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Quiz Review. March 4, 2010. Warm-up- Character Chart with words to describe them and a quote (if there is one). Arnold Harmony Alexa Blair Claudine Logan Harmony Elsie DeanBooth Dockman AdamGustave Gunter Jenny JakesMadeline Jakes Uncle BillTraci

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Quiz Review

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Quiz Review

March 4, 2010

Warm-up- Character Chart with words to describe them and a quote (if there is one)

Arnold Harmony Alexa Blair

Claudine Logan Harmony

Elsie DeanBooth Dockman AdamGustave Gunter

Jenny JakesMadeline Jakes

Uncle BillTraci

AgnesPorter Harmony

Mabel HopperDr. Miles

Audrey DowningCarlos

Lydia Jane SmithSam Donovan

Arnold Harmony

  • 88 yrs- Reading his will at his birthday party

  • In a wheelchair

  • “You might call it the Just Desserts” p.23

Alexa Blair

  • Beautiful, red hair, fit, 40 yrs old

  • Arnold’s Personal Business Manager

  • Goes to Parties for him

  • Teapot

  • “I’ll get a lawyer if I have to, but I want to give yout he facts my own way.” p. 58


  • Arnold’s wife

  • Pretty Blonde

  • Faints after she hears about Porter’s death

  • “How did you know what I have in my handbag?” p.40

Logan Harmony

  • Porter’s stepson

  • 20’s – pouty, scowly

  • Involved in teapot

  • “I’m an orphan. Think about that” p.59

Elsie Dean

  • Old cousin- laughs a lot

  • Believes Madeline will solve the case

  • “ Mark my words- It’s going to be murder!” p.19

Booth Dockman

  • Arnold’s lawyer

  • Uncomfortable about reading the will

  • “The provisions in the will were planned to take place immediately after the reading and not after Arnold Harmony’s death” p. 51


  • Arnold Harmony’s nurse and helper

  • Finds Porter Dead

  • “I’m trying to tell you…There’s been a murder” p. 35

Gustave Gunter

  • Vice President of Harmony Chocolates

  • Claims the recipe was his grandmothers

  • “Arnold always has been vengeful” p. 51

Jenny Jakes

  • Narrator- protagonist

  • 15 yrs old and wants to be a sleuth

  • Romance with Carlos

Madeline Jakes

  • Mystery Novel Writer

  • Jenny’s mom

  • Tries to help Detective Donovan to solve the case

  • “Mi Casa es su casa” p.59

Uncle Bill

  • Jenny’s Uncle

  • Homicide detective in Houston

  • Reviews Madeline’s novels to make sure the police procedures are accurate


  • Jenny’s best friend at school


  • Arnold Harmony’s first wife

  • Passed away ten years ago

  • Had the teapot Madeline wants

Porter Harmony

  • Victim of murder

  • Arnold Harmony’s son

  • Managed the Harmony Chocolate’s business

  • “There’ve Been too many parties. Something must be done.” p.10

Mabel Hopper

  • Elsie Dean’s sister

  • Chubby woman

  • Helps rescue Jenny from the balcony

  • “Oh Dar. I was hoping we’d get those chocolate mousse thingies this hotel is famous for.”

Dr. Miles

  • The doctor at the hotel that sedates Arnold Harmony after Claudine tells him about Porter’s murder.

  • “I thought I heard Mr. Harmony say “Porter was right. I should have listened’” p. 79

Audrey Downing

  • Fictional detective in Madeline’s novels


  • 17 years old

  • Bellboy at the hotel

  • Romance with Jenny

  • Wants to be a news reporter when he grows up

  • “You’re a fraud” p. 74

Lydia Jane Smith

  • Logan’s Mother

  • Disappeared in the Caribbean 15 years ago

  • Confusion about what happened to her

Sam Donovan

  • Detective Sergeant investigating Porter’s Murder

  • Good Looking

  • Seeks Madeline’s help with the case

  • “Let’s just say that if you tried to wash your hands you would have received an electrical shock- probably not fatal but very unpleasant.” p. 72


The prime suspect must have had

a way to commit the crime.


The prime suspect must have had

a reason to commit the crime.


The prime suspect must have had

the chance to commit the crime.

What are the Three Rules

of Crime Solving?

Elements of a Mystery

  • A crime

  • Variety of characters

  • Clues

  • Suspense and tension

  • Solution

Detective’s Dictionary

  • We will add several words to our dictionary each day. Copy notes carefully. These will help with quizzes.


  • An excuse that a suspect uses to show that he or she was somewhere other than at the scene of the crime when the crime was committed.


  • Private eye; investigator; detective


  • Something that helps prove who committed the crime


  • A fact, object, smell, or quote that helps solve mysteries.


  • A person who is believed to have possibly committed the crime


  • To ask questions related to the crime


  • “helper”- a person or animal that helps the sleuth solve the crime

Hypothetical (p. 90)

  • Imaginary; for pretend; a supposed situation or idea


  • Someone who saw the crime being committed and can provide some information


  • Person who tells on someone else


  • Person who the crime happened to


  • Information or clues concerning the case

Enigmatic p. 40

  • Perplexing; mysterious

Impartial p.58

  • Neutral; unbiased; fair

Relinquish p. 89

  • To give up voluntarily


  • Person running from the law

Sedate p. 78

  • Given medicine to calm down or go to sleep


  • Someone who committed or assisted in the crime

Vengeful p. 51

  • Unforgiving, bitter, resentful

Red Herring

  • A false lead that throws the investigator off track

5 New Words

  • Write these words and definitions in your Literature Response notebook

Fraud p. 90

  • Scam, a fake, deception

Extortion (p. 92)

  • When you force someone illegally to give you money or services- usually using blackmail.

Amateur p. 96

  • Beginner; early learner

Subpoena (p. 100)

  • Document approved by a judge that gives police officers and lawyers to look at private documents as evidence

Hibiscus p. 107

  • Large Brightly colored flowering plant.

  • Usually pink, orange or red


  • Chapters 10-11

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