global leaders for young children lebanon project
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Global Leaders for Young Children Lebanon Project

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Global Leaders for Young Children Lebanon Project - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Global Leaders for Young Children Lebanon Project. BY Maysoun Chehab & Rana Ismail. Project Goals + Target Group. Goal: To reach ECD professionals, practitioners, community representatives, and governmental bodies and raise their awareness regarding:

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project goals target group
Project Goals + Target Group

Goal: To reach ECD professionals, practitioners, community representatives, and governmental bodies and raise their awareness regarding:

  • The importance of investing in ECD by focusing on:
    • ECD: Conception to eight
    • Transition from KG to primary
  • The importance of the holistic integrated approach to ECD
  • The issue of teachers preparation

Target Group: Teacher preparation colleges/universities coordinators, NGOs and institutions, Community active Syndicates, PTAs, Governmental bodies, Municipalities, Media.

Support Team: Group of six ECD advocates - the support team assisted in organizing , implementing, and evaluating the advocacy project.

- Dr. Basma Faour – Assistance Professor at Hagazian University

- Boushra Kadoura – ECD specialist and nursery director

- Shaza Ismail – Adjunct lecturer and ECD Specialist

- May Abou Ajram – ECCD Project Coordinator

- May Darwich – Early Childhood Program Coordinator

- Layal Mansour – Early Childhood Art Teacher

steps of implementation
Steps of implementation

Preparation phase:

  • Brainstorming and discussion with ARC pool of resource persons.
  • 3 brainstorming meetings between Maysoun and Rana
  • Advocacy project proposal
  • Short listing of our advocates team
  • 9 preps meeting with the support team
  • Cooperation with the Higher Council for Children - MOSA


  • Our Children Zero to Eight- Booklet: drafting, editing, layout and design, printing, dissemination in the seminar and by mail.
  • The Early Childhood Development: from Research to Practice Seminar: Invitations, preps of 5 presentations, discussions, and recommendations.
  • Early Childhood Poster: hand made by a teacher, and printing
  • Media appearances : Contacting media representatives and discussing the issue with them.
  • Our Children Zero to Three Seminar: Invitations, preps of 5 presentations, discussions, and recommendations.


  • Evaluation meeting and planning for “what is next??

Presentations of both Seminars:

  • What is early childhood development?
  • Why zero to eight?
  • Cornerstones of the Holistic Integrated approach to ECD
  • Transition from KG to primary
  • National ECD Strategy in Lebanon
  • Children 0-3 in Lebanon
  • 0-3 regional successful models
  • 0-3 international successful models
  • 0-3 Program Quality Indicators
  • ECD Strategy updates in Lebanon
results and impact
Results and impact
  • 500 copies of the booklet disseminated to schools and parents
  • ECD Arabic posters were placed in schools, MOE, MOSA
  • 100 participants from all sectors attended our national seminars.
  • Concluding remarks and recommendations from both seminars
  • Reactivation of the ECCD National Strategy in Lebanon
  • Focus on the issue of children 0-3
  • More understanding about the issue of transition – Two Associations started in their schools a structured program for transition and introduced the HIA for 3-8 including lower elementary.
  • 3 media appearances
  • Newspaper coverage
  • 9 Presentations were posted online and available to everybody
lessons learned
Lessons Learned
  • Never too late to start – start where you are most confident.
  • ECD should always be a priority no matter what the challenges are.
  • Advocacy needs a lot of efforts, team work, and strong networking mechanism
  • The desired change will not come easy or soon.
  • All sectors should build bridges between each others and not work in an island oriented approach.
  • Need to work more on local research
  • Need to focus on the issue of 0-3 and transition
  • Advocacy work should be based on research and numbers.
  • The Holistic Integrated Approach is a key tool for ECD advocacy.
  • Always highlight the importance of ECD from zero to eight.
  • We still have a long way to put ECCD as a priority in the minds of policy decision makers…
  • Political instability in the country (May 2007-September 2008: 120 days of violent events= assassinations, bombs, strikes…)
  • ECD still not a priority = no special governmental budget for ECD
  • No agreement about the zero to eight ECD period
  • Lack of a common language regarding ECD issues and the HI approach
  • Budget restraints! (number, quality, language)
  • No local research and data especially on disadvantaged children
  • Parent participation was not possible
  • Participation of decision makers in teacher preparation programs: conservative and negative attitude