No more email communication through one medium
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No More Email Communication Through One Medium. First Independent Bank of Nevada. Portal (FirstConnect ) is our main source of communication. WHY ?. As FIBN continues to grow it needs an effective tool to communicate internally to all employees.

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No More Email Communication Through One Medium

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No More EmailCommunication Through One Medium

First Independent Bank of Nevada

Portal (FirstConnect) is our main source of communication.


As FIBN continues to grow it needs an effective tool to communicate internally to all employees.

  • All internal communication is done through the portal.

  • Email has been eliminated with the exception of individual to individual emails.

  • Six months to implement the new form of communication with all colleagues.


This allows:

  • One medium for all bankwide communication.

  • Reduces rumors and gossip.

  • Eliminates emails that do not pertain to certain areas of the bank.

    • No more “Everyone” emails.

  • One source of communication for all colleagues

  • Rapidly provide information to all employees.

  • Provide a consistent message.

  • Key players are in control.

  • Update information.


1) Formed a Portal Team

Team members consisted of employees from different departments to identify different communication needs.

Project Management, Marketing, Human Resources, Online Banking, and IT.

Together the team formed a strategic and tactic plan to apply the portal as their main source of bank wide communication.

Cont. HOW?

2) Secure read only access was provided to all employees.

Roles, Departments, Committees, and Groups

3) Internal processes, policies, and forms for updating content was defined and documented.

4) Interviews were conducted with each supervisor and executive for content.

5) Content owners were identified and trained on updating their page content. Content managers are responsible to update their pages at least once a month.

  • Each content manager had a quiz to win prizes on their pages.

Cont. HOW?

6) Manuals were created for all colleagues, content managers, and module additions.

7) Teasers were sent to create excitement about the upcoming portal.

Cont. HOW?

8) Every “everyone” email prior to the portal contained the following:

9) Implemented the portal to automatically come up when each colleague entered the network.

10) Introduction period of five months.

Gave colleagues time to become familiar with the portal.

Any technical difficulties were worked out.

11) Informative emails describing the communication transformation to the portal were also sent out to remind and prepare all colleagues.

Addressing questions and concerns regarding the transformation.

***Reminder effective Jan. 2, 2007 we will be using FirstConnect

as the main source of communication for meetings, alerts and


Cont. HOW?

12) Portal team was available to answer questions and issues the day and week of the change.

13) All colleagues are responsible to check the Headquarters, Home, Bank News and HR page daily.


Our Recent Merger

  • Portal presented information first.

  • Important information regarding the merger was handled in a quick, proficient and professional manner.

  • All questions and communication regarding the merger was directed in the portal.

  • Page was formed specially for the merger.

  • Questions and Answer box was created on page

  • Links to the merging company’s website.

  • Words from our CEO etc.

    Rate Sheets

  • The only source of receiving recent rates is through the portal.


  • Track and document Traffic Report.

  • Promotional and marketing plan of action was created.

  • Questionnaire

  • Survey

  • We encouraged employee feedback regarding constraints.

    • We asked and addressed all feedback quickly.


    • Motivated colleagues to use it.

Now we are thrilled to have one main source of communication!

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