Lion king ender s game
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Lion King & Ender’s Game. By Kelsi. The Ordinary World. The Lion King The ordinary world for S imba was when his father was still alive and was teaching him everything. Ender’s Game When Ender was in the real world, he was home and still had the monitor on the back of his neck. .

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Lion king ender s game

Lion King & Ender’s Game

By Kelsi

The ordinary world
The Ordinary World

The Lion King

The ordinary world for Simba was when his father was still alive and was teaching him everything.

Ender’s Game

When Ender was in the real world, he was home and still had the monitor on the back of his neck.

The call to adventure
The Call To Adventure

The Lion King

Call to Adventure for Simba was when his dad got killed.

Ender’s Game

The call to adventure in Enders Game is when Graff came to get Ender to come to battle school.

Refusal to the call
Refusal to the Call

The Lion King

Simba refused to his uncle that it was his fault.

Ender’s Game

Ender was think not to go because he didn’t want to leave Valentine.

Meeting with the mentor
Meeting with the Mentor

The Lion King

Pumba and Timon kind of took Simba under his arm and showed him the lay of the land.

Ender’s Game

Enders mentor was kind of Graff.

Crossing the threshold
Crossing the Threshold

The Lion King

Simba When he goes into the dark evil valley thing.

Ender’s Game

Is when he leaves home and gets to the battle school.

Tests allies and enemies
Tests, Allies, And Enemies

The Lion King

Allies for Simba is Nala, Zazu, Timon and Pumbaa.

Enemies are his uncle and the hyenas. Tests for Simba is when he has to adjust to the land.

Ender’s Game

Tests for Ender are the mind game, battles, and getting friend.

Allies are Dink. His toon, and other friends. Enemies are Bonzo and his group.


The Lion King

Is when he start the travel back to his main home.

Ender’s Game

Is When he keeps have the battles one after another.

The ordeal
The Ordeal

The Lion King

Simba Has to face the hyenas.

Ender’s Game

Ender meets it when he fights Bonzo’s army.

The reward
The Reward

The Lion King

The reward for the Simba is when he becomes king.

Enders Game

Done Fighting to finally come home.

The resurrection
The Resurrection

The Lion King

The Resurrection for Simba was when he had to fight his evil uncle.

Ender’s Games

The resurrection for Ender was When he had to fight the buggers. But he did not know he was fighting the buggers.

The road back
The Road Back

The Lion King

Is When Simba had to get the land and animals back to the way they were before.

Ender’s Game

The road back for Ender was when he has to finish what he started.

Return with elixir
Return With Elixir

The Lion King

Is when Simba and Nala get together and rule the land. And keep everyone happy.

Ender’s Game

Ender’s return with the elixir is when he is finally known. When he gets to learn Also when he gets to go explore with Valentine and writes his own book.