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Basic Math Skills Review

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Basic Math Skills Review. Percents. Percent. Percent (from per centum ) means per hundred or divide by one hundred. The “%” sign is used to show the number of parts per one hundred parts.

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  • Percent (from per centum) means per hundred or divide by one hundred. The “%” sign is used to show the number of parts per one hundred parts.
  • There is a relationship among decimals, fractions and percents. The percent sign is equivalent to the following:
fraction decimal conversions
Fraction/Decimal Conversions

Changing a fraction to a decimal

Divide the numerator by the denominator.

Changing a decimal to a fraction

Drop decimal and divide by the highest place value.

Simplify, if possible.

decimal percent conversions
Decimal/Percent Conversions

Changing decimal to percent

Multiply by 100 and attach percent sign. It’s the same as moving the decimal 2 places to the right. 0.375 = 37.5%

Changing from percent to decimal

Divide by 100. It’s the same as moving the decimal 2 places to the left. 38% = 0.38

percent fraction conversions
Percent/Fraction Conversions

Changing percent to fraction

Drop % sign and divide by 100. Simplify if possible.

Changing from a fraction to a percent

Multiply by 100 and attach a % symbol.

finding percentage of a quantity
Finding Percentage of a Quantity

Percentage = Percent x Whole Quantity

To find a percentage or part of a whole quantity:

  • Change the percent to a decimal, and
  • Multiply the decimal by the whole quanity.
percentage example
Percentage Example

A patient reports that he drank 75% of his eight ounce cup of coffee. How much coffee did he drink?

1) Change 75% to a decimal: 75% → 0.75

2) Multiply 0.75 x 8 ounces to get 6 ounces.

word problems
Word Problems
  • “is” means equals
  • “of” means multiply
  • “what” is the unknown whole quantity.

1) What is 20% of 75? X = 0.20 x 75

2) Ten is what percent of 15? 10 = p x 15

more word problems
More Word Problems

3) Table salt (NaCl) is 40% sodium by weight. If a box of salt weighs 18 ounces, how much sodium is in the box of salt?

4) A student’s tuition bill is $17,651. Her financial aid pays 80%. How much will the student owe?

more word problems1
More Word Problems

5) If 1 roll of tape costs $0.69, how much do 3½ rolls costs? (Round to the nearest cent)

6) If 1 centimeter equals ⅜ inch, how many centimeters is a nail that measures 3 inches?

7) You work in a health care clinic where each employee must work 25% of 8 major holidays. How many holidays will you expect to work?

word problem answers
Word Problem Answers
  • 15


  • 7.2
  • $3530.20
  • $2.42
  • 8 cm
  • 2 holidays
nova math placement test
NOVA Math Placement Test
  • The Math Placement test is given in the Testing Center.
  • There is a review book for the placement exam in the Annandale Library. (CG 3rd Floor)
  • It’s called Chart Your Success on the Compass Exam.
  • Brush-up on current skills, go through what you know.
  • Don’t try to teach yourself anything that you do not know.
  • Use the list of suggested websites to help you review.
  • Neither the Math Center nor the Tutoring Center will help you study for the exam.