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The entry room

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The entry room - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The entry room.

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the entry room
The entry room

Objects in the antechamber of Tutankhamen’s tomb. This was the room Howard Carter first entered. Notice the two statues at the back, facing each other. These are the guardians of the royal tomb, and the discolouration on the wall between them is the entrance to the burial chamber.

the same artefacts in a museum display
The same artefacts in a museum display

This display was made to look like the objects looked when Howard Carter found them. They found around 700 pieces of furniture and other items in this room

objects in the tomb
Objects in the tomb

A collection of the objects left in Tutankhamen’s tomb. These were meant to assist him in the afterlife.

chariots and other objects
Chariots and other objects

At the front at the bottom of the picture you can see wheels – Tutankhamen was buried with 4 chariots for use in the afterlife.

inner sarcophagus
Inner sarcophagus

The innermost of 3 sarcophagi within which Tutankhamen’s mummy was found. It was overlayed with gold and precious stones. This sarcophagus was made from 1100 kilograms of gold.

  • Open your textbooks to page 118, and have a good look at the picture of Tutankhamen’s death mask
  • Raise your hands and tell me some of the important things about or on the death mask
  • Cut out and stick the death mask handout I will give you into your books
  • Label your handout with at least 3 of the things we identified about the example in the text
  • Colour in the death mask on the handout you have been given
  • If you don’t finish, write in your planner that this is to be completed for homework.
when you have finished
When you have finished
  • You may use your net-books to look up at least 5 facts about Howard Carter and King Tutankhamen’s tomb, and write these down in your notebooks.
  • Useful websites include:
  • For those of you who don’t get to start this, it is homework over the weekend to find and write down 5 facts.