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AMERICAN UNIVERSITY. TRAVEL POLICY AND GUIDELINES. WHY DO WE NEED A POLICY?. Compliance with IRS Requirements Provide proper documentation for financial statements Procedures for the payment of travel expenses Procedures for the reimbursement of travel expenses.

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American university



Why do we need a policy


  • Compliance with IRS Requirements

  • Provide proper documentation for financial statements

  • Procedures for the payment of travel expenses

  • Procedures for the reimbursement of travel expenses

Who should follow this policy

Who Should follow this Policy?


−All University Employees

  • All University students

  • Non-employees who are authorized to travel or entertain on behalf of the University

What is considered a travel expense

What is considered a travel expense?

  • Transportation

  • Hotel Accommodations

  • Conference Registrations

Travel policy and procedures


  • Travel Policy

    • Guidelines for Expense Reimbursement

    • Permitted Expenses

    • Reimbursable & Non-Reimbursable Expenses

Guidelines for expense reimbursement

Guidelines for Expense Reimbursement

  • Incurred while conducting University Business

  • Signed by persons authorized over the account

  • Charged to the proper account (s)

  • Expense meets any and all sponsor policies

  • Documentation is accurate and complete

  • ***Signer CANNOT authorize reimbursement for one’s own expenses******

Permitted expenses

Permitted Expenses

  • Airline Travel – Coach or economy should be used. On international flights when a flight is longer than 5 hours, a traveler may go business class.

  • Rail Travel – Reserved & Unreserved is appropriate for travel in northeast corridor

  • Hotels – Travelers should stay in standard room at a non-luxury hotel or at designated conference hotels.

Permitted expenses cont

Permitted Expenses cont.

  • Transportation –

    • Shuttle services & public transportation should be used to and from air, rail or bus terminals

    • Rental cars should be used only when other means is not available

    • Private Vehicles may be used for business purposes if it is less than any other option or will save time

Transportation cont

Transportation cont

  • The University will not reimburse employees for parking tickets, fines for moving violations or vehicle towing charges. No reimbursement will be made for vehicle repair regardless of whether it results from the traveler’s acts or the acts of others

Permitted expenses cont1

Permitted Expenses cont

  • Meals

    • Business meals are defined as meal expenses incurred when conducting University business

    • Reimbursement begins when you leave home until your return. Three meals a day includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner

    • Meals included with conference is considered a meal. A meal independent of the conference will not be reimbursed

    • Business meals includes employees meeting with business associates to discuss University business

Permitted expenses1

Permitted Expenses

  • Alcoholic Beverages – All university sponsored events at which alcohol is served must be pre-approved and have a signed alcoholic approval form

Non reimbursable expenses

Non-Reimbursable Expenses

Airline club membership fee

  • Car washes

  • Clothing

  • Commuting costs

  • Dependent Care

  • Entertainment

  • Fines or tickets

  • Country club memberships

  • Haircuts

  • Life, accident, or flight insurance premiums

  • Luggage

  • Newspapers

  • Passport application fees

Reimbursable expenses

Reimbursable Expenses

  • Business Office Expenses

  • Business Phone Calls

  • Conference Registration Fees

  • Currency Conversion Fees

  • Gasoline (only for rental car)

  • Ground Transportation

  • Mileage on personal vehicles

  • Overnight express mail for business documents

  • Parking and tolls

  • Required vaccinations for International Travel

  • Visa Fees

Travel policy and procedures1

Travel Policy and Procedures

  • Travel Procedures

    • Making Reservations

    • Payment Methods

    • Reimbursement Procedures

Making reservations

Making Reservations

  • Preferred Travel Agencies

    • Travel costs are charged directly to the requested G/L Account Number for the following agents:

      • Marathon Travel

      • Travel-Plus

      • McNair Travel

    • Agencies can match internet pricing

    • Other travel agencies, direct purchases from carriers, or purchases from online consolidators may be used if traveler is able to receive a lower rate

Making reservations1

Making Reservations

  • Rental Cars

    • Discounted rates have been obtained by:

      • Enterprise Rent-a-Car

      • Alamo

      • Budget

    • Need to provide drivers license and credit card

      • Enterprise rents to those over 21 and under 25

      • Only Enterprise will bill AU directly

    • Travelers should decline the Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) & Liability Damage Waiver (LDW)

Payment methods

Payment Methods

  • AU One Card can be used as a travel card to reserve:

    • Hotel rooms

    • Rental Cars

    • Business Meals

    • Cash Advances

Payment methods1

Payment Methods

  • Use a Prepayment Purchase Order to pay in advance for:

    • Hotel Rooms

    • Conferences

    • Catering Services

    • Restaurants

Payment methods2

Payment Methods

  • Cash Advances for payment of travel expenses when other methods are not feasible

Reimbursement procedures

Reimbursement Procedures

  • Travel Expense Forms should be used for travel-related expenses

    • Signature on form signifies that to the best of their knowledge the information is correct

    • University will not reimburse travel expenses that will be paid from an outside source

    • All reimbursements will be made by check and sent by method checked on form

    • Reimbursements for expenses in foreign currency must be converted to US dollar equivalent

    • When total reimbursement is under $100.00, it should be handled through petty cash unless it is for non-employees or non-students.



  • Missing or Lost Receipts

    • Duplicate receipt should be obtained

    • Supporting documentation must be provided with an explanation of the lost receipts

    • If an expense is being paid by more than one entity, copies of receipts may be provided with an explanation

American university travel policy and procedures

American University Travel Policy and Procedures

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