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Presenting ‘ UNIQUE GSM Camera ’ With Remote Operations PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Presenting ‘ UNIQUE GSM Camera ’ With Remote Operations. A Series of Wireless Video Surveillance Products by Flaminco & Synopsis Intellects. Innovation Triggered !. CONTENTS. Introduction. Specifications. Installation. SMS Commands & LED Indicator . Functions & Features.

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Presenting ‘ UNIQUE GSM Camera ’ With Remote Operations

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‘ UNIQUE GSM Camera ’


Remote Operations

A Series of Wireless Video Surveillance Products by

Flaminco & Synopsis Intellects

Innovation Triggered !





SMS Commands & LED Indicator

Functions & Features

Product series

UNIQUE Camera Introduction

Important Remind

UNIQUE Camera only notifies or alarms for accidents, but it can’t prevent it.

UNIQUE Camera proves to be a great assistance to security measures, using Global System for Mobile (GSM) network to alarm accidents.

Marketing Background

“Prevention is Better than Cure”: Technology is now a level above!

1. Rise in the Society Development in terms of usersand providers , has marked a significant rise in the need and demand for Monitoring devices.

2. However, traditional monitoring devices require fixed/wired lines and thus, has high costs of installation.

3. Moreover, traditional/wired alarm devices can’t report alarms at the time an incident strikes.

4. Hence, needs internet or fixed lines to check the alarm or refer after an incident has already occurred.

  • The developed GSM Unique Remote Camera complies excellently well to the market requirements.

  • It understands the need to have a monitoring system which can report/alert the administrator immediately after it detects motion/human.

  • It adheres to practical needs and is easy to use with high price advantage, in return for high value.

Remote Control



Set defense key

Cancel defense key

Emergency alarm

Wireless Sensors

Various sensors can be placed on site to prevent hazards

Smoke detector

Door sensor

Door sensor


Sample House Installation Map

Specification I

Specification II


SIM card installation


External power

(Connect the power adapter to external electricity & the other end plug in CAMERA)

Host Installation

1. Fix the host on the wall with screw or lay the host in a proper place.

Then, set the camera to the monitoring site/place.

2. Avoid to lay the camera in confront with strong light, as it may affect the picture quality.

Light Image Installation

Diagonal to Light

Down the light

Light Indicator I

Light Indicator II

Light Indicator III

UNIQUE Camera Functions

Basic Functions

Captures Images

Wireless Alarm

Real Time Audio

Captures Images

Capture images method1:

Master calls on the CAMERA number & hangs up once connected, the CAMERA thereafter sends one/more MMS image(s).

Capture images method 2:

When an SMS command #03#is sent to the CAMERA, it sends the Master one/more MMS image(s).


Method : 1

Phone calling…



In about 1-5 Minutes you receive the MMS images

(Depending upon the GSM network)

MMS image gets downloaded.

MMS downloading..


Image is finally received.

Method : 2

Enter the preset command to ask the camera to send the MMS image(s).

# 03 #




In about 1-5 Minutes you receive the MMS images

(Depending upon the GSM network)

MMS image gets downloaded.

MMS downloading..


Image is finally received.

Wireless Alarm

Motion Sensor

UNIQUE camera beautifully supports Body detection & Motion sensor.[Passive Infrared Sensor] PIR.

In addition, It can connect to maximum 15-25 external 315Mhz or 433 Mhz sensors.

Message alarm:When the PIR detector and/or sensors is activated, the CAMERA sends SMS & MMS/SMS+MMS to the preset phone number/numbers.

Calling alarm: When the detector or sensor is activated, the CAMERA auto dials the preset number.

PIR (Human Detector)

Alarm method1 : Camera motion detect

You can press the buttons on the remote control or easily send SMS command to start motion detection OR Human body detection.

The camera will then capture one image @ 0.5 second each, and will compare the images all the time.

Once any image change is found, it will send SMS to notify master, and send 5 or more images by MMS to master’s cell phone or emailas well.

The camera can call the master and several other guests as programed like police, ambulance, fire etc.

Alarm method1: Camera Motion/PIR detect

The CAMERA detects motion/human.


As the processes follow, the live image can be easily received and necessary action can be taken without any loss of time and property.

With the help of the remote, the necessary authorities can be informed about the problem immediately.


Alarm method2 : Sensor alarm

When the motion/PIR sensor is activated, the CAMERA sends SMS to notify master first, and then send MMS to master.

It can also send an email is programed so.

Max support:15-25 pcs of external sensors

Real Time Audio

Listen-In Function

Initiative Listen-in:Master or family number can call on the CAMERA number until it answers, then can listen to live voice.

Alarm Listen-in:When the motion detector or the sensor is active, it will call on the master or family number, then too the live voicecan be heard.

The Quality of the sound is amazingly clear!

Listen in function…

The Master can make a call to the Camera SIM number.


8 seconds ring……



Once the call is connected, the USER can listen to the live voice very clearly.



Practical Applications/Uses

SMS Commands -1

  • Define the User [Add/Modify/Delete]

  • 1. MASTER, [1]

  • 2.Family members (Relatives), [9]

  • 3 Emergency numbers, [9]

  • 4.Guests [Unlimited]

  • Cellular Network Parameter Setting

  • Set MMS, WAP,APN,HTTP,E-mail.

  • Image Settings

  • Size, No., Timed Image (Mon—Sun)

SMS Commands -2

  • Remote Control

  • Arming/Disarming

  • Emergency Alarm (SMS,MMS,Dial)

  • Infrared Body detection

  • Motion detection

  • Wireless Sensor

  • Glass Break Sensor

  • Water Leakage Sensor

  • Smoke detection sensor

  • Magnetic Door/Window Sensor

  • Temperature & humidity Sensor.

SMS Commands -3

  • Status checking OR HELP

  • Image Settings [Advance]

  • Brightness & contrast,

  • Compressibility

  • Image Interval.

  • Automatic Alarm setting

  • Warning tone

  • SMS Notification

  • MMS notification

  • Call notification

  • LED Settings

Special Features

  • No fix lines, display monitors.

  • Only need to activate the SIM card for SMS & MMS functions.

  • Favorably suitable for most INDIAN customers.

  • Assures preventive measures against undesirable incidents.

  • Highly competitive pricing.

Product Series

Thank you!

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