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Presents. Watershed: A Lifetime of Stewardship. E.B. James Mark Scallion Project Coordinator Center Director. Rock Creek Park DC Fisheries and Wildlife Maryland Department of Natural Resources

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A Lifetime of Stewardship

E.B. James Mark Scallion

Project Coordinator Center Director

Noaa b wet

Rock Creek Park

DC Fisheries and Wildlife

Maryland Department of Natural Resources

Washington College Center for Environment and Society

Maryland Ornithological Society


The grant
The Grant

  • Provides funds for program equipment

  • Provides funds for running program

  • Ability to increase the number of students Audubon MD-DC reaches

  • Ability to create and deliver a new, high quality program providing a meaningful Chesapeake Bay Watershed experience

The idea
The Idea

  • To teach a science based curriculum about the Chesapeake Bay Watershed and environmental stewardship from a platform of birdwatching and fishing.

The program components
The program components with

  • Information session for teachers

  • Teacher-led classroom activities

  • Audubon-led classroom activities

  • Teacher-led extension activities

  • Audubon-led field experience

  • Audubon-led in class field experience debriefing

  • Teacher-led classroom presentation activity

  • Audubon facilitated mentoringprogram

Core learning goals
Core Learning Goals with

Scientific Inquiry

The student will analyze data to make predictions, decisions, or form conclusions.

(CLG 1.4.2)

Science Content

The student will analyze the relationships among organisms and between organisms and abiotic factors (abiotic/biotic factors: space, soil, water, air, temperature, food, light, organisms; relationships: predator – prey, parasite – host, mutualism, commensalism).

(CLG 3.5.1)


4.12.1a design and/or conduct an investigation

that uses statistical methods to analyze data

and communicate results

(CLG 3.1.1)

Focus with

  • Audubon-led classroom activities

  • Audubon-led field experience

  • Audubon-led in class field experience debriefing

  • Audubon facilitated mentoring program

Audubon led classroom activities
Audubon-led classroom activities with

  • Habitat

  • Map

  • Activity

Classroom resources
Classroom Resources with

  • Student Journal

  • Habitat Booklet

  • Chesapeake Timeline

  • Biogeochemical Booklet

Field trip
Field Trip with

  • Fishing Component

  • Birding Component

Field trip resources
Field Trip Resources with

  • Collection Equipment

  • Water Testing Equipment

  • Field Guides

  • Binoculars

  • GPS Units

  • Digital Cameras

  • Fishing Gear

  • Waders

In school
In-School with

  • Presentation of findings

  • Use of Technology

  • Field Experience Wrap-Up

  • Mentoring Preparation

Mentoring with

  • Skills Transferred

  • High school students teaching elementary students how to bird and fish

  • Teaching is ownership

Participating schools
Participating schools with

  • Digital Harbor High School (Baltimore, MD).

  • Our Lady of the Rosary High School (Baltimore MD).

  • Easton High School (Easton, MD).

  • St. Michaels High School (St. Michaels, MD).

  • Sidwell Friends (Washington DC).

Statistics with

  • 76 Programs

  • 21 High School Classrooms

  • 12 Elementary School Classrooms

  • 8 Audubon Staff Members

Next steps
Next Steps with

  • Year two of programs

  • Washington DC

  • Mentoring Component

  • Program Evolution

Questions? with

Thank you!