Small Scale Wind Power

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Why RE in Nebraska?. 6th ranked in wind potential (at 200 ft: 15mph or higher)(at 50 ft: 12mph or higher)10th ranked in solar potential(285 days average: 175 sunny days and 110 partly sunny)Livestock and hog manure to run methane gas powered generator.Use Biomass to produce heat, steam, hot water.Use biofuels to run cars and machinery..

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Small Scale Wind Power

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1. Small Scale Wind Power

2. Why RE in Nebraska? 6th ranked in wind potential (at 200 ft: 15mph or higher) (at 50 ft: 12mph or higher) 10th ranked in solar potential (285 days average: 175 sunny days and 110 partly sunny) Livestock and hog manure to run methane gas powered generator. Use Biomass to produce heat, steam, hot water. Use biofuels to run cars and machinery.

3. How do small turbines work? A wind turbine/generator collects (motion) energy and converts it to electricity that is compatible with a home’s electric system. (Source: AWEA) There are three types of wind systems: On-grid (no batteries) Off-grid (all power is stored in batteries) 3. On-grid with backup (fewer batteries)

16. Wind Turbine Production Data BERGEY 10Kw Grid-tie 120ft tower

17. Comparing prices & production Bergey 1Kw (110Kwh/mo) $ 10,000 Windspire 1.2 Kw (100 Kwh/mo) $ 10,000 Skystream 1.9Kw (320Kwh/mo) $ 19,000 ARE 2.2Kw (350 Kwh/mo) $ 22,000 Proven 6 Kw (900 Kwh/mo) $ 52,000 Bergey 10kw (1,250 Kwh/mo) $ 55,000 (12mph average used for calculations)

18. Small Wind & Solar Incentives 30% federal tax credit for residential, commercial, industrial (No cap) USDA rural development grants with 25% of total cost (wind/solar/methane/others) USDA rural development guarantee loans with 50% of total cost. Wind & Solar loans at 2.5% (NEO) Net metering available up to 25kw.

19. Solar Air & Water Heating

20. Energize Nebraska is a not-for-profit educational institution dedicated to provide assistance, education and training in renewable energy including: wind, solar, biomass, and biofuels. Board members for Energize Nebraska are: Ed Toribio, Michael Randall and C.D Smith. What is Energize Nebraska?

21. Energize Nebraska Goals The training center will focus on training entrepreneurs, trade people, utility employees and the public in general to support development of the renewable energy industry in the state and to create new sources of economic development and jobs. Assist Nebraska residents with resources, technical data, consumer reports, referrals, consultation and installation services. Develop educational program k-12 Stimulate the use of renewable energy. To take advantage of current tax credits and grants.

22. Training & Education Building Science Wind & Solar hands-on training How to successfully operate a wind/solar business Small scale biodiesel Solar air heating Solar water heating Build your own wind turbine Battery-based solar/wind systems How to build an energy efficient home

23. What is Energize Nebraska doing? Grant request application with The Environmental Trust to fund the “Clean Energy Education Initiative” Partnerships with: Central Community College-Hastings, Edgerton Explorit Center-Aurora, Hamilton Community Foundation. Application # 10-201 Grant resolution and first decision approval notice in February 2010.

24. Get Involved Spread the word about Energize Nebraska. Support our efforts by becoming a paid member. Volunteer to host activities or events in your area. Submit your ideas & opinions. Questions? Get in contact with any of the board members to share your views.

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