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How does your family celebrate the Spring Festival?

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How does your family celebrate the Spring Festival? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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PowerPoint Slideshow about ' How does your family celebrate the Spring Festival?' - jagger

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In ancient times, according to legend, there was a horrible creature called nian (the same as the word for "year" ) that appeared at the end of the year. The beast attacked the people and their livestock, and even though the villagers fought fiercely together, they never succeeded in destroying the creature. After many failures, the villagers discovered nian had three weaknesses ----- it was frightened by noise, it disliked sunshine, and it was terrified of the color red. So, at the end of the year, the people built a huge bonfire outside the village, set off hundreds of firecrackers and painted the doors of their houses red. Upon seeing the commotion, the nian monster became so panicked that it covered its head in fear and ran away. And this is how, some say, that bright red became the color of the New Year.


Warming Up

  • How does your family celebrate the Spring Festival?

2. Do you know why we celebrate the Spring Festival

and when was this most important Chinese festival



set off fireworks

set off firecrackers


Skimming Questions

1. What does the text mainly tell us?

2. Why did people create Kwanzaa?


Scanning Questions

Name __kwanzaa______

Date (how long)___________

Meaning _first fruit__





Posting Reading

1.What can we learn from those festivals like Christmas, Spring Festival etc.?

2. True or False


Day 1 - middle candle - Black - Umoja - UnityDay 2 - innermost red candle - Kujichagulia - Self-determinationDay 3 - innermost green candle - Ujima – living together

Day 4 - middle red candle - Ujamaa – working together

Day 5 - middle green candle - Nia - PurposeDay 6 - outermost red candle - Kuumba - CreativityDay 7 - outermost green candle - Imani - Faith