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Pricing, Licensing & Access for Consortia. Blackwell Science/Munksgaard Jason Miller and David Sommer. Presentation Overview. 1) Brief Company Overview 2) Societies and Content Questions and feedback... 3) Access Routes 4) License Overview Questions and feedback... 5) Pricing Models

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Pricing, Licensing & Access for Consortia

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Pricing, Licensing & Access for Consortia

Blackwell Science/Munksgaard

Jason Miller and David Sommer

Presentation Overview

1) Brief Company Overview

2) Societies and Content

Questions and feedback...

3) Access Routes

4) License Overview

Questions and feedback...

5) Pricing Models

Questions and feedback...

Blackwell Science

STM publisher includes Munksgaard

Blackwell Publishers

Social Science, Humanities & Economics publisher

Blackwell Retail


Blackwell Information Services

now merged with Swets to form Swets/ Blackwell

Brief Company Overview

Blackwell Family Owned

Global Licensing Team


Nancy Gerry


Jason Miller


Nels Jensen




Reinhard Schülke


Sarah Blatchford

Katie Julian

Brief Company Overview

  • Blackwell Science and Munksgaard are family owned

  • Largest society publisher in the world - over 2/3rds of titles are society owned

  • Scientific, Technical and Medical focus

  • Independent from Blackwell Publishers but working more closely on online journal policy where there are economies of scale

Content and Societies

  • Publish over 300 leading STM journals including

    • Kidney International

    • Journal of Investigative Dermatology

    • Molecular Microbiology

    • European Journal of Biochemistry

      and for 2001…

    • Epilepsia

    • Journal of the American Geriatrics Society

  • Work very closely with societies - and share journal revenues with them

  • Significant number of new society contracts each year - 10% more journals 99-00

Questions and feedback...

Any questions or feedback on…

  • Company structure?

  • Content?

  • Societies?

Access Routes

  • Continue to use aggregators and intermediaries

  • Developed our own service Synergy:

    • to provide individual access (as well as library access)

    • to deliver HTML (XML) with its many benefits, including linking (PDF retained for printing)

  • Access through Synergy is free (some services charge)

  • This is not a product demo, but the key features include...

Key Synergy Features

  • Full-text HTML and PDF format

  • Links to and from key databases including MEDLINE, ISI, ADS and CrossRef

  • Self-service IP address administration

  • Remote password for off-site access

  • Self-service usage data coming soon

  • Personal Homepage for every registered user with E-mail TOC alerts and saved searches

  • Powerful Boolean search engine

Key Synergy Features

Key Synergy Features

Key Synergy Features

Key Synergy Features

Key Synergy Features

License Overview

  • We adopted a license based on the standard NESLI license. This was written by librarians and is a very fair license. Key features include:

    • Inter-Library Loan is permitted

    • Remote user access is permitted

    • Walk-in user access is permitted

    • Course-pack use is permitted

    • Archive available through a choice of services

    • International recognition - many ICOLC members have signed this license

Questions and feedback...

Any questions or feedback on…

  • Access Routes?

  • License Terms?

Pricing Models

  • Always looking for new models - working closely with the international library community

  • Experimentation is important

  • Usage based pricing may become more important

  • Document Delivery as an alternative to Inter-Library Loan - we want to hear from sites interested in working together on this

  • Subject specific collections with additional document delivery available

  • Current Models...

Pricing Models - Individual Titles

  • Firmly believe that online should be available separately from print:

    • Online Only = 90% of Print Price

    • Combined = 110% of Print Price

  • Advantages of separating print & online pricing:

    • More choice for the customer

    • Measure the rate of transition from print to online

    • Passes on cost savings to online only subscribers

    • Online “Free” with print penalises paper subscribers

Pricing Models - Collection

  • Blackwell Science/Munksgaard Collection:

    • Model for institutions not facing pressure to switch from paper to electronic collection (Sites must maintain print subs for 1 year)

    • All online titles are included

    • Adds value by providing access to titles not previously in collection

    • Fixed fee per site independent of paper spend

Pricing Models - Collection

  • Per Site Fee = (US)$1,915 <7K FTEPer Site Fee = (US)$3,765 7K-15K FTEPer Site Fee = (US)$5,675 >15K FTE

  • Admin Fee = (US)$7,945 payable once by consortia

  • Titles included: 258

  • Back file: Free

  • Maintenance of paper: 95% of print subs

  • Contract: One year

    Transitional model making the move to online easy and gathers usage data for evaluating future models

Pricing Models - Collection

Current Collection customers include:

Pricing Models - Choice

  • Collection is very successful in North America, Europe and Asia

  • Want to offer a model that allowed sites to cancel paper:

    We want to encourage sites to move from print to online. Online allows wider access and offers better value

Pricing Models - Choice

  • Blackwell Science/ Munksgaard Choice model offers discounts for bulk purchase:

  • In addition we now offer greater discounts for consortia purchasing online-only across multiple sites...

Pricing Models - Choice

  • Greater discounts for more sites taking the same titles.

Pricing Models - Choice

  • Greater discounts for more sites taking the same titles. Could go as low as 50% of print price.

Summary, questions & feedback...



  • Synergy

  • HTML & PDF formats

  • Links with databases incl. MEDLINE, ISI & CrossRef

  • Self-service IP admin

  • Remote password for off-site

  • NESLIstandard license

  • ILL permitted

  • Course Pack Use permitted

  • Walk in use permitted

  • Archive access permitted

  • Remote access permitted


  • Two models:

  • Collection - maintain print for one year, access all titles online

  • for low per site fee

  • Choice - online only, cancel print and benefit from bulk purchase discounts

Thank You



Global Contacts

  • Blackwell Science Asia (Melbourne)Australasia - Sarah Blatchford ( Asia and Pacific Rim, India - Katie Julian (

  • Blackwell Science Inc, (Boston)North, Latin and South America - Jason Miller (

  • Blackwell Science UK (Oxford)UK, France and Southern Europe - Nancy Gerry (

  • Blackwell Wissenschafts Verlag (Berlin)German speaking countries, Belgium the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Eastern Europe - Reinhard Schülke (

  • Munksgaard (Copenhagen)Denmark, Scandinavia and Baltic States - Nels Jensen (

Sample Usage Data Reports

Full Text Page Access Report (HTML and PDF)

Detailed Page Access Report

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