Future of local govt in pakistan
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Future of Local Govt In Pakistan PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Future of Local Govt In Pakistan. By Muhammad Ali Khan. Sequence of Presentation. Background Salient features of LGO 2001 Administrative and Political Structures Institutions under LGO 2001 Major Issues Analysis Recommendations. Background. The Local Governments (LGs) in Pakistan:.

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Future of Local Govt In Pakistan

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Future of Local Govt In Pakistan


Muhammad Ali Khan

Sequence of Presentation

  • Background

  • Salient features of LGO 2001

  • Administrative and Political Structures

  • Institutions under LGO 2001

  • Major Issues

  • Analysis

  • Recommendations

By:Muhammad Ali Khan


The Local Governments (LGs) in Pakistan:

By:Muhammad Ali Khan

Salient Features of the LGO, 2001

  • Governance through elected representatives

  • LGs to function within Provincial framework

  • Enhanced representation of women

  • Three tiers of LGs politically linked

  • Elimination of rural – urban divide

  • No vertical linkage

  • Functional distribution among three tiers

  • Decentralization of Financial and Administrative Authority

By:Muhammad Ali Khan

Administrative Structure

( District / City District )


District Coordination Officer

District Police Officer

For functions relating to Law & Order







Community Development`

Finance & Planning

Information Technology


Works & Services

By:Muhammad Ali Khan

City Districts – Public Transport, Enterprise & Investment Promotion, Municipal Services

Administrative Structure

( Tehsil / Town )








Chief Officers


Infrastructure and


Municipal Regulations


By:Muhammad Ali Khan

Administrative Structure

( Union )

Naib Union Nazim

Union Nazim

Union Council

Secretary (Union Council)

Secretary (Community Development)

Secretary (Technical)

By:Muhammad Ali Khan

Naib Zila Nazim

Tehsil/Town Nazim

Zila Nazim

Naib Tehsil/ Town Nazim

Members elected on reserved seats

Members elected on reserved seats

Tehsil / Town Council

Zila Council

Union Nazim

Naib Union Nazim

Union Council

13 Members

Political Structure

By:Muhammad Ali Khan

Institutions under LGO 2001

  • Provincial Local Government Commission

  • Provincial Finance Commission

  • Zila Mohtasib

  • Monitoring Committees/Accounts Committees

  • Musalihat Anjuman

  • Village & Neighbourhood Councils

  • Citizen Community Boards

  • Zila Mushavirat Committee

By:Muhammad Ali Khan

Constitutional Position

  • Local Government is a Provincial subject

  • System was provided a safeguard by its inclusion in the schedule VI of the Constitution

  • Laws included in the Sixth Schedule not to be altered, repealed or amended without the previous sanction of the president (268 (2))

By:Muhammad Ali Khan

Major Issues

  • Lack of ownership

  • Coordination

  • Size of the Provincial Government

  • Transfers / Postings

  • No regular monitoring of Nazims

  • Relationship with the rival LGs

  • Creation of new districts

  • Resource mobilization

By:Muhammad Ali Khan

Present Situation

  • Revamping vs Scrapping

  • Lack of institutional arrangement

  • System – at standstill

  • Violation of prevalent law

  • Role of Bureaucracy

  • Development process – halted

  • Government interference in the LG matters

  • Vilification Campaign

By:Muhammad Ali Khan


  • The political leaders reluctant to share power with people at the grass root level

  • A workable system has fallen prey to the machinations of politicians, Bureaucracy and the vested interests

  • Fiscal transfers to the grass root level being acknowledged even by the worst critics

  • Assignment of duties relating to law and Order to Zila Nazim not being accepted

  • Zila Nazim being considered as rivals

By:Muhammad Ali Khan


  • Nazims required to be apolitical but have become political

  • Non-establishment of the institutions like Village & Neighbourhood Councils and Zila Mohtasib has affected the common man

  • Constitutional safeguard has provided the system a much needed safety valve

  • Inability of the opponents of the system to develop alternate model

  • Huge investment, in terms of money and human resource, made in the new system would get wasted in case of any haphazard change

By:Muhammad Ali Khan


  • Wide-ranging consultations among all the stakeholders i.e. Provincial Governments, Local Governments, Civil Society Organizations. Parliamentarians, and all other shades of public opinion be held

  • Tendency to scrap the systems by the successive Governments needs to be strongly discouraged

By:Muhammad Ali Khan


  • Public policy institutions must also initiate work on analyzing/evaluating the system

  • Third party evaluation of the system be got conducted and the revamping should be done on the basis of the report

By:Muhammad Ali Khan

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