Cultural proficiency and student achievement education that is multicultural session 1 face to face
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Cultural Proficiency and Student Achievement: Education that is Multicultural Session 1 Face-to-Face. Course Overview. Vision of Exemplary Teaching for Student Learning. Cognitive Development. Knowing the Learner WHO?. Social Development. Personal Development. V. V.

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Cultural proficiency and student achievement education that is multicultural session 1 face to face

Cultural Proficiency and Student Achievement: Education that is MulticulturalSession 1 Face-to-Face

Course Overview


Vision of Exemplary Teaching for Student Learning is Multicultural



Knowing the Learner








Knowing myself

and my

influence on


Knowing the


& Content


Knowing the



Ongoing Assessment



Performance outcomes for this course
Performance Outcomes for this Course is Multicultural

  • The student will:

    • Explore their own cultural experiences and identify how they impact the learning environment of students.

    • Develop sensitivity to cultural bias in instructional materials and texts, in classroom patterns of thinking, in modes of communication, and in teaching/learning strategies.( cultural refers to diversity factors, including but not limited to race, national origin, ethnicity, gender,disability,sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, and religion)


Outcomes continued
Outcomes Continued is Multicultural

  • Enhance the understanding of how the construction of knowledge, learning styles, and multiple intelligences impact teaching and learning

  • Articulate and model high expectations that result in achievement for all

  • Enhance their ability to differentiate instruction


Lesson format
Lesson Format is Multicultural

  • Lessons contain:

    • Quote and pictures of the week

    • Readings

      • Located on-line

      • In a link on the blog site for each session

      • In a packet provided at the first class

    • Additional materials

      • Are located on-line

      • In a link in the session folder

      • In a folder provided at the first class


Lesson format page 2
Lesson Format ( is Multiculturalpage 2)

  • Discussions

    • Students will read and respond to the question or comments made by other students

    • Students are to include information from their readings, resources, and personal experience

    • Discussions are worth 2 points per week that a discussion is assigned

    • Read and respond once to the question posed to each other.


Lessons format page 3
Lessons Format ( is Multiculturalpage 3)

  • Assignments

    • There are a variety of assignments including, but not limited to:

      • Surveys and self assessments

      • Visual representations

      • Short written assignments from one paragraph to one page in length

      • Lesson plans

      • Contacting outside organizations

      • Using current events

      • Studying data

      • Interviewing colleagues

    • Assignments are worth 5 points each


Lessons format page 4
Lessons Format is Multicultural( page 4)

  • Journal Entry

    • There are five journal entries that students will have the opportunity to reflection upon that only the instructor will read.

    • This is a time to reflect upon yourself, using the readings, your own knowledge and experiences and to apply new learnings

    • Journal entries are worth 4 points each


Final assignment
Final Assignment is Multicultural

  • The final assignment is a portfolio/project/unit plan

    • Students will be provided additional information during the course and the face-to-face sessions

    • The assignment centers around the five performance outcomes of the course

    • Students are to collect artifacts that show an understanding of these outcomes or create a project that will benefit their school setting

    • Students will share their portfolio/projects/unit plans at the last class

    • Portfolios/projects/unit plans are worth 28 points


Cultural proficiency and student achievement education that is multicultural

Cultural Proficiency and Student Achievement : Education that is Multicultural

Session 1


Quote and picture of the week
Quote and Picture of the Week that is Multicultural

“ Each one reach one;

Each one teach one;

What you do not know

You must learn.

When you have learned,

Then you must teach.”

Author unknown- University of South Carolina Multicultural Student Affairs


Readings that is Multicultural

  • HCPSS . Click onto About US and then to Plans and Reports. Then click onto Bridge to Excellence 5 Year Plan. View the materials listed in this section.

  • COMAR Regulations ( Education that is Multicultural and Public School Standards)

  • Hanley, J.H. ( 1999) Beyond the Tip of the Iceberg, National Educational Service, Reaching Today’s Youth Volume 3 No. 2 pages 9-12 This is also located on the blog for Session One


Optional readings
Optional Readings that is Multicultural

  • McIntosh, P. ( 1988) Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack

    This is a link for Session One on the blog.


Assignments that is Multicultural

  • Journal

    • Write a one page reflection on why you feel it is important for educators to become culturally proficient. Send this to your instructor as a WORD attachment. Be sure that your WORD document has the appendix .doc and not .docx


Assignment page 2
Assignment that is Multicultural(page 2)

  • Participate in the discussion at least once during this week. Include information from your readings and personal experiences.


  • Complete the Assessing Multicultural Education Questionnaire. Summarize the three areas on the questionnaire. For non-classroom based staff, think about the adult audiences to whom you present.This is located in a link for Session One. Send the reflection on the questionnaire to your instructor.


    Using the iceberg model, identify and reflect on key aspects of you own cultural identity and create either a visual or written representation of your “ cultural self”. Comment on aspects of your “deep” and surface culture as it relates to your personal and professional situation.


Additional resources

Additional Resources that is Multicultural

No Child Left Behind information may be located at


that is MulticulturalCulture is not an exotic notion studied by a select group of anthropologists in the South Seas. It is a mold in which we are all cast, and it controls our daily lives in many nsuspecting ways…

Culture hides much more than it reveals, and strangely enough what it hides, it hides most effectively from its own participants.”

Edward T. Hall


A definition of culture
A Definition of Culture that is Multicultural

  • Culture refers to diversity factors, including but not limited to race, national origin, ethnicity,gender,disability,sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, and religion.


What is culture? that is Multicultural

The Iceberg Theory

Surface Culture




Physical Features






Communication Styles

Deep Culture


DLM2008 that is Multicultural

View video
View Video that is Multicultural

  • Cultural Psychology


Questions and assignments
Questions and Assignments that is Multicultural