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The four deadly d s
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The Four Deadly D’s. Rod Hull Lesley University ECOMP 6202 Marcia Kessler Summer 2010. Introduction.

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The Four Deadly D’s

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The four deadly d s

The Four Deadly D’s

Rod Hull

Lesley University

ECOMP 6202

Marcia Kessler

Summer 2010



Welcome to The Four Deadly D’s portion of this class. My name is Mr. Hull and I have been a Driver Education Teacher for 3 years now. This topic involves the four major causes of driving fatalities for people 16-25 years old.

  • There is a section of this website where you will create an e-portfolio. You will reflect on your learning and store your completed work (artifacts)

  • You will also be required to keep your e-portfolio current as we proceed through the class.

Goals of the course

Goals of The Course

  • Students will gain a level of understanding about the effects of the Four Deadly D’s on the Driving Task.

  • Students will understand that drinking while driving, drugging while driving, distracted driving and drowsy driving all have similar effects on driving abilities.

  • Students will understand about the health effects that alcohol and drug use have on the human body.

  • Students can add their own goals that they wish to achieve while learning about this subject.

National and state standards

National and State Standards

  • Standards.pdf (Page 4) C31.0, C32.0, C33.0

  • Standards.pdf Page 44 (CII 2.1)

  • Standards.pdf Page

    44(CII 2,2)

  •, B, G, H, and I)

  • 10.htm

Your artifacts

Your Artifacts

  • Create a digital archives of your work. If you do this offline store them on a hard drive, or flash drive. If you store your work online I recommend using Google Docs.

  • Please convert all attached artifacts into web based compatible formats (JPEG or PDF) This way your viewers should be able to see your work.

  • Web 2.o Storage: Word, Excel, and Power Point can be stored in Google Docs. Use Hyperlinks or Embed the code for your video files.

  • Artifacts must meet national or state standards

Artifacts continued

Artifacts Continued

  • Make sure you keep your work updated on a regular basis.

  • Any work that is in progress can be shared as well. Just make a note why it is not completed.

  • You will be required to classify your artifacts by using the “Artifacts Spreadsheet” contained in Google Docs

  • Go to my quia website and take the online quiz.

E portfolio


  • If you can not tell by now, your instructor likes Google Apps for just about every scenario in Education.

  • I have decided to require all students to use Google for the purpose of your e-portfolio storage. This application allows for storage, editing, sharing, convenience, security, and best of all it is free.

  • Google has a fantastic mash up between e-portfolios and Google applications


Double check your work

Double Check Your Work

  • Please make sure you check all of your documents for typographical , spelling, grammatical, and punctuation errors.

  • Make sure that the website links you use are operational and check them every so often.

A time for reflection

A Time For Reflection

  • Take this opportunity to tell me what you liked about this course, and the activities.

  • What did you learn in this course and list any accomplishments or problems you had.

  • What have you learned about creating and maintaining this e-portfolio?

  • Do you have any suggestions that will help in improving this online class?

Be creative and have fun

Be Creative and Have Fun

  • Dare to take some chances and use many web 2.0 tools.

  • Check out all you can do with e-portfolios at the link below:


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