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Distance Learning

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Distance Learning. A working Definition and What works in K - 12. Rich Priolo. Del Mar College Student Success Glossary.

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distance learning

Distance Learning

A working Definition and

What works in K - 12

Rich Priolo

del mar college student success glossary
Del Mar College Student Success Glossary
  • Distance Learning is “learning where the instructor and the students are in physically separate locations. Can be either synchronous or asynchronous. Can include correspondence, video or satellite broadcasts, or e-Learning . Usually implies the higher education level.”
texas a m glossary
Texas A&M glossary
  • Distance Education is defined as “Education that takes place when the instructor and participant are separated by space and/or time. The gap between the two can be bridged through the use of technology - such as audio tapes, videoconferencing, satellite broadcasts and online technology - and/or more traditional delivery methods, such as the postal service.”
texas a m glossary1
Texas A&M glossary
  • Distance Learning as “The process by which technology is used for continuing education in ways where the participant does not have to physically be in the place where the teaching is taking place. Access to the instructor is gained through technology such as the Internet, interactive videoconferencing and satellite. Distance learning allows individuals to participate in continuing education activities at times convenient to their job and family obligations from any location with high-bandwidth Internet access.”
my conclusion
My conclusion
  • Any of these or the hundreds of others I found relate the basic concept that there is an extension of teaching beyond the limited traditional classroom which affords the opportunity of learning to those individuals who are too distant to a standard educational institution, to those who are unable to attend that institution due to time constraints, physical infirmities, or familial responsibilities. There are also methods of taking students, virtually, to a distant location when school resources or finances prohibit field trips.
  • The use of electronic technology to enhance or supplement the learning process. This consists of recorded audio or video or interactive software which may be used during face-to-face instruction.
  • The process of providing educational activities, through the use of portable devices, to a student population which must be mobile for any reason.
problems with web based distance learning environments wbdles wijekumer 2006
Problems with Web Based Distance Learning Environments (WBDLEs)Wijekumer 2006
  • Isolation of the learner
  • Lack of sufficient resources
  • Lack of peers (group learning)
  • Lack of support
  • Lack of face to face teacher interaction
  • Delayed Feedback
steps to overcome deficiencies
Steps to overcome deficiencies
  • Focus on measurement of constructs
  • Support multiple samples of learner performance
  • Teach self-regulatory skills for distance learning
  • Structure tasks to provide formative feedback
  • Evaluate performance and give timely feedback
  • Convert evaluation information useable to students
  • Summarize the assessment information for students
steps to overcome deficiencies1
Steps to overcome deficiencies
  • Provide tasks to showcase skills (scaffolding)
  • Create a feedback loop with the student
  • Take advantage of technologies
  • Avoid Multiple choice questions
  • Imbed questions in reading material
  • Use Portfolios for assessment
  • Use chat room to allow for student interaction

Research on student perception of three similar courses taught, face to face, strictly distance and a hybrid course showed that students felt a lack of instructor support and student collaboration as the greatest disappointment to the class

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Laurel Springs homeschooling


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