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Hosting Service & Domains. Setting Up Your Web Site. Domains. What is a domain? A web address (e.g., How do you get a domain? By going to a registrar of domain names (e.g., and seeing if it’s available.

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Hosting service domains l.jpg

Hosting Service & Domains

Setting Up Your Web Site

Domains l.jpg

  • What is a domain?

  • A web address (e.g.,

  • How do you get a domain?

  • By going to a registrar of domain names (e.g., and seeing if it’s available.

  • All domain registries use the same data base, so get the cheapest one (e.g.,

Because l.jpg
Because . . .

  • People won’t remember a special extension—they will go to the dot-com (and see whatever is there).

  • And if you’re not there,they’ll getdistracted.

  • This couldruin yourbranding.(

What if you re too late l.jpg
What if you’re too late??

  • Find a variation of your name(but keep it short)

  • Go with a company name(but make it memorable)

  • And set it to auto-renew.

Purchase additional domains l.jpg
Purchase Additional Domains

  • Why should you purchase as many additional domain variations as you can reasonably afford?

  • You can point them all to dot-com.

  • They avoid search engine competition.

  • They preserve your branding.

  • Add appropriate = = IT is getting big

Hosting service l.jpg
Hosting Service

  • What is it?

  • The service that rents you the server space where your web site files physically go to get posted.

  • How is it different from a domain?

  • A domain is just a name (like your home address).The hosting space is the place your files live (like a house).

  • Where can I get it?The same place you get your domain (usually) or you can use two separate places (one is more convenient)

It s cheap to have a web site l.jpg
It’s cheap to have a web site.

  • GoDaddyDomain Name approx. $10 per yearHosting Service approx. $4 per month

  • Other Sources1) free (e.g., yahoo) with annoying ads

  • 2) U.T. server space (unreliable setup, complex URL discontinues after graduation).

  • 3) Cheap services with no tech support (e.g., for $1 per month)

The godaddy special l.jpg
The GoDaddy Special

  • Buy your hosting service FIRST and get your domain for free or a dollar (instead of $10).

  • (Go to Hosting>Hosting Plans)

  • When you’re asked if you need a domain name, say yes (but make sure you have researched an available domain name ahead of time).

Let s get started l.jpg

Let’s Get Started

How to Start with GoDaddy

Get off on the right foot l.jpg
Get Off on the Right Foot

  • 1) Create an account first.

  • 2) Always sign in before you purchase additional items.

  • 3) Your account login and password manages everything, but each web site has a different login and password.

Slide15 l.jpg

Now what l.jpg

Now What? login and password:

How to Post Your FilesSEE

You need an ftp client l.jpg
You need an “FTP Client” login and password:

  • Dreamweaver has one built in.

  • If you don’t have Dreamweaver, use another:SmartFTP free for PC at for Macs at

  • An even easier way to access and drag/drop files to the Web is to go to With your login and password, the files will probably open up in a window.

Dreamweaver l.jpg
Dreamweaver login and password:

  • Make sure theFTP informationis enteredSite>New Site

Drag drop l.jpg
Drag & Drop login and password:

  • See

Inserting flash l.jpg
Inserting Flash login and password:

  • The authoring files in Flash are called .fla files.

  • When you publish the document for the web, you create an .swf file (pronounced “swiff” and standing for “shockwave flash”).

  • This file can be inserted into a web page, just like a still graphic can be, using embed tags in HTML or using a WYSIWYG to insert it for you.

Questions l.jpg

Questions? login and password: