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ENT - WP4. ANNUAL MEETING. Task 4.0. Task 4.1. Task 4.3. Task 4.2. Task 4.2. Task 4.3. Task 4.4. Task 4.4. Deliverables WP4:. D4.1: Coordinating smooth transfer of knowledge between INT-ER-LINK and ENV-NCP-CSA, in particular at the end of INT-ER-LINK (month 18)

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Ent wp4



Task 4.0

Task 4.1

Task 4.3

Task 4.2

Task 4.2

Task 4.3

Task 4.4

Task 4.4

WP4 Annual Meeting ENT 2010

Deliverables wp4
Deliverables WP4:

D4.1: Coordinating smooth transfer of knowledge between INT-ER-LINK and ENV-NCP-CSA, in particular at the end of INT-ER-LINK (month 18)

D4.2: 5 Annual WP progress reports to the project coordinator (months 12, 24, 36, 48, 60)

D4.3: a database of international partners including organisations and potential partners made available in a secure way. Security will be assured by using a controlled distribution medium such as the NCP Forum (months 6). Further updates as required throughout the duration of the project (months 12, 24, 36, 48, 60)

D4.4:A questionnaire of ICPCs (month 5)

D4.5: A report with recommendations on ICPC FP7 needs (month 10)

D4.6: Preparation and distribution of first draft ICPC customised information about FP7 to selected ICPC representatives (month 2, 14)

D4.7: 4 FP7 ENV Training presentations to ICPC representatives meetings (months 12, 24, 36, 48)

D4.8: 4 FP7 ENV Training events at the offices of ICPC representatives of high potential countries (months 12, 24, 36, 48)

WP4 Annual Meeting ENT 2010

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WP relations

Task 4 0 managing the wp
Task 4.0: Managing the WP

Leader: NCP ENV Switzerland (Marion Tobler and

Flurina Schaffer)

  • Internal to WP: smooth running of tasks 4.1, 4.2, 4.3 and 4.4

  • External to WP: Coordination of work amongst all stakeholders (other WPs, NCPs, INT-ER-LINK, ICPCs, EC, etc) ensuring synergies with ENV NCPs and others (Advisory board: South African, New Zealand and Australian NCPs, “EU-INCO water research, etc )

  • A close relationship with the INT-ER-LINK to prevent duplication of effort and improve coordination.

WP4 Annual Meeting ENT 2010

Proposition for folder structure
Proposition for Folder Structure

WP4 Annual Meeting ENT 2010

Relations of Task 4.1 International Cooperation



 Management

WP4 Annual Meeting ENT 2010

Task 4 1 ncps networking sharing international cooperation contacts
Task 4.1: NCPs Networking: sharing international cooperation contacts

Leader: NCP ENV Switzerland (Marion Tobler)

  • Previously contacts have been established by Julian Randall (APN and representatives from Australia, New Zealand, Korea)

  • Contact with INTER_LINK (consortium meeting in Rome)

  • Foster contacts

    • Input from the Mobility networks

    • Input from INCO NCPs networks

      • SEA EU Net (South East Asia)

      • EULARINET (Latin America)

  • Make information available in a secure way to all NCPs (e.g. NCP forum) meetings with key contacts

  • Annual reports to the WP leader

  • WP4 Annual Meeting ENT 2010

    Asian pacific network for climate change
    Asian Pacific Network for Climate Change contacts

    • Australia

    • Bangladesh

    • Cambodia

    • China

    • Fiji

    • India

    • Indonesia

    • Japan

    • Lao People's Democratic Republic

    • Malaysia

    • Mongolia

    • Nepal

    • New Zealand

    • Pakistan

    • Philippines

    • Republic of Korea

    • Russian Federation

    • Sri Lanka

    • Thailand

    • United States of America

    • Viet Nam

    WP4 Annual Meeting ENT 2010

    Events of sea eu net
    Events of SEA EU Net contacts

    • 4 Scientific Workshops (2011 & 2012)

    • FP7 Info days and Road Shows (1 National event and 2 roadshows per year per SEA partner) - 2012

    • SEA NCP Training in SEA (2 events – 2 days each) – “training the trainer)

    • SEA/EU NCP Meeting plus brokerage/networking event in Europe 2012 – 2 days

    • 2 week SEA NCP internship in Europe (back to back with above)

    • Development of NCP “survival kit”

    • 2 Workshops in SEA – “How to Write a Good Proposal”

    • E-learning tool for NCPs

    • Twinning arrangements for Laos and Cambodia

    WP4 Annual Meeting ENT 2010

    Eularinet http www s2lat eu eularinet
    EULARINET contactshttp://www.s2lat.eu/eularinet

    Co-ordinating Latin America Research and Innovation NETworks

    Goal is to strengthen bi-regional dialogue on S&T between EU

    Member States (MS), Associated States (AS) and Latin American

    Partner Countries (LAPC) at policy, programme and institutional

    (research entities) level, thus contributing to a three fold


    a) Promote the joint identification, setting up, implementation and monitoring of mutual interest priorities of future work programmes across the Specific Programmes of FP7.

    b)  Joint definition of S&T co-operation policies

    c)  Support and stimulate the participation of LAPC in FP7

    WP4 Annual Meeting ENT 2010

    Relations contacts of Task 4.2 Third Country: Needs & Activities



     Management

    WP4 Annual Meeting ENT 2010

    Task 4 2 determing third country environment research needs and activities
    Task 4.2 : Determing Third Country Environment research needs and activities

    Leader: NCP ENV Germany (Elisabeth Osinski & colleagues)

    • Preparation of a questionnaire (D4.2.1)

      a) financial basis of the activities of the multipliers

      b) addresses, the function and professional tasks of the multipliers

      c) conditions for mobility into and out of the ICPC

      d) most appreciated information and help for ICPCs

      e) ICPC representative’s facilities for distribution

      f) information the ICPC to feed back to MS/AC NCPs e.g. catalogues of researchers and or organisations

    • Implementation of the questionnaire (D4.2.2).

      distribution to at least the 14 ICPC

      ICPCs mentioned in Scope part b) above

      with a clear deadline for return, collection of the answers, follow up with late returns of questionnaire.

    • Collect and summarise the results of the questionnaire in a report (D4.2.3):

      • findings and make recommendations.

      • how best to proceed with Task 3 of this WP

      • how to proceed in general with ICPCs. (comparison with what INT-ER-LINK if appropriate)

    • Report also review the carrying out of activities of Task 2.

    WP4 Annual Meeting ENT 2010

    Relations needs and activities of Task 4.3 Awareness & Dissemination Hub



     Management

    WP4 Annual Meeting ENT 2010

    Task 4 3 ncp icpc awareness and dissemination hub
    Task 4.3: NCP ICPC Awareness and needs and activitiesdissemination hub

    Leader: NCP ENV Poland (Danuta Maria Antosiewicz and colleagues)

    • Facilitate information flow between researchers in MS/AC and researchers in ICPCs. (NCP representatives distribute the information within their countries.)

    • Information flow about FP7 and MS/AC researchers to ICPCs : (customise NCPs existing tools: presentations, webpages, catalogues, brochures etc for distribution to ICPCs.) Distribution mainly electronically

    • Information flow from ICPCs to MS/AC : Find out more about ICPC skills and capabilities and fed back to the MS/AC NCPs for distribution within their countries

    • Explore activities of interest to ICPCs and MS/AC researchers: MS/AS brokerage events and partner search facilities are accessible to researchers from ICPCs and vice versa

    • Observe on going activities (INT-ER-LINK project) and take appropriate actions (copy successful activities). Electronic distribution of FP7 ENV information to APN SPG members under Task 4.3 will include APN secretariat in cc.

    • Take care of ICPCs changing requirements during the project and adjust our support to them (use resources effectively and efficiently).

    • Annual reports to the WP leader.

    WP4 Annual Meeting ENT 2010

    Relations needs and activities of Task 4.4 Exchange of Expertise



     Management

    WP4 Annual Meeting ENT 2010

    Task 4 4 ncp exchange of expertise and know how with icpc ncp like networks
    Task 4.4 NCP exchange of expertise and know how with ICPC NCP like networks

    Leader: NCP ENV Romania (Viorel Vulturescu and colleagues)

    • Achieve the participation of ENV researchers from ICPCs to our events e.g. brokerage as well as catalysing interest in FP7 trough personal information by NCPs towards ICPC representatives: group presentations and individual ICPC workshops.

    • Group presentations:reaching more individuals in one go. (provisional interest with the APN secretariat established (Task1): one NCP makes an FP7 ENV opportunities presentation to all SPG members* typically coinciding with the APN Annual General Meeting to which all SPG members are invited. Consolidate the distribution of electronic information described in Task 4.3 above.

    • NCPs will also be available, outside the AGM context, to provide further information to individual ICPC representatives. Send an NCP to three such AGMs, one/year in the first three years of the project to ensure momentum and interest is not lost.

    • Select three high potential countries for training at locations in their respective countries. These individual ICPC workshops will be provided to ICPC representatives so that they can be trained by European homologues on procedures, techniques and modalities to support participation of national actors in FP7.

    • Invite ICPC representatives to participate in Project meetings, PMT meetings to facilitate their integration in NCP mechanisms

      * SPG member is an NCP equivalent in the 14 selected ICPC

    WP4 Annual Meeting ENT 2010

    Work Package Relations NCP like networks

    WP4 Annual Meeting ENT 2010

    Ent wp42

    ENT - WP4 NCP like networks

    Strategy for the next two years

    Strategy for the next two years
    Strategy for the next two years NCP like networks

    • Focus on SEA-EU-NET and APN

    • Offer 1-2 general workshop for ICPC NCPs at their place(experienced NCP -> WP1 workshop)

    • On the basis of WP1 and WP3 specific trainings for (non-experienced) NCPs

    • Invite ICPC NCP to Brokerage events

    • Elaborate and implement the strategy on dissemination hub (maintenance)

    • Create an entry point for „non-European“ countries on the website

    WP4 Annual Meeting ENT 2010

    Ent wp43

    ENT - WP4 NCP like networks

    Action Plan 2010 / 2011

    Action plan 2010 1
    Action Plan 2010 (1) NCP like networks

    WP4 Annual Meeting ENT 2010

    Action plan 2011 2
    Action Plan 2011 (2) NCP like networks

    WP4 Annual Meeting ENT 2010

    Action plan 2011 3
    Action Plan 2011 (3) NCP like networks

    WP4 Annual Meeting ENT 2010