • Competition
    • UAB decisions and the exhibit list ranked highly
boe update6
BOE Update
  • Collegiality
    • Share any concerns with chair as the visit progresses
    • Make requests for documentation through chairs – ensure that requests are reasonable (see NCATE’s List of Suggested Exhibits)
    • Please do not make personal preferences for food and beverage known, unless related to medical needs
    • In interviews, remember that the visit is objective process based on the standards
boe update7
BOE Update
  • Preparation for the visit
    • Review BOE Update
    • Complete the planning Instrument
    • Be clear on the use of National Recognition Reports and other materials from program review (See article in fall 08 BOE Update)
    • Try not to print materials onsite
    • Visit the institution’s website, particularly for the materials related to your standard
boe update8
BOE Update
  • BOE Report
    • Narrative should be concise and comprehensive
      • Use multiple sources
      • Address all aspects of the elements
      • See BOE Report Sample in Resources section of AIMS
    • Overall Assessment of Standard
      • UAB still uses this aspect of the report
      • Should summarize standard, mention all elements
    • Strengths should reflect activity at the target level
      • In the past, some strengths reflect acceptable level while others are very vague –
      • See sample strengths on NCATE website and in AIMS (to be posted)
boe update9
BOE Update
  • Streamlining 2008
    • Online IR
    • New BOE Report template
    • Online BOE Report
  • Options for Chairs, Institutions, and States to Consider:
    • Previsit via conference call or other tech.
    • Optional poster sessions
    • Elimination of visits to schools
    • Shorter visits (Sunday – Wednesday)
boe update10
BOE Update
  • Program Review
    • MAT-like programs on hold
    • Middle school programs reviewed differently
boe update11
BOE Update
  • Your Questions, Comments, and Concerns