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Hosting Service & Domains. Setting Up Your Web Site. Domains. What is a domain? A web address (e.g., How do you get a domain? By going to a registrar of domain names (e.g., and seeing if it’s available.

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Hosting Service & Domains

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Hosting Service & Domains

Setting Up Your Web Site


  • What is a domain?

  • A web address (e.g.,

  • How do you get a domain?

  • By going to a registrar of domain names (e.g., and seeing if it’s available.

  • All domain registries use the same data base, so get the cheapest one (e.g.,

Why do I have to have a dot-com?

Because . . .

  • People won’t remember a special extension—they will go to the dot-com (and see whatever is there).

  • And if you’re not there,they’ll getdistracted.

  • This couldruin yourbranding.(

What if you’re too late??

  • Find a variation of your name(but keep it short)

  • Go with a company name(but make it memorable)

  • And set it to auto-renew.

Don’t Make Domain Names Too Long

  • Most Popular Domains

Purchase Additional Domains

  • Why should you purchase as many additional domain variations as you can reasonably afford?

  • You can point them all to dot-com.

  • They avoid search engine competition.

  • They preserve your branding.

  • Add appropriate = = IT is getting big

What Is It? How Is It Different?

Hosting Service

  • What is it?

  • The service that rents you the server space where your web site files physically go to get posted.

  • How is it different from a domain?

  • A domain is just a name (like your home address).The hosting space is the place your files live (like a house).

  • Where can I get it?The same place you get your domain (usually) or you can use two separate places (one is more convenient)

It’s cheap to have a web site.

  • GoDaddyDomain Name approx. $10 per yearHosting Service approx. $4 per month

  • Other Sources1) free (e.g., yahoo) with annoying ads

  • 2) U.T. server space (unreliable setup, complex URL discontinues after graduation).

  • 3) Cheap services with no tech support (e.g., for $1 per month)

The GoDaddy Special

  • Buy your hosting service FIRST and get your domain for free or a dollar (instead of $10).

  • (Go to Hosting>Hosting Plans)

  • When you’re asked if you need a domain name, say yes (but make sure you have researched an available domain name ahead of time).

Let’s Get Started

How to Start with GoDaddy

Get Off on the Right Foot

  • 1) Create an account first.

  • 2) Always sign in before you purchase additional items.

  • 3) Your account login and password manages everything, but each web site has a different login and password.

  • To activate your hosting space and set up your web site login and password:

  • 1) Log into your account on the home page.

  • 2) Select Hosting>My Hosting Account

  • Click on “Account Setup” on the right (after setup it will say “Manage Account”)

Now What?

How to Post Your FilesSEE

You need an “FTP Client”

  • Dreamweaver has one built in.

  • If you don’t have Dreamweaver, use another:SmartFTP free for PC at for Macs at

  • An even easier way to access and drag/drop files to the Web is to go to With your login and password, the files will probably open up in a window.


  • Make sure theFTP informationis enteredSite>New Site

Drag & Drop

  • See

Inserting Flash

  • The authoring files in Flash are called .fla files.

  • When you publish the document for the web, you create an .swf file (pronounced “swiff” and standing for “shockwave flash”).

  • This file can be inserted into a web page, just like a still graphic can be, using embed tags in HTML or using a WYSIWYG to insert it for you.


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