Storms quiz review
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Storms Quiz Review PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Storms Quiz Review. Why do tornadoes form?. Water and air mix Hot moist air rises over tropical waters Warm moist air collides with cold dry air Lightning makes them happen. Oops sorry, try again. Woohoo ! That’s right. Hurricanes form. In tropical waters In tornado alley

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Storms Quiz Review

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Storms Quiz Review

Why do tornadoes form?

  • Water and air mix

  • Hot moist air rises over tropical waters

  • Warm moist air collides with cold dry air

  • Lightning makes them happen

Oops sorry, try again.

Woohoo! That’s right.

Hurricanes form

  • In tropical waters

  • In tornado alley

  • Only in the pacific ocean

  • When they are given a name

Oh no…. Better study some more!

Way to go! You know something about hurricanes

A scale for hurricanes is called

  • The Fujita Scale

  • The modified Mercali scale

  • The Saffir/Simpson scale

  • The Richter scale

Sorry – this scale is named after 2 people!

Yup! That’s the one.(1-5 and watch out for those 5’s!)

What should you do if there’s a tornado warning?

  • Listen for further instructions.

  • Seek cover right away because one has been seen!

  • Turn off the TV so lightning doesn’t strike you.

  • Get outside where it is safer.

You made a mistake.Knowing this answer can save your life so go back and re-read about watches and warnings.


  • Never wait- tornadoes can strike very fast.

  • Get somewhere safe like a basement or bathtub.

Yes!! Get somewhere safe because a warning means one has been spotted in your area.

A vortex is part of

  • A hurricane

  • A tornado

  • A waterspout

  • All of the above.

Sigh, check again.

Yipee! You are right

Weather happens in

  • The troposphere

  • The geosphere

  • The mesosphere

  • The stratosphere

Nope that’s not right

Yay! You got it.

The main components of climate are

  • Altitude and longitude

  • Heat and animals

  • Rain and elevation

  • Temperature and humidity

I don’t think you remember this – check again

Absolutely Correct!

The type of heat transfer that involves direct contact between molecules is

  • Conduction

  • Radiation

  • Convection

  • inspiration

You missed. Try again

Hey Hey- you sure know heat.

Which scientist studies the history and structure of the earth?

  • Seismologist

  • Chemist

  • geologist

  • Meteorologist

Uh Oh, That’s not right

Yes, Yes, yes!

A GOES satellite

  • Always is pointed at the north pole

  • Circles the earth from north to south

  • Circles the earth always viewing the same spot

  • Took the first pictures of earth from space

You got the wrong answer- too bad

Mighty good answer!

If the temperature goes up but the amount of water vapor stays the same.

  • The relative humidity will drop

  • The relative humidity will increase

  • The relative humidity will stay the same

Think again. It takes more water to saturate hotter air.

You are correct! You can’t fit as much water in cold air.

Cold sinking air creates

  • Lower air pressure

  • Higher humidity

  • Higher air pressure

  • snowmen

Really! 14.7 lbs per square inch sinking down on your headwouldn’t that make you feel more pressure????

Terrific answer. Remember the floating turkeys make you feel light.

Maritime air masses

  • Form over water

  • Have high humidity

  • Form over land

  • Both of the first two answers.

Oops – make sure you read all the possible answers before you pick.

High Five! You’re right.

Which will be warmer in the middle of a summer day

  • Ice cream

  • Ocean water

  • Beach sand

Sadness. You missed this one.

Yippee you remembered!

A recipe for a cloud is

  • Water vapor, dust and high air pressure

  • Hot air and wind

  • Wind, high air pressure and water

  • Low air pressure, dust and water

Unfortunately not.

  • Was the cloud there when you squeezed (high pressure) or when you let go (low air pressure?)

Happy choice!

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